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In Konoha…

The village of the Hidden Leaf had seen a lot of things happen in a very short span of time, it had weathered much and now it was standing all. The village of the Land of Fire now had new hope and the people were able to enjoy a new period of peace and prosperity while still making sure to keep up in protecting the balance between the Five Elemental Countries. The Shinobi Alliance had lost many of it's members, but they had won the war with Uchiha Madara and Sasuke Uchiha. The war had been led by the Five Kages, who had survived the battle though it had been with the aid of one of the most recognized heroes of the village of Konoha.

Who ironically was once the object of hatred and fear due to being a Jinchuuriki for the majority of his life, Naruto Uzumaki who had once been the class clown and the object of hidden scorn and hatred was now considered the savior and hero of the village after his battles with Akatsuki and with Pain when the ninja attacked the village. When he and the last of the Jinchuuriki, Killer Bee had fought together to face off with the leader of Akatsuki and to ensure the defeat of the man's plans, it was a battle of titanic proportions and had literally been a battle that shook the very foundations of the world.

It was here that Naruto used the power bestowed on him by Sasuke's brother Itachi to defeat his former friend. It was enough to ensure that while he would survive, he would no longer be a threat to the world as his Sharingan, despite the implants of his brother's eyes by the maniac Uchiha head was completely deactivated, rendering him blind to the world in every sense of the word. This had finally put an end to Madara's plans and his eventual death at the hands of the two Jinchuuriki had been assured. There had been some dark moments as both were pushed their absolute limits and then some, but it was over and Madara, finally died and was no longer a threat to the freedom of the world

After the battle, all five villages wanted Sasuke punished for his crimes, but Naruto decided to speak and not kill Sasuke, even though others disagreed, he reminded them that he had been the one to stop his former friend and therefore it was up to him how he would be dealt with. Sasuke raged and insulted Naruto, calling him nothing more than scum, but Naruto was no longer easily goaded and while still feeling a measure of friendship to Sasuke, he saw that the friend he once had was gone. But without the Sharingan and his ability to see, Naruto decided to exile Sasuke in a prison that would ensure that he would no longer be a threat to anyone, but he was to be provided humane treatment, food, water, and medicine, even if he refused. The former Uchiha spat at that, but even in his hatred, he knew that nothing would change things, his desire to use his hatred on the world was destroyed and he now was in darkness forever.

After that, Tsunade served as Hokage for three more years until she relinquished her position to Naruto. But before she left the position of Hokage, she decided to reveal Naruto's true heritage to the village. Upon hearing of Naruto's parentage and the real events surrounding the deaths of the Fourth Hokage and his wife, the villagers who had before treated Naruto with hatred, resentment, and contempt found themselves horrified at how they had treated Naruto when he was a child and sought to ask for his forgiveness for their actions. The others who were his friends were surprised, even more so were the other Jonin apart from Kakashi who had long since known of Naruto's true parentage.

When he took the rank of Hokage at age nineteen, the youngest Konoha ninja on record to ever ascend that rank since his father Minato, Naruto assembled the villagers and began to point out those who had always looked down on him…and forgave them, much to their shock. He then told them that after all he had been through, he understood how they felt now and why they resented him so much. But he showed that he still saw them as people he would protect and he had never allowed the harshness and difficulty of his life to bring him down and he did everything that he could manage to do to show that he was more than what he seemed to them.

And now he had succeeded, though he admitted that even though he had achieved his lifelong dream and had brought peace to the lands, he was still a bit unsure about being Hokage as he was not as gifted as the others before him, namely his father. He tearfully wished that his parents were here to see their son become Hokage and that was enough to make people nod in agreement and they supported him.

He then asked that several people step forward when called, he called Kakashi, Iruka, Yamato, Sai Tsunade, much to the Sannin's surprise, and Shizune. He told them that they were going to be the new members of the Council as he trusted them all with his own life. This surprised many, including the ones in question, but they accepted it even though Tsunade was not looking forward to looking at papers once more. Naruto however assured her that she was not going to be working alone this time around.

Naruto vowed to do everything he can to make the Will of Fire burn for all, and the generations that were soon to come into this world. He then asked for the support of the people to achieve that goal together, and that was something that made every member of the village smile, along with those who Naruto considered as his life long friends. When he became Hokage, he was told that as the last descendant of the Uzumaki Clan, he had a choice to rebuild the clan and give rise to it once more by those who were well versed in the laws of the land. The law stated that as a legitimate heir to a clan that was still alive after so many years, he had that choice to marry and help rebuild the clan from scratch.

He consulted his new councilors on that suggestion and they agreed that it had merit, but it was his decision to do so as the legitimate heir and Hokage of the village. He was a bit worried about it and decided to think it over carefully as he wanted to make a good marriage and not one of mere law or convenience. He had no idea that he was going to be in for more than he bargained for as the news of the situation filtered through Konoha itself, and eventually the rest of the world. It was not long before he was greeted by a wave of letters from various women who wished to aid in the rebuilding of his clan.

There were letters from ninja and civilians alike from the Land of Fire and also from other lands and nations as well. He was surprised to find several names from other lands that he recognized.

