Chapter 9

Once they reached the dance class, they saw that Caitlyn was currently in a argument with Luke Williams who was trying to show Caitlyn how to dance and from what Joe had seen of Caitlyn that was a big no, no for her.

Finally the argument seemed to be over so they stepped forward to have Caitlyn yell at them.

"Where have you been? Class started many minutes ago."

Saying sorry, the class stood a bit apart from each other getting ready to dance whilst Luke stood a bit apart from them watchign Caitlyn get them to work out and do some stretches first before moving on to the actual dance side of things.

"Okay guys we're going to try this song out okay?"

"So hand up, hand up, bend to the left with your arms and down" Caitlyn called out all the other moves before making them do it all together a couple of times before playing the music which filled the room.

"We can't back down
There's too much at stake
This is serious
Don't walk away
We can't pretend it's not happening
In our backyard
Our own home plate
(No way)
We've been called out
(We've been called out)
Do you hear your name?
I'm not confused
Let's win this thing
(Let's do it)
We can't back down
There's too much at stake
Don't walk away
Don't walk away, yeah"

We done this a couple of times before the bell rang and Caitlyn dismissed us.

"Wow" Nick said as we were about to head over to singing class with Shane "That was hard work."

Hard work, Nick didn't even know the meaning of the word hard work. I said to myself as we walked just as Brown came running over to us his face as white as chalk.

"You three into the Mess Hall. Afternoon classes have been cancelled for all of you" Brown shot out at them before moving onto another group and telling them to move into the Mess Hall too.

"I wonder why he wants us in the Mess Hall" Kevin said as they hurried inside then once everyone was gathered around, Brown came his face still chalky like but not as bad as it had been. He had probably got over the news that had been told to him and now it was his chance to tell them what had happend to make him like this but Shane stepped in first despite the fact that Joe didn't see him enter at all.

"Okay guys, this might come as a shock to you all but someone was murdered on our premisses" Shane said calmly even though he was shaking very badly as if trying not to cry.

"Who was it? Who was murdered?" Someone in the crowd whom Joe didn't know spoke up and Joe found himself nodding along, he wanted to know this news as well.

"It was Ella Pador. One of the junior girls here at Camp Rock. She was murdered by Luke Williams."


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