First of all I want to thank you all for reading this and giving me your honest opinions on my story. Also there is a new poll up posted on my profile! Check it out! Now it's time for the FAQ!

Hbee16 asks,

Question: When are Xavier and Adrassi gonna become an official couple?

Answer: Only I, and I guess God, knows! It could be the next story or the last story or maybe they already confessed their feelings for each other behind the scenes! Oo

Question: When are Sparx and Nova gonna announce their official couple-ness?

Answer: That is for me to know and you to find out! But I will give you something. Some of the team members are getting suspicious!

Question: What messed up nightmare will Xavier have next?

Answer: Xavier is an unpredictable and unexplainable character. He has nightmares and dreams every night. Some involve escalators, some tractors, some Pooh Bear! The final answer to that is, Whatever comes off the top of my head next.

Question: What will the next near-death experience be?

Answer: Girl! What's up with you and spoilers! LOL Just Kidding! The next near-death experience will be next story! But I'm not telling you who it will be! But you might hate me when you find out.

Question: Is the skeletal screwball (SK) gonna stay dead?

Answer: He might, he might not. If Mandarin gets his ugly paws on the next gem or any gem for that matter he could use the power inside the stone to resurrect the skeletal screwball.

Now it's time for Starfire 16's question!

Question: What was that song all about?

Answer: Glad you asked! First off, the song is titled, 'Icky Thump' By. The White Stripes. I love the White Stripes and their music. Hearing their songs inspired me to do lots of things, INCLUDING what I did for the previous chapter. I wanted the Hyperforce to have some sort of insider to make Team Elemental confused. Since I love you guys so much, I'll give you the back ground story to the inside joke.

Blackmail with a Hardcore Lyric

Antauri: You've been listening to that same song three times in a row now. (He looked at Nova who was relaxing on a chair, with a stereo by her side cranked up loud.)

Nova: Antauri! Have you even heard this song! Listen to the lyrics! It tells a story! Plus the music is so hardcore how can I not listen to it over and over again!

Antauri: What do you mean the lyrics tell a story? (Nova rolled her pink eyes.)

Nova: Listen, (She turned up the stereo louder.)

Jack White: (Singing) -Icky thump, with the lump/In my throat/Grab my coat/And now it's reckon /I was ready to go/Yeah, I swam beside the hair/She had one white eye/One blank stare/Lookin' up, lyin' there- (Antauri turned the stereo off.)

Antauri: Sounds inappropriate to me.

Otto: (Running in from another room, acting far too animated.) GASP! Antauri! I can't believe you don't like Icky Thump! BEST SONG EVAR!

Sparx: (He then enters with the same reaction.) OMG! ANTAURI! Shame on you! Icky Thump is awesome! Just try singing it! You'll love it!

Antauri: No thank you.

Nova: Sing it!

Antauri: I don't know the words.

Nova: Memorize the words! Here we'll help you! Yah-hee, icky thump/Who'd-a thunk?/Sittin'drunk/On a wagon to Mexico! Now you repeat! (Antauri shook his head.)

Antauri: I'm sorry. (Nova growled.)

Nova: FINE! If you don't sing it we'll tell that waitress girl you like your feelings toward her.

Antauri: What? What waitress?

Sparx: Remember just two weeks ago after that mission we decided to go out to eat instead of going home. We had her serving us and every time she'd ask us something or come near us you'd blush and stammer.

Antauri: I do not recall such a thing! (His face flushed.) I did not like her!

Otto: You said you liked her! When we were walking home you were talking to Gibson and asked him what he thought about our waitress that evening. And he said, 'She didn't abuse us if that's what you mean.' Then you said that you thought she was CUTE! (Antauri blushed even worse)

Antauri: Why would you go back to that restaurant just to tell her that I thought she was pretty?

Sparx: We won't if you just sing the song! (Antauri sighed.)

Antauri: Fine. I kind of remembered the stupid song subconsciously now.

Nova: Then sing away.

Antauri: (Grumbling.) Yah-hee, Icky Thump/Who'd a thunk/Sittin' drunk/On a wagon to Mexico!/Her hair, what a chump/And my head, Got a bump, When I hit it on the radio! I do not know the rest. And I can't believe you guys just blackmailed me.

Gibson: Antauri you should know better than to diss the White Stripes like that!

Antauri: How could you possibly side with them?

Chiro: Antauri your singing is horrid. Your giving that song and that band a bad name!

Gibson: Icky Thump! Sing it! (Antauri shook his head.)

Sparx: Icky Thump! Sing it! (The silver monkey repeated his action)

Chiro: Icky Thump! Sing it! (Again Antauri shook his head.)

Nova: Icky Thump! Sing it! (Shakes head.)

Otto: Icky Thump! Sing it! (No)

All: (In unison) ICKY THUMP! (Antauri screamed.)


Yeah. That's how it all happened. And of course the characters have to be OOC. Oh well. Okay next! YaKkOxXxXAkKo asks,

Question: Is it over?

Answer: No, Eme. I still have 11 more stories for this series. And I'm so excited!

Now a few questions from Halloween Witch.

Question:How long do you intend for the non existent relationship of Adrassi and Xavier going to last before they finally get together?

Answer: I already answered that. I can tell you guys are getting antsy. But fear not, I will not disappoint you, fellow authors! They'll get together soon. Don't you worry about it!

Question: Was it really hard for you to write this first story of the saga, or did school just get in the way of it?

Answer: I actually started writing during the summer. But I did have school related things during summer including band and soccer. I must say writing Elemental was a hard story though! Having to explain everything and going all around planet earth takes a lot of research and time. Right now school isn't getting in the way much. I have A's in all my classes so I'm not too stressed. Even though I have to study a whole color guard routine before Friday's football game! GAH!

Question: When do you believe you might have this story done and the next one up, the 'Sapphire of Despair'?

Answer: I love you guys so much! You are always so eager and that makes my day really! I'm actually gonna do the stories one after another. Upload a new story probably the same time it takes me to get a new chapter up! Two days maybe.

Question: I am curious. What did give you the idea to come up with this saga? Its great, and i would love to hear how it started out.

Answer: It all started one evening at church. It was quite a . . . tedious service so my mind started to wander. I was thinking of SRMTHFG and my OCs and how they could possibly meet. I picked up a Bible hoping it would give me some inspiration. Then I found something interesting. I'm serious guys pick up the nearest Bile and go to the Book of Revelation, Chapter 21, Versus 18-21. And you guys tell me what you see. So in all honesty (Wow I'm being very honest today.) I do not own the idea of the 12 gates or the 12 stones. God does. But I do own the rest of the ideas.

Question: Sprx and Nova's relationship i know is hidden from the rest of the team, besides Savanna, but is there a reason for them still not being as close in the story, or is it just hard to put them and Gibson/Savanna and Adrassi/Xavier in the story too?

Answer: Since their relationship is underground and they don't want to get caught they just pretend they aren't close to fool the others. And yes, I would say it is hard to keep track of the relationships and keeping them under control.

Okay well that was all the questions I got! TTFN!