One was from the Land of Demons, from Head Priestess Shion, there she reminded him that she still needed his help to give her powers to a new Priestess. The other was from the Land of Snow/Spring as Koyuki was happy to see him grow up to be the man she hoped he would be, and now she wanted to see just how much he had grown up. The next was from the Land of Vegetables as Haruna wanted to see how he had grown up as well, and she also wanted to thank him for all he had done to change her as a better person. The next was from the Land of Birds as Toki herself expressed great happiness for him and wished to help him in running his village and become a good man in more ways than one. The one that surprised him the most was a letter from Temari of all people.

He had not expected that of all things, but Temari replied that this was requested by the Council in Suna and even Gaara supported the idea of her being married to him. Besides, Temari had to admit that she had found him to be a good looking man, and a trust worthy one…plus he was the only male that her two male siblings respected and approved of as a potential boyfriend or in this case, husband..

It was not just from other nations and Lands that the letters came from, it was in the Land of Fire as well, he received a letter from Amaru who had become one of the most recognized doctors and surgeons in the land, she wanted to thank him for all he had done for her in her darkest hour and to help heal him in any way that she could. There was also a letter from Hinata herself, asking if he would not mind if she was able to show the full extent of how she loved him for as long as she could remember.

He was still trying to get used to all the attention and got the chance to talk with Sakura about it as she could be able to help him figure out what to do with this kind of situation, and after some time, the Kunoichi told her blonde friend and Hokage that it would be better if he got to have some time with them all to see if he should accept them into the clan when it was time for him to start with rebuilding the clan he belonged to. He however decided to ask if she was willing to be among them. That had been a tense moment as Naruto tried to explain that he loved Sakura for years and wished to at least know if there was a chance that she could love him back.

To his surprise, she agreed and after the women in question arrived, it was going to be a long series of days spent getting to know one another and developing levels of trust and respect between the women. Naruto himself did his best to try and learn as much from them as he could while developing bonds with them as well. It was not long, rather four to ten months before Naruto finally agreed to the idea of being the head of the reborn Uzumaki Clan, It was one heck of a wedding and Naruto wondered just how his parents and his godfather would react to this if they were still very much alive today. No doubt his godfather would have wanted him to spill the beans about the wedding night he was going to have and his mother would warn him not to be too rough with the women in his life now and she might wonder if he could handle being with this many females. He didn't even want to guess how his father would have taken it as well, but he had no doubt his father would have been laughing a bit at his expense somewhat

But all that was in the past now, Naruto served as Hokage for over forty years and rose to be recognized as a Hokage with few equal, rivaling his father and even the other Hokage before him. In his reign, it was the one where while there had been conflict between different ninja and civilian factions; there had been peace and prosperity as well as cooperation and unity in the land.

Despite already reaching the age of fifty nine, Naruto still retained his young healthy look and vitality, and unlike the Sannin Tsunade, there was no age and body manipulation involved as Naruto's Uzumaki heritage made itself known. As he was gifted by his clan with great levels of vitality and stamina, he was able to live for a much longer time than others and also have a level of health that was remarkable and give him energy and chakra that was beyond the norm, something that everyone was now aware of. However, the Kyuubi's now purified chakra added to that by giving him remarkable physical abilities and peek health as well as healing rates. This made him nigh immortal in some cases, though he was still liable to die of old age or very fatal wounds.

All this made him carry the title of the Immortal Orange Hokage, something that was not going to fade away no matter what he said about it. Of course, for every benefit, there was a trade off…

Naruto had aged slower than the others in his family and his friends, so when they would pass on, he would still linger. This was something that was difficult on the blonde Sannin and Hokage for the many years that he reigned though he always kept his mind sharp and lived life with every fiber of his being so he had no regrets being in this life.

His clan had grown, he had a large number of children, and grand children, and was now one of the most recognized clans in the rebuilt village of Konoha, something that sent in a good measure of pride in the Hokage. And when the time came, he finally decided to pass on the title of Hokage to his one apprentice who had proven himself to be a great man and a great warrior of the village, and he knew that his apprentice's grandfather, father, and uncle would be proud.

As for him, the time had come to pass the torch on to the next generation, or in his case, the new generation to come. It was high time that another would rise to take the rank of Kage as he knew that his time had come, since despite his still youthful appearance he was already reaching retirement age and it would be wrong for him to take all the glory for himself, he was not that kind of person to do such things or think in such fashions.

In the Hokage Tower…

Konohamaru looked at Naruto as the Hokage handed him the symbolic hat that denoted the rank of Kage. The now Jonin ranked grandson of Hiruzen Sarutobi looked at the hat and then to his former teacher with sad eyes.

"Are you sure about this boss?"

"Why are you asking me that question? You've wanted to be Hokage yourself right? And you've worked hard to be the right man for the job Konohamaru."

"But still, you're the Immortal Orange Hokage Boss, there's no way I can ever surpass you."

Naruto sternly replied.

