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Chapter 12

"Edward?" Alice sounds pissed. "I can smell you. Edward!"

"What?" I yell. My eyes fly open at the sound of my own voice. I am in a daze, as I look around. I'm in a fucking tree? The familiar smells of the Forks forest hit my nose.

I look down and see Alice at the base of the wide tree. "It's time for school. Get down out of that tree and lets go."

"It's Monday?" I ask.

"Yes, genius. Have you been up there all weekend?"

I look around, and I know I must have been. But it was so real. I can still taste Izzy's blood on my tongue. I feel guilt for killing her. I shake my head, "I guess maybe I have."

I drop to the ground and walk beside Alice towards the house. "You've always been good at being still for a long time," Alice comments.

There is silence for a moment, and then Alice stops. Her eyes are wide and moving frantically back and forth. "What is it Alice?" She doesn't respond, and then, a small smile creeps slowly over her face. It's taken less than a second.

She turns and looks me in my eyes, "Something good, this way comes." When I reach into her thoughts, I am met with humming. She grabs my hand and jerks, "Come on. We don't want to be late for school," she laughs.

Oh I hate it when she does this crap.


I follow my immortal siblings into the lunch room for another show of humanity. I should tick off the days of this insanity. It never changes. Each day follows the one before it and nothing ever changes. I sit in my seat at our table, and look up at the ceiling. The chatter, both spoken and thought are louder than I can handle today. I tune it all out and close my eyes.

I can't believe it wasn't real. I conjured up the devil, and then took her as my own. My mind wanders to Izzy again. She's not real, but it's still something I can hold on to. Something I can use to distract myself from the monotony.

'Would you like to be a submissive tonight Edward.' I can hear her sweet voice, like honey in my head. I give myself over to the fantasy.

If I Close My Eyes Forever, plays in the background. 'Yes, Izzy. Give it your best shot.'

'Be a good boy and lay across the bed then.' She is standing before me. The most beautiful creature ever to walk the earth. She is pale, and light refracts from her perfect exposed skin. She is like me now. She is my mate.

'Yes, Mistress," I answer. I lay on the bed and she crawls over top of me.

'Let's pretend these restraint will hold you. Don't break out of them now, or I will have to punish you.' She wears a devilish grin, and nothing else, as she ties my wrists to the bed.

'Do you trust me baby?' she purrs in my ear.

'Of course.'

She lights a long tapered candle on the bedside table, and brings it to drip over my chest. I hear the wax hit my skin, but feel nothing. I laugh.

'Did I say you could laugh, Edward?' Her tone is cold and mocking.

'No mistress.' I pull my lips over my teeth to control the smile.

She brings the flame close to my skin. On instinct, panic shots through me. 'I know how to cause you pain, Edward.'

The flame licks my chest, 'Ahh,' I cry out.

'I'm not so funny now, am I?' she hisses.

'No, mistress.' I no longer feel the need to smile.

She moves the flame over me and I tense at the scorching heat. She laughs lightly and sticks it back in the candle holder. She moves down over me and pulls my boxers off. Without warning there is searing pain on the inside of my thigh.

'What the fuck?'

She raises her head, 'I didn't say you could speak. Now be a good boy and let me have my fun. You'll be rewarded if your still and quiet.'

She leans her head down to my other thigh and growls as the pain sears through me again. She's fucking biting me. Somehow I knew she would be a biter. I smile slightly. She moves over to my hip and bites again, "Mine," she growls. My dick comes to life, when she licks her wound.

Her jaw grazes my erection, Oh please don't bite there, for fuck sake, please! I think. I close my eyes tight and wait. Her tongue grazes my tip and she laughs quietly, before she bites my other hip. 'Oh thank god,' I mutter.

'I am not God,' she gives my words back to me, and then slides up my body and I can feel her breath over my chest. I open my eyes then and find her staring into them. She never breaks the contact as her teeth slide easily into the flesh over where my heart should beat.

It feels...good.

I smile at the pleasure and the pain.

'That's a good boy,' she purrs. She shifts again and is suddenly hovering over my face, just out of reach. Quickly she undoes my restraints. 'You want to please me don't you?' she asks, holding my head against the bed.

'I only exist to bring you pleasure,' my tongue darts out to taste her, but I can't reach.

Her knees slide open a fraction more and she lowers herself over my mouth. My reward. I flatten out my tongue to taste as much of her as I can. Sweet heaven. She whines and twists her fingers in my hair, pulling me into her. My hands fly to her ass to hold her still.

She is wet and savory. The most delicious sin. I am going to take my time and enjoy every drop she can give me. I work my tongue in and around her. Humming into her clit. Kissing her, tasting her sex and arousal. Her hips start to buck over me and she cries out in pleasures, 'More...'

I speed up and increase the pressure with my tongue on her bundle of nerves. 'Fuck' she grunts and punches a hole in the wall over us. Dry wall dust floats down around my head, but I don't stop. I grip her hips tightly. I can smell her, my Izzy. Sex and strawberries.


My eyes pop open and I am staring at my siblings, who are getting up from the lunch table. Fuck that was too real. I sit forward at once, trying to hide my problem. I have to stop doing that in public. I can still smell her. Strawberries. I follow the source of the smell and turn slowly in my seat. My eyes lock with hers for only a second before she ducks her head.

It can't be. I must be loosing my mind. I hear Jessica introduce her to someone, "This is Bella." My mind goes into a fog, Izzy, Isabella, Bella. I shake my head, she's not real.

Alice is in my ear, "That would be the something good," she whispers and trots off.