Summary: Oh no! Many nations have been kidnapped; including England! This calls for – drom roll please – the hero, America, to rescue his sweet beloved! But France wouldn't try to take England's heart or England's brothers totally wouldn't get in the way…right?

Pairings: GerIta, slight PruIta, Turkey/Greece, DenNor, USUK, slight FrUK, Spamano, Austria/Hungary, RussLiet, SuFin

~ Hetalia! ~

"Ah! Put me down!" Arthur's shrill yell pierced through the dark alleyway, as a heavy set man picked him up and measly threw Arthur over his shoulder.

Pounding his fists on the man's back, Arthur yelled out loudly, "Alfred! Help me!"

Then, all of a sudden, bam! The brick wall from the alley vanished; instead a man with an 'identical' blue superman costume came out.

"Don't worry, Artie! I'll save you!" A loud punch was heard, Arthur went flailing in the air as the kidnapper dropped him from the impact of the punch.

As Arthur shut his eyes, waiting for the impact, he instead felt strong arms carry him.

"Oh, Alfred, you're such a hero," said Arthur gratefully, over dramatically kissing Alfred, the American kissing back even more readily.

Then black.

"That movie sucked, dammit!"

"Lovi, calm down."

"Shut up, Antonio!"

"Mein Gott, I should have stopped this."

"Ve~! Doitsu, can I have some pasta?"

"Kesesese! Don't worry Italy; I'll make you some pasta if you do me some 'favors' when we get home."


"I can't believe you made me say such horrible things, Alfred!"

"Angleterre, I thought you looked so adorable when you were helpless."

"Shut up, frog!"

"Say, Norge, you think we can make our own 'movie,' too?"


"But, Angleterre, you're expression was so fu-"

"Was so what, Francis? Care to finish that sentence?"

"Alfred, you're in trouble anyway! Kicking France's ass won't help, even though you're both gits."

"I liked that kiss at the end; can you make some more movies for me, Alfred?"

"Elizaveta! You already have a bunch of these at home!"

"I love you Roderich, but at times like these: shut up!"

"What kind of favors, Gilbert?"

"You know the things that you've seen in West's videos . . .? OW! Stop it, West!"

Ludwig held tightly onto Gilbert's ear in his hand and said bluntly, "We're leaving."

The Germans walked towards the exiting door as Ludwig talked to Gilbert in a scolding/threatening voice, "If I ever see you do any of those things with Italia . . ."

"OK, but I don't promise anything!" Gilbert sped out of the door quickly before his younger brother could say or do anything.

Sighing, shaking his lead, and looking back at the same time, Ludwig said, "You're coming with us too, Feliciano."

The giddy Italian jumped out of his seat like a delicate fairy as Gilbert ran into the room again. "He is, West? Come on Ita-chan!"

Gilbert grasped Feliciano's hand and dragged him out of the room, the brunette compromising with ease. Ludwig watched the two carefully, and rushed to follow the duo. Everyone watched the three leave in silence. Romano burst with anger.

"Those stupid potato bastards, taking advantage of my stupid little brother," said Romano, muttering under his breath. Antonio got a tomato from out of nowhere and rubbed it against his boyfriend's cheeks.

"Look Lovi, your cheeks are redder than the tomato!" Antonio exclaimed. Romano, so angry you could almost see steam from his head, grabbed Antonio's hand and ran out of the Conference room, where everyone heard the yells from Romano outside the hall anyway.

Roderich stood up, and without a word, went to the door, signaling Elizaveta to follow him, but before she did, she went to Alfred.

"Don't forget; make some movies for me, right?" Alfred nodded, but with a puzzling look, as if trying to decode a special message meant just for him.

"Elizaveta!" called Roderich impatiently. Elizaveta raced at record speed, stopping right next to Roderich. The two promptly left with Elizaveta pouting at something Roderich had said.

"Norgeeee, why can't we make a movie?" Denmark pouted, leaning on Norway's arm.

Norway sighed and shrugged Denmark off. "I don't want to be publically humiliated because of you. You can go and make your own movie."

