Summary: We all know the story of Annie, the happy singing redhead gets adopted by a millionaire. What we don't know is the story of the orphans: Kate, Pepper, Duffy, Molly, Tessie, and July. But this is Pepper's story. The story of the mean girl, the tough girl, the peppery one. Pepper.

Disclaimer: I don't own Annie, but that would be freakin' cool. The characters you recognize aren't mine.

Shut your eyes, imagine, transport yourself to 1933 in New York City, it's the Great Depression, the president is Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and the economy is dead. Now transport yourself to Hudson St. (It's a street in NYC) now find "Hudson Street Home For Girls. Head inside and meet the mistress: Miss Hannigan. Head upstairs, the second door on the left, and go inside. There you meet Annie, the spunky redhead. Meet Molly the baby (really she's 6). Meet Kate the quiet older girl. Meet Tessie, the crybaby and she says is "Oh my goodness". Meet July the quiet little one. Meet Duffy the imp. And meet Pepper the battle scarred tough girl. Now keep an eye on Pepper because not only is this her story, but she bites.