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Outer Space

January 21, 2001

10:45 AM

The Super robot cruised threw space peacefully and swiftly. Inside the giant flying structure were our beloved heroes and heroines. Eight colorful cybernetic simians, a human boy, and a cyborg man are having what appears to be a conversation.

"So what planet are we going to find this jasper rock, gem, stone, thing?" The red joker, Sparx, asked.

"Like I said before, all the gems are located in the Milky Way galaxy in the Orion arm." The hot pink female that goes by the name Savanna, answered with her sapphire blue eyes beaming. "The exact location is in the alchemist's journal. But for now let's just focus on getting there first." A dirt brown male scratched his stomach and blinked his Texas rust-colored eyes twice.

"Like, I know this is, like, TOTALLY off topic and stuff but, like, did anyone even bother to refill me prescription before we left and junk?" He asked with a hint of valley girl in his words.

"Don't worry, Xavier, you should be set for three months." The creamy white monkey, Adrassi, said giving him a pat on the back. Her baby blue eyes twinkled.

"Where are we precisely?" A male with a gorgeous silver body everyone knew as Antauri, waited for a report.

"We're on the outskirts of Shuggazoom's solar system. Also known as the Isolated arm of the galaxy. Soon we'll be in a new galaxy called, Desinery, I believe. It's a small galaxy made up of only three arms; the Persis arm, the Hollie arm, and the Remid arm. Then we'll be in the Milky Way Galaxy." The ocean blue simian answered him. Antauri nodded to Gibson and spoke once more.

"How long do you suppose it will take to get to the Orion arm?"

"13 million light years. A week tops. Good thing the super robot travels faster than the speed of light or it'd take forever to get there." Gibson typed a few things on the robots control panel.

"Well. What should we do in the mean time?" Chiro sighed. Gibson shrugged.

"Keep up on Czech lessons. Do some training. Prepare for whatever is ahead-" Savanna came up from behind him and rested her head on his shoulders while rubbing his back.

"Get to know each other better." She growled. Gibson blushed and shook her off of him.

"Please. Not here." He whispered to her. She rolled her eyes and flicked her tail.

"Incoming message for, Chiro." The computer said in a very monotone yet female voice. Chiro walked to the screen and opened the e-mail.

"It's a message from Jinmay." Chiro said. "She wrote us asking how our trip was so far. She misses us. If anybody got hurt. If everyone was getting a long. How Gibson and Savanna's relationship was. Hope to see you soon. XOXO Jinmay."

"Must be a typo." Xavier squinted toward the screen.

"X in XOXO means kisses. And O's mean hugs." Gabriel explained. Xavier scratched his head.

"That makes no sense in my tiny brain whatsoever!" Chiro started typing a reply and mumbled under his breath.

"Wow she misses us already and we've only been gone for two days." Sparx nudged him.

"I bet she misses you more than anyone else." The red simian chuckled. Chiro smiled and gently pushed him.

"Whatever Sparx. She loves us all the same." Nova pulled Sparx away from Chiro.

"Leave him alone, Sparx. When will you learn to mind your own business?"

"Hey you know I gotta pick on someone!" Sparx grinned and looked to his blue comrade. "Like Gibby and his wittle girlfrand!" Sparx joked in a baby voice. Gibson just ignored him. ". . . It's no fun when he doesn't freak out."

"That's because he's more mature than you . . . and because I'm giving him anger management." Savanna said.

"So this Jasper of Agony. What exactly is it capable of?" Antauri asked.

"If fallen into the wrong hands it could cause everyone in the universe to fall down in everlasting pain and, well, agony. That's why we NEED to get that gem first." Adrassi explained. Antauri nodded.

"I can understand that." Suddenly the computer started to beep with a picture of an envelope on it.

"Incoming message for, Chiro." The computer said. Chiro looked at his team and they shrugged in response. Chiro walked to the computer and opened the letter and read out loud.

"Another message from Jinmay." he mumbled. Sparx chuckled.

"Kid, you're going to have to let her go. She's WAY to clingy." Nova thumped his head.

"This time she wrote a reply to what I replied to her first message." he observed. Gabriel smirked.

"My first girlfriend was that way. That's why I dumped her."

". . . Wasn't your first girlfriend your imaginary friend, Nicola?" Savanna asked.

"No that's Xavier's current girlfriend." Adrassi said. The dirt brown simian beamed at the mentioning of his imaginary girlfriend. "Bernadette was Gabe's ex. He "broke up" with her when he was 15. It was kind of pathetic." Gabriel blushed.

"I meant my first real girlfriend." He whispered harshly. "But whatever."

"Are you suggesting I break up with Jinmay?" Chiro raised a brow. The Elemental team looked at each other nervously.

"I'm sure that's not they were suggesting at all!" Gibson tried to cover up his girlfriend's team's embarrassment. Sparx giggled like a school girl. "And what is so funny, my friend?"

"Yeah, what's so funny?" Savanna demanded getting in his face. Sparx threw his hands up in front of him.

"Nothing. It's nothing really." Savanna gave one last glare at the red simian before backing off.

"I feel like it." Xavier said. The teams looked at him.

"You feel like what?" Antauri asked.

"I wasn't talking to you." Xavier rolled his eyes and walked off to a different room. The teams stood in silence for several moments until Nova broke the silence.

"So . . . what now?"

"I suppose we could do some training." Antauri said.

"We just trained for two hours!" Otto exclaimed.

"How about when I count to five we all do something unexpected to keep us occupied so we don't have a conversation on how bored we are?" Sparx joked. "Ready? One, two, three, four, FIVE!" No one not even Sparx moved. "See? I bet none of you expected no one to move." The teams chuckled.

"I guess I'll go to the lab." Gibson said. Savanna smiled.

"I guess I'll go with you."

"I guess I'll go make sure those two behave." Gabriel said.

"Of course you will." The blue male rolled his eyes.

"I'm gonna go invent something." Otto perked and he ran off. "Ya' know! I always wanted to invent a time machine!"

"Time travel is impossible." Adrassi sat down on a chair. Antauri sat in the chair next to her.

"Who knows. I heard this old scientist and young man traveled back in time and into the future in a DeLorean." Adrassi laughed.

"Nice try, Antauri. But I watched that movie." Antauri smiled.

"It was worth a shot." he said. Adrassi faced him.

"Our team has much in common. You and I, we're both calm, relaxed, and poised."

"Otto and Xavier are two peas in a pod." Antauri chuckled.

"Savanna and Gibson seem to get along nicely." Adrassi said with a laugh. Antauri joined her in laughter.

"So after this Twelve Gate Prophesy is fulfilled, what are you and your team going to do?" Adrassi looked at the floor beneath her in thought.

"It's Savanna's call." she said. "We either go home to earth and live in Gabriel's old house, or we help other planets around the universe that may be in need." Antauri's eyes saddened.

"Oh. I see." Antauri stood up. "I'm going to talk with Chiro." Adrassi nodded as he departed from the room.

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