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Habeas Corpus


Her logic was undeniable.

And it was annoying.

He was smart, always had been, so it irritated him to no end to have someone prove him wrong. Which, incidentally, Chloe was very good at doing. In fact, she did it almost every day. She did it while they were watching T.V., she did it while they were driving down a street, and she did it while they argued. Hell, she probably did it in her sleep.

To make matters worse, he felt guilty for feeling irritated. He felt like—no, he knew he was acting like a brat whenever he got upset that she was right about something, or whenever she forced him to see how irrational he was being with his protection. Because he knew she was right, he just really didn't want to acknowledge it.

So, while it was completely delusional to wish that she would just stop pointing out when he was wrong, he was eternally grateful that she didn't rub it in.

Or so he thought.

Until he was cleaning out the closet and a notebook landed smack on top of his head, along with an avalanche of old shoe boxes, and fell open to a tick-marked page. He frowned and bent to pick it up, flipping it right side up. There were two columns, plainly marked; Derek and Chloe, in her writing, followed by little tallies. While his column had a few, hers was dominating by far and he blinked dumbly as he tried to understand what this could mean.

He batted around the idea that maybe this was a tally of how many times they had gotten kidnapped, or how many times they had failed at making dinner, or, perhaps, how often they fell asleep in the bathtub.

He was in the middle of mentally calculating the number of times he had run face-first into a wall to see if it matched his tallies, when Chloe walked in and froze. He looked over at her and immediately noticed her horrified expression. They stood there awkwardly for a few moments as her eyes fell to the notebook.

"You weren't supposed to clean the closet…" She rasped out. Derek scowled and shook the notebook.

"How about you explain this."


"…And it sort of became a dirty secret." She finished lamely while she fiddled with her hands in her lap and Derek stared at her in shocked silence. Chloe; his wife and most trusted companion, had been keeping tabs of how many more times she had been right than him. And, to make things worst; she had been going out of her way to prove him wrong!

The principle of the matter, that she was furthering her knowledge as a result wasn't the part that bothered him; it was the fact that she had, at some point, gotten so tired of him always being right that she had gone to extreme lengths to point out his flaws.

It was so wrong, so troubling, so…so…


Derek stared at her, feeling that ridiculous sensation of attraction growing in the pit of his stomach as she babbled on about how she had gone to the library and picked out different trivia and school books to study up on the parts that she knew he would have studied or heard about, and realized that this was the reason he loved her.

Because she was ballsy enough to not just follow everything he says blindly and walk off a cliff because he was "smart", but she would stop and think; Well, now, that doesn't make sense… and do something about it. Just having a conversation with her had become a welcome battle of wits and Derek relished it. He anticipated every conversation that they were going to have and thought about them long after they had reached their close.

Chloe brushed her wispy hair out of her face and looked over at him curiously. "Derek? Please say something…Derek? What're you—mmmph! Mm…"

Who knew that being proved wrong could feel so right?

They were sucking face at the end, if anyone missed that.

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