The last week of August at McKinley High School in Lima. This was usually the time when the members of the faculty returned to get ready for the new school year, which included a full staff meeting, introductions of new teachers and getting classrooms ready for when the students came back. It might still have been summer break, but that didn't stop Principal Figgins from summoning his staff back.

Time didn't wait as far as he was concerned.

Will Schuester stepped into the choir room, put down one of the full boxes he was carrying in his arms and flicked on the light, the classroom felt like a second home to him. Except for the bare walls, everything was where it should be – the chairs stacked on the risers at the back, the instruments in their proper places on the right side and the piano at the front of the room ready to be played. He reached over to the keyboard as he passed and played a couple of notes, just hearing music of any kind made him happy. But the one thing that made his face light up was the trophy case that was built by the choir room's entrance, which housed a shining gold trophy and a photo of him, Emma and the glee club posing with it – the national show choir championship trophy they had worked so hard to win in Orlando back in the spring.

It looked as if Will's life had taken a turn for the better since that winter day he kissed the fiery-haired guidance counselor in the hallway after New Directions' first sectionals. After a year of dating, he finally worked up the courage to propose to Emma after his own marriage fell apart due to Terri's lies. They were married in a beautiful ceremony in Florida and after the previous school year ended, the two went on a romantic honeymoon to Jamaica, a place Emma always dreamed of visiting. Will was a lucky man indeed, he had the love of his life, a job that he was passionate about, and the members of New Directions which he thought of as a second family. Singing a song to himself, he started to unpack his boxes and set up the classroom. He and glee had a national title to defend.

In her office in the guidance wing, Emma put up the last of her knick-knacks and looked around the room with a satisfied smile, making sure everything was neat and clean just the way she liked it. The picture frame on her desk beside her vase of orchids held a very dear and recent reminder of how far she had come herself – a photo of her and Will on their wedding day in Orlando, smiling and looking so in love with one another, taken together with the glee club.

Emma Schuester. She liked the sound of that.

She and Will had been married for three months now, and right after they got back from their honeymoon she had officially moved into his apartment. They had learned so much about each other over the few years that they had worked together and known one another, like how she learned Will taught himself how to play the guitar or how he knew she loved looking out the window of their home on a rainy day. It was the little things that led up to big things, and now she truly considered her and her new husband the parents of New Directions – the kids always said the two were like the group's mother and father figures.

Suddenly, something came over her, a funny feeling in her stomach – something she had been feeling off and on for the past week, she had a funny feeling about this. Rustling through her purse, she pulled out a small box, covered her mouth with her free hand and ran for the nearest washroom.

"Emma, are you okay?" one of the other counselors asked with concern. But she was already gone.

Right after Will finished up with the setup of the choir room and his office, another faculty member had poked his head into the doorway and asked him to go to Principal Figgins' office right away, he said it was important. Wondering what that important thing would be, he switched off the lights to the classroom and locked the door behind him, taking the familiar route towards the administration wing of the school.

It had to do with glee, that could be it. He had been in Figgins' office countless times when it had to do something with the club, usually about something bad. But since the club had won nationals, he knew it had to be something good this time. It had to be, Figgins himself was there when they won. Opening the door to the office, he poked his head inside.

"You wanted to see me, sir?" he asked.

"Yes William, please sit down," his boss replied, and Will did what was asked. "So Schue, the first thing I have to do is congratulate you and the glee club once again for that spectacular result in Orlando a few months ago. I underestimated you when you came to me the day you wanted to take over the club, but seeing your students come back to McKinley with a national championship title has made me proud."

"Thank you," Will said with a smile. "You don't know how much that means to me and the kids. We all worked so hard to make this dream a reality, so it was a total team effort."

"It is essentially glee that I wanted to talk to you about," Figgins went on. "I received a call from the president of the American Show Choir Association just a short while ago, he told me he had received a correspondence from a colleague of his in London, England who is part of an international performing arts federation and had heard about your win at nationals. The person was so impressed with New Directions that he wants you and the club to do a concert tour in Europe. You'd be performing in several major cities over the course of about a month with the final concert being at the O2 Arena in London. The person from the federation is from what I heard a true philanthropist, so all your expenses would be paid. And you would be back in the States in time for sectionals."

"Are you kidding me?" Will said, his eyes lighting up with excitement. "The kids will be thrilled, I can't wait to tell them!"

"Well, you have earned it," said Figgins. "Your victory at nationals has helped to put McKinley High on the map as not only a cheerleading powerhouse, but also as a school that has come to embrace what you do. Just make sure you get parental permission from each student, and have at least one other person with you as a chaperone."

"I'm sure Emma would love to come," said Will, thinking about his new wife. "You don't know how much this will mean to all of us. Thank you so much." He got up from his seat and shook the principal's hand.

"My pleasure," said Figgins. "And Schue, good work. I look forward to seeing the glee club make a run towards another national championship."

Not even Sue Sylvester could wipe the smile off of Will's face as he walked away from Figgins' office. New Directions headlining a concert tour in Europe was just the beginning of what was he hoped would be an amazing year ahead. In fact, as he continued walking down the hallway back to the choir room, he already had an idea of what kinds of songs he could try on the kids. He just had to get back to his classroom and find everything he was going to need to set his plan into action.

As he neared his destination, he heard the faint sound of sobbing coming from the girls' washroom, they belonged to Emma. Not wanting to intrude, he knocked on the door, concerned about his wife.

"Hey Em, are you okay?" he asked.

"I'll be just a minute, Will," she said. Moments later, she walked out of the washroom, clutching the box that she had in her hand. Her usually bright brown eyes were blotchy from crying, and some of her makeup was smeared. Will held his wife tightly.

"Oh Emma," he said. "What's wrong?" Emma looked at her husband, she had to confess to him everything that had happened.

"Do you remember a few weeks ago when we, well, you know, 'snuggled' that one night?" she said. "After that, I hadn't been feeling well for several days, and I remember how you took care of me, making sure I was all right. Well, today it came back again after I finished setting up my office and that's how I ended up in the washroom for the last thirty minutes. But it's not just that." She slowly reached into the box that was in her hand, pulled out what looked to be what Will thought it would be, and showed it to him.

It was a pregnancy test. And it read positive.

"Will," said Emma, "I'm pregnant."