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The first thing I became aware of was the smell of the ocean but…how did I get there? I felt very weak and aches and pains everywhere as I lay on my side, aches, and pains and…sand? Yes definitely sand everywhere to in my fur, my ears, my hair. Hair and fur at the same time…how did that happen? I gave my tail an experimental twitch, surprisingly there was no pain. I slowly began to move my arms, legs, and fingers, none broken. I felt the end of a wave touch my feet and hands as I began to hear panicked voices behind me.

"It's still alive! Someone call 911!" a woman yelled

"Back up people, back up! Give the poor thing some space!" a man, probably a life guard

Lots of shouting and whispers of worry, I could feel my ears shifting and turning as I tried to listen to it all at once. It didn't take long for the paramedics to arrive, maybe five minutes. I could sense that at least one of them was a Digimon. They had some trouble getting through the small crowd that had gathered. When they finally made it to me they stood there for a few moments.

"Can you speak?" a kindly woman's voice asked

My throat was dry and all I managed was a hoarse croak but I nodded my head to make sure they understood.

"Can you get up?" asked a man's, equally kind

I tried to slowly push myself up but barely got up on my elbows before my arms gave out and I collapsed. Before I could even hit the sand I was caught by a strong pair of clawed and glove clad hands.

"Be careful Commandramon. We don't want him to get anymore injuries."

"Yes ma'am." Commandramon replied before he gave a deep sniff "He's a Digimon ma'am. But I for the life of me don't know what kind."

"Well then at least we don't need to worry about broken bones. Set him back down as gently as you can. Mark and I will get the stretcher."

A few seconds later I was laying face up on the stretcher as it was carried to the ambulance. They loaded me into the back were Commandramon, the woman and one of the people I suspected to be a life guard also got in. They had to shoo the crowd out of the way to close the doors but then it was a few seconds of waiting before we were off. They all seemed very confused by me. I knew I wasn't truly a Digimon but then again I wasn't truly human either. I felt a bottle at my lips and slowly drank, what turned out to be water, out of it. I slowly opened my eyes as the woman and life guard began talking.

I was looking at who I assumed to be Commandramon. He was fairly short, wearing a blue digital camouflage helmet that matched his skin. He wore grey-brown boots and black gloves. Instead of the blue green pouch covered vest from his card he had on a white one with a medic cross on the right shoulder. His yellow eyes were currently focused on a clipboard where he was jotting down the exchange between the two humans. The woman had brown eyes and shoulder length black hair that was in a neat braid. The man was indeed a life guard, I could tell by his clothes. Commandramon looked up from for a second and noticed my eyes were open.

"Ma'am," he said slowly "look at his eyes."

She gave a short gasp "My, that's not something you see every day. I know reality is supposed to be stranger than fiction, but still."

"What?" I managed to ask weakly

The life guard looked over and gave a low whistle "Gotta agree with ya there."

I put my first question out of my mind for now "Where am I, and where are we going?"

"You're in Honolulu, Hawaii and we are taking you to the hospital."

"Honolulu huh? I've got a family that lives here."

Commandramon jotted down my family's name and number and said they'd be notified as soon as we arrived at the hospital. This also meant I had to use my real name and not my pseudonym because they'd also need to get a copy of my medical record. The remainder of the short ride was spent mostly in silence as the paramedic finished up her standard procedure. She had a mini scanner unit to check the code of injured Digimon for problems like broken bones. After a few minutes we figured out that it was only giving us some of the information we needed.

"Your physiology is very interesting. I'm going to have to test you for broken bones the old fashion, using touch, Digimon and x-ray machines don't mix very well so please just bear with it."


It took her only about a minute to check me completely. When she got to my tail her hand kept passing though it like it was a cold flame. "Interesting, no broken bones, but I'll have to talk to the tech squad about getting this thing replaced." She said brandishing the scanner

I started to laugh, which turned into a cough as my throat protested and I was given more water to drink. "It probably works just fine on everyone else. It's just me that's the problem. I'm not normal by any stretch of the word."