"Don't think like that, being Hokage is not about being famous or recognized all the time Konohamaru, you have a duty and a responsibility towards the village of Konoha, as well as your family. Keep that and the Will of Fire in your mind always. Besides, it's your time to make your own legacy."

The Jonin looked at the man he had admired since the day they met and learned the important lesson of working hard to achieve one's dream. He smiled and took the hat and replied.

"I accept the position of Hokage, Hokage-sama."

Naruto smirked and replied.

"Good, and it's about time to used that title."

It was then that another figure came who Naruto easily recognized even with the looks of old age on him. Ebisu was still the same as before but had served well as a special trainer for many promising ninja in the village like before. Naruto knew that to be true as a number of his children had been Ebisu's students after all. The Jonin spoke then to Naruto with great respect in his voice as he did so.

"I will do my best to help Konohamaru-san to achieve his dream and make a legacy he can be proud of Hokage-sama."

"I have no doubt that you will. Now then, we have much to prepare, but for now, I need to take some time alone for myself."

Naruto headed to the new Uzumaki estate, the place was deserted for today as his family had been very busy on their daily routines in the village as well as their duties abroad and all of them were now bunking down for the night. He made his way to the graveyard there and looked at the gravestones. He felt some sadness as he looked at them all, they had the names of the women he had been married to as they had now passed on into the afterlife, this was one of the reasons why he had some desire to pass on the mantle of leadership.

He was hardly a coward, but he wanted to take some time for himself, he had done so much and he had so many memories that he wanted to take a break from them all, just for a bit. As he looked at each gravestone, he gently recalled all of the memories he had with the women he had fallen in love with and married. He looked at Sakura's gravestone, Temari's gravestone, and then Hinata's, then Amaru's, Shion's own gravestone, Koyuki's, Toki',s and Haruna's. As he looked at them he touched each stone gently, running his hands on their names and remembering all the good times and bad times, as well as the…pleasurable times.

Each woman brought a facet of happiness in his life and it was something that he was going remember well and keep close to him at all times. Raising his children had been a good thing for him and them as well and while there were ups and downs in those times, he would never trade those moments for all the ryo in the world.

Many of his children would up as ninjas of great skill though others took the role of Daimyo, and Priests as well as Doctors, this made the Uzumaki Clan become famous once more and in some ways, some considered the to be almost as capable as the famed Senju Clan of the past though they were also gifted in their Sealing Jutsu as Naruto inherited from his mother's sealed records and those of his father's.

He inherited his father's signature Kunai and had a pair of swords specially made for him by Koyuki's order and had a coat similar to his old one made as well. And he had no doubt that his clan's new generation was going to make their marks in their world soon. He wished them all the best for what they were going to do in the future. He did so by passing the Toad Summoning Contract to his eldest son Minato who was his first born son with Sakura and also to Ryu who was his first born son with Hinata, he had no doubt that both his eldest sons, who he would also make as the new dual clan heads of their family would be good leaders.

It was then that he felt something stir in the wind and he quickly turned and drew out a kunai and found himself facing someone who he didn't recognize as there were shadows hiding his or her appearance from sight.

"Who are you?"

"So…you are the Immortal Orange Hokage, the head of the newly rebuilt Uzumaki Clan."

Naruto's eyes narrowed as he looked at the being and replied once more.

"I don't know who you are, but unless you start talking, I am going to assume you are a threat and I am going to deal with you right now!"

The figure chuckled and replied.

"Now that is hardly the way to speak to one of your own young man, though I have to admit, you so resemble your mother in nature and attitude I should not be surprised."

Naruto's anger stopped cold as he looked at the figure, it was then that he noted some sort of glow around the figure who then revealed himself…or rather herself. The figure was of a woman who seemed to have a regal bearing and wore an elaborate but battle ready kimono and had to seal tags on her hair. She was beautiful and carried herself with a regal and powerful bearing as well. She also radiated the aura of a ninja like him, though hers was far different, yet familiar at the very same time.

He quickly recognized her well enough, after all, his mother Kushina had talked about her and even showed her an image of the woman in question.

"Y-You're Mito Uzumaki! The first Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi….and…"

Mito smiled and finished for the flabbergasted blonde Hokage.

"Wife of the First Hokage…and Great Grand Aunt of your mother Kushina, it is a pleasure to finally meet my dear nephew in person….even though I'm not exactly alive to begin with."

Naruto had one fear that lingered on despite his age and experience and that was the fear of ghosts or the supernatural…ironic for a man who had faced so many threats at so young an age when he was still a Genin.

"Y-Y-You're a ghost?"

"Not exactly, it's true that I am dead, but I am not bound here to the world of the living like ghosts do. I came here to speak to you in person."

"About what?"

"About your desire to stand down as Hokage, or rather the feeling you have in you for some time. You've accomplished so much in your time, you have accomplished your dreams and you have managed to bring the dreams of your godfather to reality. Now…you feel lost, as if you are alive without direction, or am I wrong young one?"

Naruto remained silent and then replied.

"Yeah, I've accomplished my dream of being Hokage, brought the dream of peace of the Pervy Sage, and even have such a family now. But I do feel kind of empty, it's not bad, but it is there still."

