Jen watched the setting sun as it lowered behind the hills , it was almost dark now and if he didn't find the home of Aughra soon he would need to find shelter for the night . " Master , I did what you said , I followed the greater sun for a day now where is she ? Where is Aughra ? " Jen thought to himself . He had stayed for his Masters funeral , and watched the Mystics ritual . But then he had left , packing the few belongings he could carry on his back then climbing up the hills and streams as he followed the sun towards Aughra's home . And now he stood before more dry rocks and roots and still he did not see Aughra . Desperation and was beginning to overtake him and also a sense of why he was even here , why had his Master asked him to do this in the first place ? He was only a Gelfling , he was no warrior , and finally agreeing to this foolhardy trip had not made him one . Up ahead in the rocks he saw a crevice and with relief he began to run towards it , " I can use this for shelter till the night is through! " he thought to himself ! " But just as he was reaching the mouth of the cave he became entangled in the roots of the ledge overhead . " What - it's eating me ! What is this help ! " Jen tried to fight his way free but it was no use they were too strong for him even as they tightened their grip . His breath was slipping away and he couldn't reach his dagger to cut their lethal cords , Jen knew he was dying but all he could think was " Master I failed you ! " {[ This is all I can write for now but this is chap 3 and part one hope you all enjoy ! And be looking for chap chap part 2 I hope to have it up within the next few days I've just been very busy with school and migraines and knee problems and church and I am on a skit team so I have a lot practice with that too so it keeps me busy but God bless you all and enjoy : ) ]}

Chap 3 " Jen Meets Aughra "