"That might explain the collar and card I found near you."

If had been stronger I would have bolted upright "Where are they?" I asked franticly

"Easy dude, there right here in this bag." The life guard said as he held it up

I breathed a sigh of relief "The collar looks like it was some kinda metal. But it's all charred and broken now so I couldn't tell ya what it was made from." He said

I gave him look of worry

"Don't worry about the card though," He pulled out my White Card "feels like plastic but the thing is still in pristine condition."

The ambulance pulled to a stop and the doors were opened, the lifeguard accompanied me the entire way to the temporary room I was staying in. Once the doctors left us alone he tilted the bed up for me and put the bag in my lap. As I opened it up to examine the collar like ring that once went around my neck I noticed my finger nails were longer and sharper, almost like claws. I put it out of mind for now; the ring was indeed heavily charred and broken into three pieces. They weren't clean breaks, almost like parts of it had been disintegrated. I put the pieces back in the bag and adjusted my tail, resisting the urge to lie on my side.

"Not to be rude or anything but, you know…what are you?"

I was silent for a moment before answering "Truthfully I don't know anymore and frankly, I don't think I care. I'm alive and that's what matters."

"Oh…guess you're right."

Time passed slowly as I lay there. I eventually fell asleep from something, probably exhaustion. When I woke up I was in a different room. They must have moved me from where ever to here. I felt better now that I had slept but I still had a few aches and pains and now I was hungry. I looked around and my eyes fell on a broad shouldered man in a button down Hawaiian shirt and khaki shorts. He had short brown hair and brown eyes.

"Hey, Uncle Todd." I said nervously my tail swishing a little in response. I had forgotten to tell him about what had happened to me.

He stood up and walked over beside my bed "I don't see you for a couple of years and you go and grow fur, dog ears, and a tail." He said with a serious look on his face

"Yea, um about that."

He suddenly broke down laughing "Don't worry my brother already told me what happened. But he said it was either fully one or the other."

"A lot has happened in the past few months. The past few weeks have been particularly…exciting."

I filled him on everything. He seemed the most worried about Daemon being after me.

"That is a lot of stuff. But that still doesn't explain how you got here, why you were so beat up, and why you look the way you do."

"Last thing I remember before waking up on the beach was that fairy forcing me to sleep. But I can probably shift into a different form after I get some food."

"I'll go get one of the nurses and see if we can do something about that."

He left the room and I sat there for a few minutes before getting up to get some water. I grabbed one of the bottles of water he had sitting on the floor. I turned to go back when the bathroom mirror caught my eye; or rather my eyes caught me. I walked in and flicked on the light to make sure I wasn't seeing things. My irises had completely changed; they weren't the same green that I had grown up with. The iris in my right eye was a pale nearly white shade of blue, while my left was a striking red. The usual light grey feathery edged ring that surrounded them was now solid. As I stood there with my mouth slightly open I also saw that my canines were larger making them more like fangs. With some effort I looked away from the mirror and down at my feet. They looked more streamlined now, definitely like dog paws. Naturally I was also standing on the balls of my feet as a result.

I walked back to my bed and climb into it just as Uncle Todd and a nurse came back with a tray of food. She set the tray down on a pop up stand and took my temperature, a few blood samples, and a few notes about my appearance. She was clearly a Hawaiian native but her shoulder length hair was a bright, almost unnatural, shade of red that reminded me of lava. In her eyes I could see what looked like dancing fire. Then over the smell of the food I caught the faint smell of smoke.

"You're not human." I said with a growl


She sighed "If you can tell that by my appearance and smell, then, most likely, neither are you…at least not anymore."

She emptied my bag onto my lap and examined the ring closely before she started laughing.

"Titania, you fool. You actually thought you could bring a spirit under your control." She said to herself

"I'm not a spirit."