"That is to be expected, you have accomplished your destiny after all and you have lived your life fully, I guess you can call what you are feeling a crisis of purpose. It happens to those who have accomplished much in their lives, they had done so many things that they have developed a desire to do more good things. In other words, you're bored."

"But that's strange isn't it? I mean, I've been bored before, but I never felt bored like this before."

"True, but it is there nonetheless, you craved challenges all your life Naruto, you struggled to succeed in everything to reach your dreams. But now that you've done it all and you've accomplished them, you feel as if there is nothing left for you. Normally this would not be a problem, but I believe that you feel this way since there are no longer reasons for you to grow stronger, and with the fact that you are still young due to the clan's vitality and stamina and the Kyuubi's now purified chakra in you."

Naruto nodded at that as Mito did make sense, with no more threats to push him to his limits, and his accomplishment of his dreams, there was some level of emptiness in him. It was not that he regretted anything and everything that he had done in his life, he would never change what he had done even if he had the chance to do so…but still, the emptiness he felt was there, adding the fact that he was something of an Immortal due to his clan's gifts of vitality and stamina, time seemed to move so slowly to him, that made him feel as if he was not going to grow up anymore.

Mito then smiled.

"However, I have a plan, your destiny here in this world, your duty here is over, and you have so much potential left to use. So I believe that you need to continue pushing yourself and grow stronger, so when you finally meet your end and join your loved ones in heaven, which is a just reward for all you have done, you will no longer feel empty at all and you can therefore have much to tell them, and I have no doubt that it will be welcomed by them all."

Naruto raised an eye brow at that suggestion by his fellow clan member and his aunt as well.

"What exactly do you have in mind?"

Mito smiled warmly at that and decided to reply.

"That is something that I shall show to you all in due time Naruto, for now however, I want you to go through with your plans of stepping down from your place as Hokage, the future is now in the hands of the younger generation, and you have much promise and potential left in you that using it here will not be the same anymore. Before I reveal my plan to you, I wish you bid farewell to all those who know, therefore it will be easier."

"When I do all that, what am I supposed to do afterwards?"

"Meet me in the one place where everything for you changed, the Valley of the End."

With that, Mito vanished, leaving Naruto to think over what she had told him, after a few minutes or so, he looked at the gravestones of his wives and nodded to them, feeling that this was the right decision despite his still lingering doubts on the whole thing.

With that in mind, he made his way into the compound and rested for the night, knowing that tomorrow was going to be a very long discussion with his family.

The next day…

At the gates of Konoha, a large group gathered, in fact it was actually the entire village who was there at the gates, young and old alike, civilian and ninja, after all, one of their own was about to leave. Many watched as Naruto, now fully dressed, armed, and ready to go on his own personal sojourn was there before them all. He had also bidden farewell to his old Council and they wished him all the best though he prayed to Tsunade and Shizune as they had passed away already. He missed his adopted grandmother and hoped that she was finally able to be happy with her loved ones….even Jiraiya in heaven.

In the past, many villagers would have loved to see the sight of Naruto leaving their village, all because of their anger and resentment for him being the Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi. They would have held a celebration all over the village as privately as they could now that the Demon Fox was no longer in their village. The reminder of all the lives lost that night so many years ago, and the death of the beloved Fourth Hokage and his wife, along with so many sons, grandsons, daughters, granddaughters, sisters, brothers, and parents.

But that was then, now after Naruto long and prosperous reign as the Immortal Orange Hokage, the atmosphere was not of jubilation, but of sadness. Many of the village elders were those who had been there during the Invasion of Pain, they all remembered how the dead leader of Akatsuki had killed so many of their people and ruined the village and it was Naruto who defeated him as well as defeating Madara and Sasuke in the Fourth Shinobi War. They were saddened by the fact that he was about to leave the village forever, some asked if he was going to become a Missing Ninja, and he replied that he was not, merely going to tour the world before finally meeting his end.

This was not easy for them and neither was it for Naruto but after a while he bid them all goodbye and told the younger ninjas there who had been those who he had seen grow up into fine people that the future was in their hands now and he wished them to keep the Will of Fire burning for as long as they were able to do so. Many of them vowed to their former Hokage that they would keep that promise to him no matter what happened.

He sensed that they meant it and as soon as he was ready, dressed in his own long coat that he had worn in his battle with Pain as well as his headband and vest, his swords on his back, his regular and special kunai with him, as well as his spare clothes, scrolls, shuriken, and other things he might need in this new task before him, he bid them all farewell. As he did so, Naruto looked at the rebuilt village once more, the people there in the gate and he saw the village in the past and saw all of his friends who had passed away, he knew that they were long gone, but he saw them waving at him goodbye along with the people he had cared for in his younger days.

He gave them all one final waves and soon left.

He traveled to the rest of the lands that he felt that he could visit with the time given to him, namely the village of Suna, then the village where Amaru once lived, then the Land of Snow/Spring, the Land of Vegetables, the Land of Demons, and The Land of Birds. Each place he visited in many occasions and all held good memories for him and he vowed never to forget the things he had done in each of these locations.