"No!" Denmark shouted like a five year old throwing a tantrum. "You have to make the movie with me."

Norway immediately got up off his seat. Denmark followed suit, but questioned the Norwegian. "Hey, Norge, where are you going?"

"Nowhere you are."

"Don't leave me!" yelped Denmark, following his Norge. "Wait for me! Please?"

After that quite weird moment, the only ones left in the room were Francis, Alfred, and Arthur. Alfred stomped to Francis with a menacing look in his eye that made Francis flinch.

"You never finished that sentence," said Alfred bluntly, waiting for a quick response.

Francis pulled at his collar, he suddenly felt hot. "What sentence? I don't know what you're talking about."

Alfred griped at a chair tightly, gripping so hard that his knuckles were turning white. "How about the one where you were about to say something dirty about Arthur? Remember that one?"

Blankly looking at Alfred for a moment, Francis ran to the door, but winked at Arthur and said, "See you tomorrow, mon petit lapin."

Scowling loudly, but not attempting to follow Francis, Alfred hit his fist on the table hard.

"That son of a-"

"Alfred," interrupted Arthur, folding his arms over his chest, walking towards his boyfriend. "I can protect myself just fine."

"I know, I know! That France just makes me so . . . so. . ."

"Irritated?" answered Arthur for him, getting closer to Alfred. "Imagine dealing with that for centuries."

Alfred just nodded, imagining what that would've been like. They stood in silence for a few minutes before Arthur spoke up.

"We should get going," Arthur said awkwardly, arms back at his sides once more.

"Yeah," replied Alfred. He looked at the door and then back at Arthur. "Last one out of the building is a rotten Francis!"

He ran past the door, but still close enough to so that he could hear Arthur yell back, "Not fair!"

Dodging between obstacles, Alfred looked back to see Arthur behind his trail. Needing to speed up, he sharply turned the corner, close enough to the wall to be able to hug it.

Out of the frame of his glasses, Alfred saw his destination. He ran out of the building and yelled out, "I won!"

Many people turned to look at the strange, panting, and sweating man, only to go back to their own business after a second later.

Arthur ran out a few seconds later, only to accuse the man before him. "You cheater, you were closer to the door than I was!"

Shrugging, Alfred replied, "It's not my fault that nice guys always finish last."

"Hey! I do not always finish in last. I usually always win, but some people know that, so they think the only way to win is to cheat," Arthur retorted. The way he said it was like the most obvious thing in the universe.

The two English-speaking nations continued to walk their way to Alfred's house. The Briton complaining that New York was a horrible place to have a conference, that everything was too noisy and crowded, with the American arguing right back. Suddenly, Arthur stopped sharply in his tracks, startling Alfred.

"Oh, bugger," Arthur cursed, Alfred immediately stopping after his boyfriend. "I left my jacket at the meeting."

"You're jacket?" asked Alfred, a confused look on his face.

Arthur shot him a look. "Of course my jacket, I took it off on my chair when we came to the meeting."

"Oh yeah." Everything came flooding back to the American. "I'll go get it for you, Iggy."

"No," Arthur said sharply. "It's my jacket so I'll go get it. Don't call me Iggy, either."

"I'll come with you." The large nation pulled a hamburger out of his pocket, taking a humongous bite out of it.

"No, I'll go get it, you just stay here," the other nation said stubbornly, walking back towards the building.

Frowning, the American finished his hamburger in angry massive bites. He stood waiting for what he thought was twenty minutes, (eh, maybe it was five minutes) before going back to the large building.

What he saw wasn't his Artie, but instead a large note placed on the door that wasn't there before.

Taking the note, Alfred read it silently in his head.

"Dear America,

As you should've realized, or we hope you realized, you don't see England. We've taken him hostage. If you don't follow as instructed, we will be forced to punish him even more severely.

We demand 1, 00,000,000 dollars in cash if you ever want to see your precious Artie again, along with some other nations. Call the police, we murder all of them, and give your Artie especially a slow, painful death.

Don't forget the hoovers.


I don't give a damn."

Alfred felt like punching someone. Or more like someone specifically.

~ Hetalia! ~

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