"Oh yes you are." She said still shaking from mirth as she pointed to two sets of markings on the inside of it. "These are part of an old and powerful type of seal designed to repress someone's power. These are for a different spell designed to make someone obey the orders of the person who placed it."

"I take it you already know everything about me, including that I'm a Fairy Dog?"

"Be that as it may you are, or where, part human. Any fairy that is part human can say no to anything they are told to do. All fairies can use the Fairy Ring to go to other dimensions, but their ability to use it is heavily restricted. They cannot travel to a lot of places because they are forbidden to, whether by Titania or by humans. You were never bound by these restrictions because you use the Hub Gate and not a Fairy Ring. But the only way that you could have broken these spells is if you were a spirit. Since they are broken that makes you a spirit."

"So…I'm not human at all?"

"You're Pele aren't you?" Uncle Todd asked

She gave him a winning smile "Indeed I am. How did you guess?"

"You said you weren't human when you answered my nephew's question. Based on your appearance there is no one else that you could be."

"You're good." She said in an amused tone before her face became somber "I am sorry Alex but no, you are not human anymore. You are a spirit, the first new spirit we know of in almost 1000 years."

"Am I still a Gatekeeper?"

"Yes and no. I can still feel your connection to the gates, but that doesn't change the fact that you're a spirit. In fact it may be the cause of it."

I sighed "Great so I'm never going to do or age while everyone I know does."

"Now that's not true."

"Come again?"

"Spirits and gods can die in battle; it's just very hard to kill them. Why do you think the Greek and Roman deities went into battle with armor and weapons? Spirits still age, but it's much slower."

"Pele…how did I get here?"

"…You probably won't believe me if I tell you."

"I'm talking to the Hawaiian goddess of fire and volcanoes, and you're not the first goddess I've talked to either."

"Fair enough…you fell…from the sky."

"You're right I don't believe you, not when the last thing I remember before waking up here was being forced to sleep by a fairy in a different world."

"I only know what I saw. But, there may be others who know more."

I felt a prickling in the back of my mind for a few seconds before it stopped.

"Others huh? I know some people that can tell me more."

"I can't let you leave yet."


"You haven't eaten your food." She said with a smirk "I am a certified nurse and I am working right now."

"Why do you need a job, you're a goddess."

She shrugged "It passes the time."

Uncle Todd laughed "She's just like you, can't stand sit and do nothing."

I quickly ate my food while she and Uncle Todd discussed a few things. Once I was done I started looking around for the clothes I had been wearing when I was brought in. Before I could ask Pele set some clean clothes on my lap. With a mumbled thanks I got up and went to the bathroom to change. I came out wearing a pair khaki cargo shorts and a blue unbuttoned vest, I put my White Card in one of my buttoning pockets.

"I made those myself. They're fire proof so you don't have to worry about wrecking them."

"Wow, how did get my sizes?"

"I'm going to be your teacher so it's something I need to know."

"Oh…wait, WHAT?"

She sighed "Since I was the first person to find you, it makes me responsible for teaching you."

I stood there for a few seconds with my mouth open before she cuffed the back of my head.

"Don't do that. I've already booked us on the 10 PM flight to Tokyo. Let me go clock out real quick." She grabbed Uncle Todd by the wrist "and you're coming with me to sign the Spirit of Chaos out."

"Why am I the Spirit of Chaos?" I asked as they were about to leave

"Fire and Ice are clashing elements, combine that with the fact that you can freely travel between dimensions and there isn't anyone else you could be." She said as they left

I put my hand on my chin "Spirit of Chaos…I like the sound of that."

I put the remains of the collar back into its bag and when I turned around Pele swiped from my hands. I said good-bye to my uncle and that I'd visit him again soon and asked him to say hi to my aunt and cousin for me before. Pele grabbed my wrist and practically dragged me out of the room and the hospital. Once we were outside she snapped her fingers creating a small spark. The bag vanished in a puff of smoke and flame.

