"What do you want to eat?' I asked Otani When we reached the food stalls.

"Not hungry anymore" He said, walking over to a table and sitting down, leaving me staring sadly after him.

I ordered a small bowl of ramen and joined him. He didn't look at me, only stared off into space somewhere on his left. I let him be, he was just blowing off steam.

I went and threw my plastic bowl and fork away, then came back. much to my chagrin, Otani hadn't moved. Okay, if he wasn't gonna move, I was gonna push him.

"Come on, let's walk across the luck bridge"

He followed me silently, moving so that he was walking beside me, but far enough away that I could see he didn't want to be touched.

This was starting to get me down, I mean... well, I came here to spend time with Otani, not a silent, boring...thing.

We finally got to the bridge, and I ran halfway across and stopped.

This bridge was called the luck bridge because the river that ran under it opened out into the sea, you could smell the salt on the air and hear the waves.

The legend was that if you walked across it, all your bad luck would wash away to sea.

Otani stopped next to me, and I vaguely wondered if he knew about the legend, but figured he probably wouldn't even hear me if I told him 400 times while dancing around in a pink tutu.

He crossed his arms on the stone rail and leaned his head on them, staring out at the ocean.

"Otani?" I asked tenatively.

No answer. WHAT a surprise.

"Yoohoo, Otani!"




"Japan to Otani!"


What the heck was his problem? I frowned and leaned on the railing. I wondered mildly if jumping off the bridge would get his attention. I sighed and sniffled. I bet he wouldn't even notice.

I grabbed his shoulders.


"Wha?" He said, eyes slightly unfocused.

That did it. I shoved him away from me and started walking away fast. If I had been paying attention, I would have noticed that I went the wrong way.

Hours later, I was dead lost and the sun was starting to set. The temperature was dropping drastically. I saw a small playground to my right and headed towards it.

Hopefully, someone would notice I was gone soon.