Once he was done, me made his way to the Valley of the End, the place had been changed by the battle between him and Sasuke all those years ago, and he still remembered just what had happened in the valley so long ago. He looked at the statue of Madara and glared darkly at the man it represented, knowing full well what the man had done to so many people, all for his own desires to rule the world and what it cost to stop him and destroy his plans for good. He then looked at the damage that happened in the valley and then directed his attention to one spot.

The very same place where he and Sasuke used both Rasengan and Chidori on one another, as he stood there in that single spot, memories came back and he sighed at them, knowing full well where they were going to lead.

"I see you've made it Naruto."

Naruto turned there was Mito smiling at him gently, she still had the same aura and power, but he could see why she was loved by the villagers of her time. The former living Kunoichi, the first Jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, and wife of the First Hokage looked at her nephew and marveled at how much her line had grown and changed, she placed that aside for the time being and spoke to Naruto.

"this place is where it all began for you, in a way I suppose."

"You are right, but why here of all places."

"Events have a tendency to leave behind marks, both physical and spiritual, when you and Sasuke fought here, both with the Cursed Seal and the Kyuubi's old chakra, it left not just a physical impression but an impression in the leylines that run through here. This place has been altered, but it takes great power, power that has long been lost to those today."

"Okay…I think I can understand some of what you are saying."

"Good, I see that your father's intellect was not totally denied from you, you will need that in the place you will go. Now then, these changes in the leylines can also affect other places and even the powers there. If properly harnessed, it can act as doorways to other locations."

"Like a teleportation Jutsu?"

"Correct, though in this case, there is little hand signs involved, I have learned much when I was in the spirit world and I shall open a doorway for you. However I must warn you about something important."

"That is?"

"The portal that I shall summon will be somewhat unpredictable, it will take you to a new world but it will be difficult to say where you shall wind up."

Naruto did not like the sound of that and made that clear to Mito.

"That's not very reassuring, I could wind up in a volcano or a monster's stomach for all I know."

The Kunoichi smiled a bit at him and replied patiently.

"You have no need to worry, I will ensure that the portal will remain stable and take you to a safe place in that world. Know that it will be a different and odd journey where you must go, and there is no telling what you will encounter, and the kind of people you shall meet there, but I have no doubt in you that you shall be able to make the most of it."

"You already have accomplished much in this world we all come from, and now you will travel to another world to make your way there."

"Okay, I understand, but what happens to me while I am there in the new world? Am I going to change into something or someone else?"

"No, you will be as you are, and while you live in that new world, you will be the same as you were here in this world of ours. When the time comes for you to move on into heaven, you will be guided there by me personally and I have no doubt that when you meet your friends and family, you will much to tell them."

Naruto smiled at the thought, but then realized something.

"Okay then, but what happens to those I leave behind in the world I will live in when I die?"

Mito thought about that and replied as she was able to find the answer.

"They shall come with you when you pass on and they as well, when that occurs, they will join you in the afterlife. That is to be fair to them all as you will forge bonds with them, so it would be wrong for you to sever those bonds even in death, for it is your ability to forge bonds and change people that made you who you are."

Naruto smiled a bit at that as he thought over the idea of being in a new world, seeing new things, meeting new people, fighting in new battles and those thoughts warmed him in a way that made him feel even more alive than ever before. This was the kind of thing that he wanted, to see new places, to face new challenges, and to help others. His time as Hokage made him grow stronger as he led Konoha in times of peace and at times conflict, he was not the same anymore when he was young, but he had not changed too much, the things that made him into who he was now had never faded away and he was going to keep it that way.

Mito noted that easily and spoke to him.

"Are you ready for this Naruto?"

The blonde nodded and replied in his ever so confident voice.

"I am, it doesn't matter where I go in the new world or what dangers I will face in the long run, I am ready and I will do everything in my power to make sure that no matter what I face or what danger awaits me, I will succeed in what I was sent out to do, but I have to ask, what of the Kyuubi? It's still in me after all so there's no telling what might happen in what I am going to be doing so there is a chance the old fur ball is going to try and take advantage of it."

The Kunoichi replied to that.

"You have no need to fear the Kyuubi now, you have mastered it's chakra and it is yours to command, it will live and it will remain there in you Naruto, but there is little reason for you to worry. The Kyuubi is without it's power and you have tamed it enough and caged it well inside yourself. It knows that if you were to die, it will die, and without the full power it once had and it's hate no longer tainting you, it cannot affect you like it has done in the past."

That was a good news to the blonde has he was not in the mood to have the demon loose in the world once more doing Kami knows what to the people who lived in it, and he was certainly not in the mood for the Kyuubi to be doing who knows what in the new world that he was soon going to be in, besides, he had his doubts that the new world knows anything about the Kyuubi itself and despite the fact he did have some dislike in having the Kyuubi in him, he had grown used to it already, and the purified chakra was going to come in handy in the long run.

"Okay, let's do this Mito-san."