"It's best if I destroy that thing as soon as possible, but for now we need it to use as evidence against Titania." With another snap her clothes changed, she was now wearing a pair of faded jeans and an "I love New York" t-shirt "Much better, I don't mind the nurse uniform but there's just something about it that I won't ever get used to."

"Is the shirt a joke or something?" I asked

"No, I really do like New York. There are so many people with so much going on."

"Then you'll like Tokyo to."

She led me around the corner to where her car was parked. I'm no car fanatic, hell I was happy with my brothers X-terra, but I know a Ferrari when I see one. I looked at her questioningly and she just gave me a smile as she pulled out the keys and I politely declined when she asked me if I wanted to drive. I was happy to just be riding in it; I mean come on, it's a Ferrari. In the back there was a pair of backpacks; one red and black, the other blue and red. We made it to the airport in only a few minutes, somehow hitting all the lights green and hitting zero traffic. We made it to the terminal an hour before we supposed to start boarding.

"So what's in the bags?" I asked her

"There's no fun in telling you everything just open it and find out."

I sat down on one of the seats and unzipped the large compartment. Inside was a large leather bound book, a few changes of clothes and a blanket. I pulled out the book and looked it over, turns out it was a sort of manual about being a spirit. I put it back and zipped up the main compartment before opening the smaller one on the front. I found my cell phone, some pens and pencils, and…

"My wallet…I thought I'd never see it again."

"Things with a lot of sentimental value to a spirit can be preserved. Your cell phone can call anyone anywhere, its battery will never die and it will never break."

I pulled my White Card out of my pocket and was about to put into my wallet when Pele grabbed it. I was about to protest when she held up a hand to silence me. She examined it for a good twenty minutes before she gave it back with a frown on her face. I put it into my wallet before putting it back into the bag and zipping it up. She was mumbling to herself about something. We sat there in silence until it was time to board, as it turns out we were sitting first class. We took our seats and then I remembered that I had a cell phone again, pulling it out I quickly called Sis.


"Hey Sis, how's"

"WHERE ARE YOU?" she yelled, in the background I could suddenly hear voices asking if it was me

"I'm on a plane headed for Tokyo. We're about to take off so I have to keep this short. I just called to let you know that I'm safe and make sure you were okay."

There was silence for a few seconds "Just hang up already so your flight can leave. I'll yell at you more when you get here and then you can fill us in on what happened to you." with that she hung up and shut off my phone.

"That sister of yours sounds like quite the person." Pele said with a smirk

"You don't know the half of it. I'm surprised no one has asked about the way I look."

"Humans are strange like that, they see something slightly out of the ordinary and put it off as their mind playing games with them."

"That explains so much more than you think." I said as the plane took off

"I want you to read that book I put in your backpack. The flight is a little over seven hours long so you should have plenty of time to finish it."

"Only if you tell me why my White Card made upset you."

"It didn't upset me; it just caught me off guard."


"…I wasn't the first one to find you, but that person doesn't want to teach anyone. This is odd because we're always looking for a way to pass the time, especially nowadays."


"You know her well. She helped you wake up."


"Yes, I'm serious."

"So she is?"


"But she's also a."

"The original. It was her brother who suggested that some humans be made Gatekeepers so they could better protect themselves from monsters. Now read."

It took me most of the flight to read the thick volume in its entirety. I flipped through it a few more times looking for anything to distract me further from the flight. It took a little while but I finally found something. In small print across the bottom of the last page were the words 'Should you so choose to be' I gently shook Pele awake and asked her about it.

"Oh that, due to the nature of, well, chaos, becoming the Spirit of Chaos is something that a person must decide upon."

"I certainly don't remember making that choice."

"It may not have been a conscious decision."

"…What if I don't want to be a spirit?"

