Marceline's Farting Problem

By Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus

Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: At the rate I'm going with this, I'll literally will have over nine thousand girl farting problem fanfics. But hey, it's my fetish, so what the hell. I might as well write about it if I like it so much! Anyway, this one is Marceline's time, baby, so sit back, relax, and enjoy! Now if you excuse me, I need some lemonade...

Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Cartoon Network.

Nighttime dawned on the frozen territory that was the ice kingdom, where the Ice King reigned greatly over the friendly penguins that lived there. Tonight, an unwelcome presence, Marceline The Vampire Queen, was making her way right now to the Ice King's lair, to have some fun with the old wizard monarch.

"Tinight will be a sweet night," Marceline said to herself, wearing her usual dark blue shirt and dirty blue jeans as she flew by the right window of the lair, seeing the Ice King playing the drums while his other penguins played the other instruments. Marceline smirked as she flew right in, purposely crashing into the Ice King as the penguins stopped, dropping their instruments in shock.

"Awgh!" The Ice King exclaimed as he waved his skinny arms about, firing bluish lightning bolts of ice at Marceline, who jumped off and dodged them while laughing. The Ice King got up, angrily complaining as he dusted off his huge blue vest, pointing his right index finger angrily at Marceline. "Do you now how long it takes to make this robe nice and perfect, vampire queen?"

Marceline scoffed as she folded her arms, closing her eyes as she chuckled. "I don't care. I'm just a fre moving spirit, going wherever and doing whatever I feel like."

The Ice King continued growling with rage as he adjusted his yellow crown. "Yeah, well you just can't go busting into my lair, Marceline. This is my territory! My territory!" He began to pout as he jumped up and down, somewhat hilarious to Marceline, who giggled with delight.

"Oh Ice King. You sure are cute when you're mad." Marceline admitted as she floated next to the Ice King, whispering in his right ear, "How about a kiss on my cheek to make you feel better?"

The Ice King blushed as is eyes widened. "Well, then." He took off his crown coughing bit as he told Marceline, "Hold still, please." He gave Marceline a great big kiss, but sadly, he issed Marceline's butt. Marceline farted loudly, laughing at the misfortune of the Ice King, who not only had Marceline's green colored gas in his eyes, but was nocked into the icy wall at the back of his lair, falling on his stomach in pain as Marceline laughed evilly, pointing at the Ice King.

"Man, did I really get you!" Marceline chortled as tears of laughter were coming down from her eyes, "You totally did not see that coming!"

The Ice King growled as he got back up, waving his arms in the air as he began muttering. "Winds of bad and winds of evil, give it so that Marceline gets trouble!" He screamed as he zapped Marceline with white lightning bolts, but apparently the bolts did nothing.

Marceline scoffed as she literally felt nothing. "Pfft! Was that the best you could do, old geezer?" She stuc her tongue out at the Ice King and blew a kiss towards him as she floated away, laughing afterwards, "Better nuck lext time, old fart!"

The Ice King chucled evilly as he tapped his fingertips together, muttering quietly to himself, "Dohoho... you're about to lose all of that hot air, Marceline... don't be so hasty..."