The Kunoichi nodded and began making some very unique hand seals in a pattern that was too fast for Naruto to follow, and soon he felt the flow of chakra in the air, showing that this was indeed a jutsu that he had seen before in action, he briefly wondered if it was recorded in the Forbidden Scroll somewhere and placed that out of his mind for the time being as he focused on other things. Soon the air before him crackled with power and light and a glowing blue sphere appeared.

It then began to spin before him and Mito and soon the sphere collapsed in the middle and the sphere was now like a hoop of pure energy that soon stabilized. Naruto looked at Mito and she nodded with a smile.

"It is ready, good luck Naruto and may you do well in the world where your new destiny awaits you, make the most of it all right?"

Naruto nodded and with all of his belongings with him and stored away in scrolls, he stepped through the portal, Mito smiled for the last time and faded away as the portal closed behind Naruto.

Naruto Uzumaki, founder and former head of the Uzumaki Clan, the Sixth Immortal Orange Hokage of Konoha, the New Sannin, and one of the most celebrated ninja in the Land of Fire now left behind the world he had brought to an era of possibilities into the hands of the new generation. He was now going into a brand new world and make his own way in this new world. He had no idea where he was going to land in, or what were the challenges there, or who were the kind of people he was going to meet. But there was one thing that the blonde Hokage knew for a certainty.

There was going to be nothing dull in where he was going to be going soon.

In a certain desert planet…

"Hey Naruto! We're going to watch a movie, you coming?"

"Uh, no thanks guys, I've got some things to catch up on."

The men turned and spoke to one another as they left the factory where they had been working in for the past few hours.

"That guy really is dedicated to the job isn't he? Sometimes I think he's got lug nuts for brains!"

"Say what you like, but he's one of the best mechanics I've seen, and you got to admit, he's not bad looking either, makes me wonder why he's a Third Class like the rest of us."

"Yeah…maybe I should ask him if he wouldn't mind having a kid with me."

"Hah! Lots of luck with that, I think that guy's a bit queer if you ask me."


"Yeah, you're not the first to ask him that, and he always turns it down. It's like he's not into his fellow man or something, I got to say this much about that Naruto, if he ain't careful, he's going to end up being one lonely man."

As soon as the group was out of earshot, the blonde former Hokage and Sannin couldn't help but shudder as his perfected hearing was quick to pick up what they were talking about. It was going to be a freezing day in hell when he was going to give his seed to any man. The idea of him having a kid with a man still scared the crap out of him, and it took all of his ninja discipline to keep himself from hurling the contents of his stomach. After being with his wives for many years and being able to enjoy the good things about being with women and learning much from them, one thing was certain in the former Hokage's mind.

These men had NO idea what they were missing out on when it concerned women. Not that he was going to tell them, nor were they going to listen to him or believe him in the first place even if he tried.

Naruto reached his home in the city and began to get ready to leave this place, or rather, this whole planet.

(Six months…six long months since I got sent here by Mito-san…does she have such a twisted sense of humor or something by sending me into a planet filled with only men with seriously flawed ideas of women? Am I supposed to make an entire planet of males with serious women issues change and like women again? By the Kami, I swear if this is some joke, I am really going to give her a piece of my mind when I find a way to meet her again, clan member or no!)

(Still maybe this world is just a resting point, it might be elsewhere, and seeing the rest of this new dimension or place I am in is kind of tempting to say the very least, but I guess the only way I find out if that is true or not is to get into the male fleet itself, that's going to be child's play.)

It had been six months since he found himself in this world called Talark, he had arrived through the portal and to his shock, found himself in the desert, at first he thought that the portal had malfunctioned on him or something and he was back in Suna. He looked around and tried to find any marks that he would be able to recognize and he even sent Kage Bushin out to find the city and see if he could find Gaara or Matsuri or any of their grandchildren. But to his surprise he didn't find any and so he had to trek through the desert and find water along the way. Thankfully his ability of using Senjutsu allowed him to finally locate a great amount of chakra and that soon led him to what appeared to be some sort of city in a massive canyon.

The city was somewhat similar to some of the cities he had already been to both in his career as a Genin and all the way to Jonin, and to being Hokage for the past four decades before passing his position to Konohamaru who he knew deserved it for all his hard work. The city had the look of Amegakure, fused with that of Kumogakure and a bit of Kirigakure…though a bit more futuristic than he cared to like.

Normally, the old Naruto would have just ran into the city and not care for anything, but that was then when he was still younger and a lot more naive. He had matured a great deal since then and therefore sent a number of his Kage Bushin to recon the city. What he found there was enough to make him feel like he had walked into a horror movie.

There were only men there in the city, and unlike his beloved village of Konoha, there was not a single shred of green anywhere. Even Gaara's home of Sungakure had SOME greenery in it. They place didn't have a green house, no hot springs, no tea houses, none of the stuff he had grown up with and known for all his life was there. It was like he had somehow landed in a completely different land

But the worst things Naruto noted that was lacking in the city of men…there were NO women and to his abject horror… NO RAMEN!

