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Story Note:

This story is not for the faint of heart. It will be rough, scary at times with raw lemons. If you would never consider going to a strip club or a BDSM show, you might want to turn back now. I'm sorry, if you're looking for the little lamb, commonly known as Bella, she does not live here. You have been warned!

This is your one...your one note that this story takes place from Edward's Point Of View.

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Chapter One

That ought to do it. I'm positive my gut can't hold anymore as I lower the mountain lion back to the rocky cliff edge.

On instinct, I look down at myself, checking to make sure I've not made a mess. As always, I am spotless. Nearly one hundred years of hunting has allowed me to perfect the kill, and not waste a drop.

I walk over to the edge of the cliff, at a human's pace, and stare out over the ocean. I can't help but contemplate, again, what I'm doing here. Why do I exist? Will it be like this forever? Of course it will you dumb fuck! I shake my head at my internal dialog.

I don't want to start the journey back to the house, so I bound off the cliff, towards the forest floor. I can't resist the call of quiet tonight. I just need...damn what do I need? I take my time searching for a sturdy enough tree to spend the night in. I just need a night of peace.

I stop at the base of a tree so wide with girth that I don't think even Emmett could knock it over. I look up to see old, wide branches. Before I can even finish the thought, I am forty feet off the ground, perched on a limb, ready to settle for my false slumber.

I am exhausted, and I would give anything for sleep. How long do I have to wait for change? I rake my fingers through my hair and pull it tight before resting my forehead in my palms. If I could cry I would. Since I can't, I don't even bother with a dry sob. I just lean back on the massive trunk and shut my eyes.


I reach for my phone, as it is buzzing yet again. New text? I open my inbox.

I haven't heard from you today is everything OK?


I quickly text back.

Yes everything is fine. Why?


A second later the reply comes.

Are still coming out here? Alice is bouncing

off the walls.


I look at the time on my phone. Shit! I must have lost track of time. I start to run and text back.

Relax. I'm on my way now.


I reach the house in minutes. It's so empty and hollow. It's not home unless my family is here, and right now they are not. Carlisle took Esme to Europe and Rose and Emmett have abandoned me to hunt polar bears. My favorite sister, Alice, dragged Jasper to the East Coast by the collar of his shirt, I'm sure.

It's time to move on again, and I am not looking forward to it. In fact, I've grown tired of the constant new starts. We had decided to break off for the next couple of months, but I hadn't decided where I would go. Everyone else was content in their choices, while I just floundered. I had no desire to see any place in particular.

I had been thinking about staying at the house, out of sight, tucked in the woods for the next couple of months. Alice had other ideas and talked me into going to the East Coast to stay with her and Jasper. My newest brother was glad for the coming company, and Alice, well, we are sort of the two odd ones out and it seemed natural for us to stick together.

I pulled out my phone to text her when I was settled on the charter plane.

I'm on the plane now, you can relax.


I already know that, genius.


I could still get back off and go home.


You could, but you won't.


Smart ass.


Jasper has a surprise for you when you get here.


Ugh, I can't wait.


You're going to love it, trust me.


Goodbye Alice.


See you in a while, grumpy!


Putting my phone away I laid my head back on my seat with my eyes closed, a small smile pulling at the corner of my mouth. It would take being separated by an entire country for anyone to be able to surprise me. The notion that they care for me warms my motionless heart. I haven't seen them in weeks, and I can't wait to be near family again.

My mind drifts in the hours we are in the air. The pilot is recalling the oral sex he got in the terminal before he boarded our flight. I surrender to the erotica for some reason, needing to fill my time.

Soon I saw my erection take the place of his in the blonde's mouth. I watched her lips move over my unforgiving flesh and become red with the friction. I gripped her hair to improve her pace. Her human speed would not satisfy me. She tried to keep up, but it became too much and she bit down on me. 'Careful sweetheart, you're liable to break your teeth there.' I chuckled. She mumbled words over my dick while still trying to move on me. I put my finger to my lips. 'Shhh'. She nodded and continued to let her teeth rake along my shaft. As my head hit the back of her throat, I had to let go of her hair. Instead of moving her, I thrust my own hips. Slamming into her mouth as hard as I dare. The look of terror on her face...

Talk about fucking someone's brains out...literally. It wasn't enough and without thinking I threw her off of me. She landed on her ass across the floor. 'I did you a favor sweetheart,' I purred at her while I stroked myself with the speed I would need to achieve climax. Her eyes widened in shock at the blur of my fist. 'You're lucky to survive this, I could have rammed my-'

My eyes open and I shudder at the thoughts I'm having. I feel the plane descending and focus on seeing Jasper and Alice instead of where my little fantasy was headed.

I look out the window and thank the powers that be for the overcast weather. I checked before I left the house, but I know they get it wrong sometimes.

I haven't even stepped off the plane yet, and I can see a bouncing sprite heading for the steps. I register that I feel much better than I did in the woods and smile. Jasper is fifteen feet behind her walking at his usual pace.

She jumps on me before my foot hits the tarmac. I catch her and hug her back with enthusiasm, and walk us to meet Jasper where he has stopped.

"I believe this belongs to you," I say with a laugh I haven't heard in some time.

"Yep. Alice, darling." He reaches out his hand to her.

She hops off me and grabs both of our hands. "Sorry," she giggles, "I just missed you so much." Her voice sounds like a little girl squealing.

I take note of the prattling in Jasper's head. He's going through army formations and battle strategies. I hope this surprise isn't too far in the future. I don't know how much of this I can take.

"Is it a nice surprise?" I ask Jasper.

He gives me a look of irritation and suddenly I feel confused. Like an IQ of sixty confused. I shake my head to clear his fog and flip him the bird. He smiles broadly at me.

"We're gonna drop Alice at the club on the way to the house."

I didn't forget that Alice was currently trying her hand at being a stripper. It didn't seem odd that she might enjoy that kind of thing. She practically dances everywhere anyway. I am surprised that Jasper seems so at ease with it though.

After she scurries into the large windowless building, I asked him about it.

"How are you able to handle your mate dancing for...others?"

"Because she enjoys it. No one can hurt her there. They don't get completely naked either. They wear what's called t-bars. Like a g-string with a little more fabric."

I raise an eyebrow at him.

"Besides," he continues, "I love to watch her, knowing she is mine. I think she gets a little thrill from it. And when she comes home..."

I raise my hand to stop him.

"That'll be enough Jasper. I don't need the details of my siblings' sex life."