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It's been four years since the Locomon incident in Japan, the incident that taught the world that Digimon were real. A lot has changed since then, now there are Tamers popping up everywhere and working hard to keep the Wild Ones in their place. All that's changed for me is that I'm in the Digital World, everything else including running for my life…well that's all still the same…mostly.

-Oh talking to ourselves now are we?

Don't we always…how far is this stupid portal anyway?

-Another ten feet or so.

Great let me guess it's off the edge of that cliff?



Jumping off the cliff I hit the portal in matter of seconds. As I fell through I willed my body change back to normal. As the exit drew ever nearer I looked down at my hands, my once again human hands. Then I noticed what was on the other side of the exit, or what wasn't. Instead of seeing the sky of the real world all I saw was cars and people running away.


-Speedy thing goes in speedy thing comes out right?

Right, meaning this is going to hurt.

As I pass through the exit I curl up and roll forward smashing into a car windshield with my back as I roll a little farther up onto its roof. I shake my head to clear the ringing in my ears and look around. Definitely in Shinjuku Japan this time. I hop off the car and check to make sure nothing's broken. Satisfied I look up and groan as I see the SkullGreymon I had been running from emerge more gracefully from the same portal I had.

"…Crap…" I said

"You will be my Tamer!" the SkullGreymon roared at me.

"And I already told you I'm only gonna tame myself!" I yelled back

I took a step forward and then felt a wave of nausea and exhaustion sweep over me. I stumbled and fell to the ground my head hitting the asphalt. I tried to get back up, or even get into a kneeling position but I even couldn't manage that. I lay there on the ground as the SkullGreymon got closer and closer. It looked like I was about to be whisked away or killed again.

"Foxtail Inferno!"

"Pyro Blaster!"

"Gargo Laser!"

The three attacks slammed into SkullGreymon and destroyed him. His body broke up into data and dispersed into the wind. With the immediate threat dealt with the three new Digimon digivolved back into their rookie forms and walked over to me. The three Digimon from left to right were Renamon, Guilmon, and Terriermon. The last thing I saw before I slipped into unconsciousness was them approaching me.

"Well what should we do about him?" asked a girls voice

"I don't know if he doesn't wake up soon it could be bad." replied a guy

Reppamon…you there?

-…Yeah, how are ya feelin?

…Weak, dizzy…all and all just bad.

I opened my eyes and looked around, taking note of all the doors into the room. Then I saw them I had only heard two voices but there were three people two guys and a girl. I instantly recognized them as The Tamers, the original Tamers who had saved the world several years ago. Takato Matsuki, Henry Wong, and Rika Nonaka, at least I was in good hands. I started to sit up and noticed my jacket was gone then groaned as I suddenly felt dizzy.

"Hey looks like he's finally awake." Takato said

Reppamon, assessment?

-They don't mean us any harm so for the time being we're safe.

"Good" I said out loud

"What's good?" Henry asked

"Uh! Nothing! Nothing, just thinking out loud." I hastily reply

"Well you're not the weirdest person we've ever met." Rika said

"So mind telling me where I am?"

"You are in my house" Rika said "and for an American you speak Japanese very well."

"When did I learn Japanese?" I muttered to myself quietly

"So you mean to say you don't know Japanese?" a quiet voice behind me asked causing me to jump

"Renamon don't do that, we don't know if he'll wimp out on us again." Terriermon said as he walked in

"Terriermon, tact." Henry said to his partner

-Well you're in trouble

"Don't remind me Reppamon."

"Reppamon? Who is Reppamon?" Rika asked

"Arrragh!" I grabbed my head with my hands " can't focus right now!"

"Who is Reppamon?" Rika repeated emphasizing each word

-Gonna have to tell them sooner or later now is probably the best time.

"Alright, alright…I'll tell 'em. Do you think I should start all the way back at the beginning?"

-That would probably be the best place to.

"WHO IS REPPAMON AND WHY DO YOU KEEP TALKING TO NO ONE!" Rika yelled losing her temper

"It would probably be best if we went outside for this." I said getting shakily to my feet

Renamon, being the closest, helped me stand and lead me outside to courtyard of Rika's house. I waved her off and stood up. I focused and reached inside myself for the now long familiar power of my other half. I closed my eyes purely out of habit having watched myself transform in the mirror many times before. I heard the collective gasp from everyone as they watched it for the first time. It looked like I was digivolving except that my skin was not peeled away simply covered by new form, like a full body suit.

My body became covered in tan fur, darkening to brown mid way down my hind and forelegs. My ears moved to the top of my head as my face became fox-like, my facial fur was a light tan almost white and my ears were tipped orange brown. A rust and white colored rope formed, tying itself around my neck as a clasp took shape and a thin tattered white cloth extended from it. The last thing to form was my odd shaped blade tail. The eye on it opened and it brought itself forward to sit right next to my head as I went down onto all four of my legs.

"Yo you gonna say anything Reppamon?" I asked my tail after a few seconds with my eyes still shut

"Anything…there happy?" my tail said

"That'll have to do I guess." I said opening my eyes

"Introductions are in order now I suppose, my name is…well, my pseudonym is Alexander David Sinclair, Alex for short."

"And I am Reppamon, his other, more digital half."

This was greeted with a combination of silence, shock, and awe. I was a little worried when after 5 minutes no one had done anything. Renamon was the first to overcome her shock and approached me slowly and with the utmost caution as if I were a bomb about to go off any second. For a few seconds I focused my mind on being bipedal and felt the structure of my forelegs shift accordingly. I stood up causing Renamon to jump in surprise. She regained her composure and finished crossing the few feet left between us and reached out her hand touching me on the shoulder. She gave a gentle squeeze, as if to reassure herself that I was real and not a something of delusions and grandeur.

"He…he's real." Renamon said quietly a surprised look on her face

Everyone moved forward as a group and I was pinched, poked and prodded to confirm Renamon's statement. This carried on for about a minute before I shook everyone off me. Before I could say or do anything else my stomach growled loudly.

"Well" Rika said "why don't we get you some food for now and then you can explain how…this" she motioned at my body.

"Alright, food as payment for a story, I can work with that." I replied as we all headed inside.