Those things combined were more than enough to force Naruto to try and find some way out of this desert location and find another city to go to. But when he sensed that the cities were a very fair distance away and it would take days to go to them all, he decided to take his time and get more information before he settled in, even though he felt that he was out of his mind to be in a city like that.

For the past few days, he sent his Kage Bushin to recon the city and learn all that he could from the people who called this world called Talark home. They apparently were indeed all men as any possibility of finding a woman in this sea of men was the same as trying to tell Tsunade not to drink. And they reproduced using artificial wombs to bring babies into term. That obviously artificial method of having children completely freaked him out and made wonder just where in the world did he land in, he had been there to raise his children with his wives when they gave birth in their own times and he had even been there with them when they gave birth to his children, and he had been there with his children when they gave birth to their own children as well. So the idea of being born without being held by a mother was totally abhorrent to the blonde Hokage, but he kept silent so as to not drag attention to himself in any possible fashion as the last thing he needed was to be labeled as either insane or a security risk by overzealous guys with guns and whatnot.

The next was that they ate food in pills, the very second he tried that, his Kage Bushin as well as him was sickened to the core by the taste, or rather the lack of ANY taste and he was even more depressed by the lack of decent food whatsoever on this world he was in, though he had heard rumors of restaurants on the world that did serve native plant and animal life, but he hardly had time to find these said places.

The rest of the information made him rather wary as well, for one thing, the people of this city world had strict rationing laws for all of their resources and anyone caught spending moiré than the allotted shares made by the government or had wasted resources for no viable benefit were either arrested and sent to prison or sent out into the desert to die.

It was a cruel law to be sure at first glance, but considering the world they were in, it did make common sense since resources in the desert were limited, though Suna didn't have that problem in his mind last time he was there. Another thing was their laws regarding women, this was something made Naruto really disturbed, the men viewed women as monsters who were the ones who used men as slaves and ate their innards, especially their livers. Looking at a woman would rot away a man's eyes and listening to one rotted a man's ears and brain.

It was the biggest load of crap he had ever heard of in his life and it annoyed him to no end that the men of this planet actually took in the lies that their government spoke of towards women.

To be fair, some women were scary at times, and could be monstrous as well, and he should know well, from his various experiences, but they were hardly innards-sucking monsters to say the least. And it annoyed him even further that the men actually never met women before in their lives and only saw women as the enemy.

Another thing he disliked was the caste system in Talark, men who were Third Class were treated like scum and dirt by the other two classes even though they were the ones who worked in the factories and did all the manual labor that kept the entire system running, the Second class were the middle ground and were like the merchants, scientists and the like, while the First Class got the best of everything, education, health care, food, services and more.

It was not something that the former Konoha Hokage liked to see, and it made him angry at times to see how the first two classes of men would treat the other men. No doubt due to his past, he usually had a dislike for those who thought themselves superior to others and had a rapport with the underdogs as he had been one himself in the past. But he disliked it when the Third Class didn't even stand up for themselves, content with their lot in life which to him was a defeatist attitude.

Of course he decided not to make too much noise and eventually settled into the city, learning all that he could. Despite his dislike for the situation he was in, he did have to give the men of this world credit for having endured in the desert for nearly three generations with the conditions that they were in. And while he was not really into studying things, as he disliked it a good deal, Naruto had changed a good deal as well from his old self and that was why he researched as much as he could on why the men were here of all places.

He learned that they had been part of a Colonization Fleet and had been from another world entirely though for reasons unknown to most people in the city or on the world for that matter, no one knew of what happened that led to them fighting the women, some men who were the obvious hardliners stated that it was the women' actions that drove the men to leave them behind and make their own way.

Yet another load of crap in Naruto's mind, but he decided that until he got the full story he was going to keep his trap shut for the time being. He however found their technology interesting, TV sets that were different from his world's own, more advanced sources of electrical power, new types of metal manufacturing, and the works. Ships that flew in the sky than in the ocean were not too new to the former Hokage but ships that went into space was another thing entire, the very second he was able to get into space on a routine repair job as a mechanic in the Third Class, he was awed by the sight of the stars, the darkness of space, the colors…everything.

The next thing that got his attention were the newest weapons in the arsenal of the men of Talark. They were the Vanguards themselves, the giant human shaped war machines that the men prided on making for their war with the women in the future when they would one day take the battle with them in space. They resembled the dolls that were used in Suna in the sense that they were manipulated by people, but instead of being controlled either real string or strings of chakra, they were actually ridden by people into battle through controls and power plants that provided them the power to actually move.

The Vanguards were also armed with the ability to carry various weapons, and have strong armor, could operate in both the surface of worlds and in deep space, could take utility and military roles with ease. They were impressive even to the blonde Sannin, but they were not that impressive compared to the things and beings he had seen in his long life as a ninja and as a Hokage. However he decided that as soon as he was able, he was going to find a way to leave this world of men behind and find what he was sent here to do by his ancestor…his new destiny as he had fulfilled his old one in his own world.