"You can relinquish your title and powers as a spirit willing. But no one has ever been crazy enough to actually do it."


She bolted upright "Think about it; cosmic powers, near immortality, the ability to go almost anywhere and do almost anything. You'd have to be crazy to pass up that kind of opportunity."

We sat there in silence for the remainder of the flight. As soon as we got off I turned my phone back on and slipped it into my pocket. I pulled out my wallet and checked it again. This time I noticed that my Digimon cards were missing. We stepped outside the airport and Sis was waiting for us in her car. I began to say hello and promptly received punch in the jaw.

"What was that for?"

"That, was for making you and Daemon disappear in the middle of the fight." She then gave me a literal bone cracking hug "That" she said when she let go "was for not dieing. Who's this?"

"Oh right, this is Pele. She's the Hawaiian goddess of fire, lighting and volcanoes."

"And my personal favorite, dancing." Pele said

"It's an honor to meet you. I hope Brother didn't cause you too much trouble."

"He was no trouble at all."

As we climbed into the car I asked her "What did you mean by that?"

She started the car and we headed back to her house. "Well first we ran into Sakura."

"We did?"

"Yes, we did. The two of talked about something or other and then you tried to take off your Holy Ring but couldn't. We were going to the Fuji TV Station when Daemon showed up with MarineDevimon and LadyDevimon; Mother and I had to find some cover so we could biomerge. They beat three of the Destined before we destroyed MarineDevimon. At that point everything was going great until SkullSatamon ambushed us. He put me and six others out of commission before Onee-chan finally showed up and ground him into dust. Then she got caught up keeping LadyDevimon from killing everyone that couldn't fight anymore. You had Omnimon and Imperialdramon keeping Daemon busy while you made some marks around them in your human form."

"Then I called him out didn't I?"

"Yup, you did, in your typical showy style. He hit you pretty hard. You ended up losing your coat. I saw the ring you wore on your neck crack before you stood up. You started fighting Daemon without shifting using a combat knife. Even I thought cutting off his wings was a bit much. He outlasted you and was about to kill you right there. I blinked and the two of you were gone."

"Well that explains how you got back into this world. Those markings you made were probably for an in ground gate."

"Now, I remember. That was my back up plan for if I couldn't kill him. I was gonna drop the two of us from low orbit. I knew I could survive the fall and hopefully the impact. He on the other hand might survive the fall but would never survive the impact. We fell pretty far before he burned away to nothing. Because of how I was falling I hit the tops of the waves a lot before I hit shore…that's when the collar finally broke."

Suddenly all the cars stopped moving and people were pointing to a sight that Sis and I were all too familiar with. A digital field had sprung up in the middle of the next four way intersection. I groaned, this was not something we wanted to deal with right now. Whatever was in there was strong. Sis shut off the car and shifted into her Alt-form before getting out. Since I didn't have another form to shift into I just climbed out as I was. With a full moon shining brightly overhead two figures stepped out of the fading fog. One I recognized as Astamon, but I didn't know who the other was.

She was tall at least twice Astamon's height and her blonde reached midway down her back. She wore a dress that was probably white, but because of the streetlights I couldn't tell the exact color. She walked with an air of pompous grace, like she was above all of this. She had a slight frown on her face which was all it took to show that she was furious about something. I felt like I should know her but I didn't know why. I heard the car door behind me slam as Pele closed it.

"Well Titania," she spat the name "to what do we owe this unexpected visit."

Her slight frown became a full on grimace as she addressed Pele "Good to see you to Pele. I'm here for him." She said pointing at me

"I'm nobodies pet." I said crossing my arms

"I told you he was strong willed." Astamon said in his bored tone

Next thing I knew I was standing in front of Titania in the intersection. She snapped her fingers and a cage came into existence around me. I tried breaking the bars, nothing. Melting, couldn't even warm them. Razor sharp ice, didn't even nick them. With another snap of her fingers a collar appeared in her hand.

