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This is a little side-project thing I decided to do in my free time between school, sports and all of the clubs I'm in.

I really love Leviathan. I'm super excited about Behemoth coming out on October 5.

I would also like to point out the lack of Leviathan love on the InterWebz. It's seriously amazing steampunk. L-O-V-E.

This is kind of a tribute to it, to help support the fanfiction.

I would also like to point out how this is in no way related to Julia456's drabble series Quite Peculiar. I myself am alerted on her updates. Serious awesome right there.

Planning on updates every day.


It had been a hard day, working on the ship and engines. Most of the crew was up on the dorsal side, enjoying the sun and heat and the fresh air. Deryn, however, had taken to staying in the cabin she shared with Alek, seeing as he wasn't there and she needed 'thinking time'.

Really, Deryn had been trying to avoid Alek to the point that she would sleep in the overheated machine room to keep from having to come in contact with him. The little feeling of electricity that she felt when he was around was getting annoying and hard to bear. She told herself it was her monthly, but she could only fool herself so much.

This day, however, was slightly different than all of the other days (she had lost count of the hours, days, weeks). Deryn was feeling particularly tired and decided that she should take a little catnap. She snuggled down into the hard comforter, wishing that she wasn't so warm.


Hours later, after dinner in the mess and sunset, Alek returned to the cabin to find Dylan asleep on his bed. He must have been very tired. He's never here before me and he's always sketching till midnight!

Alek saw Dylan shiver a bit and noticed how he was uncovered save for his garments. No blankets, sheets, or pillows remained on the bed. Alek removed his jacket and tossed it over the shivering boys body. He turned towards Dylan's bed and prepared for sleep.


Deryn was awoken by the feeling of a thin jacket being tossed onto her shoulders. Thankful for the warmth, she slid her eyes open to see Alek sliding off his shirt. She quickly shut her eyes and waited to hear the sound of his sheets slipping over his form before she opened them again.

There lay Alek, her friend, her punching bag. There lay Alek, possible future emperor of a kingdom of 50 million souls. I wouldn't even be empress if I were to mar-. Wait.

Deryn realized how she had immediately thought of herself in place of his queen. She was embarrassed with herself because of her thought process. Why ever would he want someone he knew to be a boy, anyway?

Deryn refocused her gaze onto the sleeping form of Alek. He seemed so destructible and innocent and bloody clean. The moonlight grazed his features with loving fingers and twirled and danced between the strands of hair on his head. She noticed how he had a bit of hair growing in front of his ear and on his jaw. She saw how his muscles rippled and flexed when he moved and clenched his hands.

That was the first night that Deryn praised only moonlights touch, not Aleks.

September 1, 2010

A little bit iffy. I think I may re-write, seeing as the points I wanted to get out weren't clear.

Not great, not horrible. Opinions?