That was why he decided to take one of the Vanguards as his personal unit, he marked it with the symbol of Konoha and managed to get enough time in the training simulations via infiltration and Kage Bushin. There had been some close calls as the security systems in the planet were all new to him and it took some serious work to figure out how to beat them. Once he was able to get the time needed to learn how to operate the Vanguards properly and use them in both travel and in combat, he worked out how he was going to leave this world and find out just what sort of destiny was awaiting him here in this world.

(The sooner I get off this world, then all the better…)

Naruto however wished that the leaders of the male planet would at least get it into their heads that they should work on how to improve their world and their civilization instead of focusing on war, while their factories and the like were remarkably efficient, the way they focused on war was very much a mistake in his mind. But he doubted that he would get any approval from the men so why bother with the whole thing.

He finally had the chance to do just that when the word reached him that the Ikazuchi was already going to be taking off in three days that was plenty of time for him to get his things together. He had thankfully kept his scrolls hidden away as well as the basic kunai he had on him as well as the ones which allowed him to use the Flying Thunder God Jutsu of his father, his swords, his wallet, his other clothes, spare scrolls and the like. The Ikazuchi was supposed to be part of a Talark response fleet to deal with the attacks of female pirates from Megere, the home world of the women…and Naruto wagered a guess that it was a planet filled only with females the way Talark was filled only with men.

If his Pervy Sage of a godfather was with him, Jiraiya would be thinking he was in heaven if he got the chance to go there, and no doubt any other man would kill to be alone in a planet full of females…and he had to admit that his perverted side was eager for that chance as well. But he had no doubt the women would see men as the enemy and probably do a lot of painful things to him if he even came there, and even his Sexy No Jutsu was not going to help him for too long.

With that in mind, Naruto finished his packing and bid farewell to Talark in every sense of the word and decided to go out and see the rest of this world and maybe beyond it. Bypassing security when he arrived at the docks was fairly straight forward and soon he was in the Ikazuchi. Once he bypassed the security systems in the former Colony ship which was now the battle ship of the men, he headed to the Vanguards and smiled as he found the Vanguard he marked before and decided to rest here for a bit and grab some shut eye, he decided to reminisce about better days and hope that he could find something to do with the destiny his ancestor spoke of.

Unknown to the men of Talark and the blonde Sannin in question, the female pirates had gotten wind of their operation, and were all getting ready to make their move on the Ikazuchi, hoping for a good haul this time around in their latest raid on the men. This was also make sure that the recruits form their world of Megele were seasoned enough on how to do their work as pirates.

However…neither the men nor the women of this universe had ANY idea just who was going to be smashing into their world soon enough.

Here comes Chaos…Naruto Style!

To be continued…

Author's Notes:

Now here's an unexpected creation out of the maelstrom that is my over active imaginative brain, a Naruto VanDread Crossover. There have been attempts at this before and while they were good in some ways, I think I can try my hand in making my own version. And Naruto is the main lead here so no Hibiki Tokai, though if you want a variant of this where Hibiki is around, then I'll think that idea over and try it out for myself if the idea is a workable one.

Mind you, this is merely the prologue so it's not going to be updated all that much so I hope that you all don't expect me to be in this for the rest of the day. I however plan to have a small number of chapters for this story since this does have a good deal of promise behind it and I like good potential in any story that comes into my mind.

Now here are some things I want to set straight before I start getting emails and comments.

First, unlike GunDread SEED and the Second Stage version of said story, Naruto does NOT have a Gundam, nor does he travel the universe so he's not all that familiar with the other civilizations out there in the world so he's not as recognized as Kyo was. And in this way, this is the same with Hibiki Tokai from the original VanDread anime.

Of course, you can bet all the money in your wallets that the Vanguard our blonde ninja will be piloting will undergo some seriously interesting changes from the canon version of Hibiki's Vanguard.

Second, he's obviously not from Earth so unlike Kyo, he has no relations to anyone in the soon to be christened Nirvana, nor does he have an earth shattering heritage to go with it. He's going to make his own reputation, believe it!

Third, Naruto does not have amnesia like Kyo does, so he remembers everything about himself and his past just fine. That also includes the truth between men and women as well as the…birds and the bees for obvious reasons as he has already been intimate with women in his life before coming to this universe.

That coupled with Naruto's inner pervert, which we all know has grown since his time with his godfather Jiraiya, his outspoken personality, and bluntness is going to be a shocker for just about everyone on the all female crew, that much is certain, but he's not going to be all bad, they might learn a lot from him since he's been around the block.

How the men will take to him will be interesting to say the very least though…

And Fourth, Naruto has what I have written there, and while the idea of him still summoning Toads is a good idea for some laughs, it's hardly a good idea since it's going to be mostly space battles so the Toad Summons are hardly going to be of any use, though Naruto will find a way. So essentially apart from what I wrote or will write here in terms of equipment and outfits, what Naruto is capable of in the anime and manga is what he has with him on this fic. Though you can bet that his Jutsu is going to really raise some eyebrows in the ship once he starts to use them in any given situation, namely when it comes to dealing with things and people.

As for the pairings…well, you already know me so I think you can wager a fairly accurate guess on where this fic's pairing might be leaning to.

See you all soon, and expect updates for the others stories soon all right?