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So many things can hide in the dark; so many things that could terrorize her and torment her mind


Good thing he has night vision.


"But, that's where the couch was to begin with…"


She felt completely ridiculous when she realized that she had forgotten their anniversary…and he hadn't


Derek wasn't the most patient of people, but teaching Chloe to cook was the most fun he had in years. Especially when she tried to flip a pancake


"Why do all the beautiful things have to die?" Chloe murmured, leaning her back into Derek's chest as flower petals were torn away in the savage wind


They got married in the fall and, oddly enough, more people came than were invited


Sometimes, when he's sleeping, Chloe likes to place her palm into his and marvel at how much bigger he is than her


If she's ever unsure of anything she looks over at Derek and, suddenly, she knows what to do


Chloe likes his winter coat far better than his summer one. When he asks why she says that it's fluffier


It didn't take her long to realize that Derek did have a sense of humor; it was just kind of dry


He has found that he can barely watch a movie with Chloe anymore; she spends most of the time critiquing it instead of enjoying it


"God, my stomach's getting so…big…Derek! He's kicking again!"


Derek never knew such a heart stopping fear as that of when his son almost fell off of a four foot high wall


If he looked at her the right way, he could almost see that glow that everyone was always talking about


Derek didn't know what to do when he went to pull out his wallet in the store and came back up with his favorite pair of Chloe's panties


"Do you want a little brother or sister? You do? Well, that's good, because mommy's…"


Such little things could make her laugh and it seemed that most of them were either him or their children


One night, after a long day, everyone sat down to watch a movie and relax. He was the only one still awake after about fifteen minutes. Chloe was under one arm; his daughter with in his other and his son was laying his head on Chloe's lap. Nothing had seemed so right


"So, does wolf-boy chase the mailman off or something? I've been sending you two postcards…"


One night, he woke up just enough to notice that she was crying and that she was whispering that she loved him over and over again. He fell back asleep before he could answer that he loved her too


She was losing her luster and she seemed tired more often than not. Derek began to worry


"If...something ever happens to me, I want you to keep the kids away from me. I don't want them to see me like that."


She jumps at everything, he already knew that. So, was it just his imagination that it seemed worse?


He knew she was gone when he came home and saw her sitting in a corner staring off into space and crooning wordlessly to herself. She was only thirty four.


Was it fair that this had happened? No. Did that make anything better? No.

Tempus Fugit—

Time changes everything, and sometimes he wishes it wouldn't, because it doesn't change back, not for any price in the world

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