"Don't worry I have a way around that." She said as she tried to put it on me

I did what any completely rational person would do if they had long sharp teeth…I bite her. She slapped me across the face with her other hand and quickly pulled it back before I could bite it to. I tried the bars again this time covering it in my tail before solidifying it. I yanked on the bars as I heated and cooled them but they still wouldn't give. This made her smirk and what an annoying smirk it was.

"I've worked to long and hard for this to end in nothing. You are going to obey me. Chaos shall be reigned in and brought under complete order."

"So how does he benefit from this?" I said indicating Astamon

"I already have." He said with a tiny hint of enthusiasm "You not only did you get rid of that nuisance Daemon for me, but you also allowed me to clear up my debt with someone else beforehand."

There was a sudden snap of fingers and the cage melted became molten and slid to the ground in a mess as it lost cohesion. I felt a large hand grab the back of my shirt and pull me back. I looked over my shoulder and saw Pele. She stood a little taller than Titania and was now wearing a dress that looked like slowly flowing lava. I reached into my pockets to grab my phone and wallet when I remembered that I left them in the car. At least this time I wouldn't lose them if I had to fight.

"The only thing he's going to do is whatever he wants. He is the Spirit of Chaos. He's only been it for about a day but that doesn't mean he can't protect himself or fly." She said

I saw her wink at me and immediately took off flying up above the buildings with the moon at my back. 'Should you so choose to be.' The last line in that thick leather bound book.

"I think I know what I'm going to do as my first official act as the Spirit of Chaos. I'm going to willingly relinquish my title and the powers associated with it."

"You wouldn't!" Titania seethed "You'd be mad!"

"Then call the boys with the white coats and call me crazy! And while you're at it why don't the two of you got take a long walk off a short pier. It'll do wonders for the rest of us."

Everything around me was being like up like it was day.

"You'll be a Digimon for the rest of your life!"

"Let me see; being extremely cute, the ability to fight alongside my friends and family, and let's not forget fucking up your puppet master-esk plans. Hell, I'd have to be mad not to want that."

I could feel my body shrinking as I turned back into a Kudamon. In the bright light I was giving off I got a good look at myself. White fur, gold markings, and instead of a golden Holy Ring I had a silvery one. The Digicode on it read 'Digital Monster' like it was supposed. The light I was giving off fade away. Rather than floating dramatically to the ground like I had hoped would happen gravity decided to pull on me. Mid fall I was grabbed out of the air by the last person I expected. We landed on the top of a building with her cradling me in one arm.

"For someone who was once human, you always seem to find a way to impress me Oto-chan."

I smiled up at the goddess Artemis, known to more people as Dianamon, and to me as Onee-chan.

"I do try Onee-chan, or would you prefer Artemis?"

"Pele never could keep secrets, and Onee-chan is fine."

"To be fair she only half told me, I figured it out on my own." I could tell that underneath her helmet she was beaming at me "So…how many gates am I in charge of now?"

"Three, just as you always have been."

"Wait, before we do anything more."

I put my paws on either side of my Holy Ring and pushed up. With a bit of force it came right off. I gave it quick looking over for any markings that shouldn't be on the inside. When I didn't find any I promptly slid it back on.

"Had to make sure it wasn't rigged like my other one." I said with a smile

She set me down on the roof and motioned for Sis to join us. She phased in right next to me. Onee-chan reached into the thing on her back and pulled out two things. One thing was a light blue D-Power with a red strap and grey ring around the screen. The other was a small stack of cards. Looking at them I realized who these things belonged to as she handed them to Sis.

"Those are mine aren't they."

"That's right," Onee-chan said with giggle "with Imouto-chan's help you are going to deal with Astamon. Pele and I will deal with Titania. Oh and try this card first." She said handing Sis my White Card

"How did you?"

"I made that card remember? It only has to be slashed through your D-power once then it'll turn back into your credit card."

