Marceline The Vampire Queen was still flying high in the night sky, looking for colors to eat as she lost her opportunity at eating the strawberry people earlier. Marceline's stomach continued growling as she rubbed it, sighing to herself as another loud fart emitted from her tight blue jeans. Did the Ice King really intended this curse on Marceline?

"I need a rest. All this flying is giving me a headache," Marceline told herself as she landed, spotting the Magic Man nearby. She got an evil idea as she chuckled, rubbing her hands together, when she farted loudly again, much to her annoyance. "Ugh! How can I get one decent meal if my butt keeps spouting out gas?"

The Magic Man turned around, seeing no one behind him. He scratched his head in confusion as he walked around, waiting to trick someone because he was a jerk. He sat down on a pile of yellowish hay nearby, looking up at the stars and whistling as he shot several bluish blasts of magic into the air, watching them explode into seizurific confetti as Marceline slowly crept up from behind. She giggled as she hissed, spooking the Magic Man, who got up and stumbled back, surprised as Marceline approached him. Notably, Marceline was wearing her dark dress instead of her usual outfit, which was made from a whywolf she murdered.

"Oh sweet scientific exploits, please don't hurt me!" The Magic Man begged as he got on his knees.

Marceline grinned as she raised her arms, threatening the Magic Man, "Too late for that, bub! Now your delicious, delicate flesh is mine for the taking-"

Before she could finish her sentence, Marceline farted loudly again, the powerful burst of breaking wind blowing her dress up, revealing her black panties. The Magic Man blinked in astonishment as Marceline screamed in horror, blushing as she pushed down her dress while ripping another loud fart.

"...Well. This is rather embarrassing. FOR YOU!" The Magic Man pinpointed as he floated up, laughing as he zapped Marceline with blue rays, disappearing in an explosion of many colors that would give innocent viewers seizures for all eternity.

Rubbing her beady eyes, Marceline hissed as she dusted her dress, letting out another loud poot, much to her annoyance. "Urgh! Why is it that I can't get one scrub of dinner tonight!" Marceline shook her fists with rage as she sighed, looking up at the starry night sky as she pointed upward, cursing loudly, "Damn you, Ice King, and damn you, Magic Man!" She let out another loud fart, prompting Marceline to stay on the ground as she knew what would happen if she attempted to fly.

Looking from a telescope, the Ice King evilly chortled as everything was going according to plan.