"What's that supposed to mean?" George asked, offended for some apparent reason.

Jerry set down his drink and stared at George for a moment. "I'm just saying that perhaps you need to be less...picky with who you date is all, George."

"Oh, that's rich coming from the guy who broke up with someone because she ate her peas one at a time."

Seinfeld stared at him for a moment, then pulled out a gun and shot George in the chest. "Yeah, well, now you're dead, baldy." He grabbed his burger and started to eat it.

Someone tapped him on the shoulder from behind and when he looked, Iron Man was in the booth behind him. "I am Iron Man, and can we borrow your ketchup?" Jerry, surprised he wasn't being taken in, handed it over. "Thanks. Nice shot by the way." Iron Man turned away and sat back down at his booth, Spiderman just across from him. "Anyway, Peter, I-"

"Hey hey! It's Spiderman, not...that name that you just said." Spiderman whispered, he didn't want his identity out there. "I don't go around calling you Tony."

Iron Man squirted the ketchup on his burger and then on Spiderman for no real reason. "You can if you want, I'm not a pussy, I don't care if people know who I am."

"But what about your family, your friends; they'd be in danger if someone knew!"

"No family and my only friend is a bottle of Jack Daniels." Tony raised his mask and began to eat his burger. "Suck on that, wuss. Also," He blasted Spiderman and tossed some money on the table. "You dead." He got up and started to walk towards the door.

"Nice shot." Seinfeld said.

"Thanks. Here's your ketchup." Iron Man tossed it at Seinfeld's head and flew through the roof.

A few minutes later, Jarvis chimed in. "Sir, I take offense to your comment in the eatery. Am I not your friend? I thought we had something special, sir. Why aren't you answering me? Is there another machine? It's the coffee maker, isn't it!"

"Mute" Tony said, shutting off Jarvis.