"Well then what are we waiting for." Sis said

She took the card picked me up and phased us back onto the road below where she set me down and took a few steps back.

"Digimodify!...Gate Digivolution Activate!"

I was engulfed in cocoon of code and my outer body was stripped away revealing a wire frame beneath. The glowing form within the frame grew larger and shattered the cocoon. Rings of fire, ice, and metal slowly rotated around me as I held my arms out to the side. Metal rings formed around my wrists and ankles. From the rings intricately weaving metal spread out encasing me hands in the basket hilts of swords. My feet were encased in a sort of half basket. Metal plates fastened themselves to my thighs, chest and back. I brought my arms in front of me like I was holding a dirk and claymore and blades of the proper length extended from the basket hilts around my hands. No wings like in my dream but I would be fine; I mean sure he had a gun, but I had the tried and true Highland Charge, but since I lacked a targe and it was against a single person I would have to improvise a little. My tail swished in anticipation, I would only get one shot at this before I'd be in trouble.

"Get him Brother!"

I put the flat of my claymore across my left shoulder and sprinted straight at Astamon covering the distance in the same time it took him to raise his gun. I ducked my left shoulder down so it would pass under it and he started shooting. As my shoulder moved under the barrel I brought it and my dirk up sheering clean through it. I turned my left hand so the blade was facing the ground as my body slammed into his and I brought it down and stabbed straight into his right shoulder. I lifted my claymore and brought down while he shoved his weight to the left causing me to cleanly severing his left arm which burst into data.

I gave a grunt of disappointment. I was aiming to take his head off with that blow. He dropped what was left of his gun and staggered backwards, tripping over his own feet. He continued to crawl backwards not daring to turn his face from me. I took a few calm steps forward kicking away the remains of the gun as I passed it.

"Lesson one you Capone wannabe: that little maneuver is a variation of the Highland Charge, which originally included a shield, it was used against musketeers. I had to alter it since A; I don't have shield, and B; you're just one target and I don't think stabbing you in the chest is a guaranteed kill. Lesson two: I'm a Re-enactor who specializes in the Scottish of the time period it was used in and so it's a tactic I'm thoroughly drilled in. Lesson three: if you hadn't moved I'd have taken off your head with that swing, but if I had done that then I wouldn't get to subject you to the humiliation of public ridicule from a sixteen year old."

Astamon's boots began to glow and he brought one of them up to kick me with a shout of "Maverick!" I leapt back narrowly avoiding a kick between my legs. I brought the flat of my claymore down on his raised boot with a resounding clang of metal on metal. He kicked out again, this time going for my knee. I brought my claymore back up to my left shoulder as I side stepped. I swung down creating sparks as my blade dragged across the concrete. When my right arm was straight out to my side again Astamon gave a voiceless cry before he exploded into data which I let float away as I digivolved back into Kudamon and fell over on my back tired from making so much use of a weighty sword. Sis bent over and picked me up.

"You did great Brother."

I looked up and smiled "Thanks Sis, as clichéd as this sounds, I couldn't have done it without you."

"You're right; you can't exactly slash any sort of Digivolution card on your own. By the way your eyes are still mismatched."
"Meh, can live it. More importantly I'm glad I managed to cross the distance before he could start shooting." Sis turned around and we started walking back towards the car

"That stuff you said to him, how much of it was true?"

"All of it."

We passed Onee-chan, Pele, and Titania. Titania was bound by silvery chains and rings. She threw me a death glare as we passed by her. Pele and Onee-chan exchanged a brief conversation before Pele nodded. With a snap of her fingers she and Titania disappeared in a puff of smoke and flames. Onee-chan joined us as we walked back to Sis's car.

"Can you do that finger snapping magic stuff to?" I asked

She snapped her fingers and her armor disappeared, she stood there in her long sleeved white shirt and jeans. Her hair was still straight, shoulder length, and light pink laced with occasional streaks of blonde and tinted purple around the end. Her pale skin was the same color as the moon. Well, since she is the goddess of the moon it kind of made sense. We climbed into the car; I curled up around Onee-chan's neck.

"Should I start at the beginning?" she asked

"No, I just want to know how Kudamon fits into all this and what I really am."

"He is my oldest and most loyal hunting hound. When I chose to take on a Digimon form, he followed suit. When your second and third gates began to manifest I sent him to help you. But I must admit, even I didn't see the possibility of him needing to be merged with you. Once you had three gates I knew the possibility of you becoming a spirit was high. So to protect you I had to take a more…direct approach."

"That's one question answered."

"Like Titania said you are Digimon now. But since you're a Gatekeeper you can draw the energy you need for Digivolution from anywhere, which makes your D-Power largely just a symbol of your choice. It can still be used to locate and help you though, so think hard about who you're going to let keep it."

"I trust my Sister to look after it and my cards."

"What about Titania?"

"Well we've finally gathered enough information to bar her and her estranged husband Oberon from all the worlds. It's essentially house arrest. The two of them have been engaged in a power struggle for about the last 500 years. They've influenced the cause of several major disasters within the past fifty or so years."

"Why didn't the two of them just get a divorce or something?"

Onee-chan sighed "The problem with fairy laws and promises is that they are absolute and unbreakable. They couldn't agree on anything, it didn't help that they both wanted to be in complete control. But, try as they might, those two simply couldn't find a way out of their marriage so they started getting rid of each other's servants in various ways. Oberon's most recent ploy is one that I'm sure you are very familiar with, as it was rather…sickening, no vile thing that he caused."

"You mean…NO, NO WAY! He caused D-Reaper?"

"Correct." She growled

"Then why didn't ya'll"

"Oh WE DID punish him as soon as it was dealt with. He was barred from this world and the Digiworld, not just this Quadrant but the whole thing."

"Then why was Titania after me?"

"Bragging rights mostly but also because your abilities can be applied to such a wide range of things. But enough about that topic, since you're a Digimon now are you going to choose your own names? I can tell you right now that you're a natural Champion level. Your Ultimate form is the one you were in when you escaped from the Daemon in the Dark World and you just used your Mega."

"Nah, leave it to the D-Power to choose. How are the Destined doing?"

"I'll fill them in later, but it will have to be done discreetly. Their government has decided that for now Digimon from the Southern Quadrant are better off staying there."

"Won't stop me, I don't have to use the Quadrant Gate."

As soon as I walked into the family room in Sis's house every D-Power present lit up, well except mine.

"Frenatamon, Champion level, vaccine type, his special attack is Burning Comet."

"Is my tail really long enough to justify that?" I said as I looked at it

"Yes, yes it is." Kudamon said as he messed up my fur

"Welcome home." Kotemon said as she gave me a hug

"You guys can stay up as long as you want but I'm going to bed. I didn't get any sleep on the flight and I know Sis and Onee-chan will fill you in for me."

Everyone said goodnight to me as I left and walked down the hall to my room. I curled up on the futon and closed my eyes. I'm a Digimon and I've got enough craziness in my life for ten people. It's practically drawn to me. The outside door slide open and someone walked in.

"Welcome back Boss." Sakura said in quiet voice

"Not your Boss. Friend? Sure. But ya'll have done a good enough job policing yourselves for the past 200 or so years. I think ya'll do just fine without one."

"Well," she leaned over and kissed my forehead "then goodnight, Frenatamon." She said as she stepped back outside and closed the door.

The strange odd and surreal may be drawn to me. It may make my life hectic and crazy. But, I wouldn't trade it for all the powers of a spirit.

Well, I hope ya'll enjoyed my story.
Alex, who is now Frenatamon, makes refrence to his tail length because frenata is the species name of the Long-tailed Weasel.
Because I like to write I'll probably do a sequel.
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