He felt his eyes widen a fraction at the woman's request.

"Can you repeat that?"

"I didn't realize you were hard of hearing Uchiha-san," The dark haired woman repeated with that famed cool-Hyuuga demeanor. "I asked you to marry me."

It wasn't so much the fact that she had proposed that caught him off guard, well that was part of it. It was more the fact that she demanded he marry her that really threw him. He never thought that she'd be one to be so upfront. Out of all the Hyuuga's, Hinata always was the black sheep, too kind to follow the apathetic ways of the clan, too gentle to use words like knives like so many of her clansmen did so flippantly. So what could possibly make her shed her true nature and demand that he agree to a life-long commitment, when she could barely request a cup of coffee at a starbucks without sounding apologetic?

"I was under the impression that the man was to propose."

"It seems that I have fallen so hard for you, I just couldn't wait." Her lavender eyes didn't miss the way the corner of his mouth lifted at that comment. "A woman from a prestigious family, just asked for your hand in marriage, why aren't you flattered?"

"I am. I just wasn't expecting any of this," he said truthfully. "Surely you understand my hesitance." He studied her as she stood there. She stood tall her shoulders squared back, she met his eyes as she spoke. Her voice was calm and low, gentle much like the Hinata he thought he knew. Her words were eloquent, well thought out and spoken with conviction he didn't know the woman possessed. After all, figureheads were meant to be looked at, not heard.

He and the Hyuuga heiress ran in the same circle. They attended the same dinner parties, the charity events, the galas and dreadful sanity-taxing conferences. She always stood there, demure and poised with a gentle smile on her face, much like a porcelain doll who just had her hair glossed, waiting patiently to be lavished with praise. Luscious hair, blemish-less skin, beautiful doe-like eyes, what wasn't there to worship? She was small, and slim with a fine figure, every bit the princess she was groomed to be.

So who was this woman standing before him, defying everything he thought her to be?


"Why not? You have so much to gain from this, even if it is a scripted sacrament." She took a seat across from him. "Your family is the most influential in Sound country. You made your way across many nations, but you have yet to get a foothold in Konoha despite it being your ancestral home." She took a slim finger and smoothly placed a strand of hair behind her ear. "I can provide you with that foothold.

"Why me?" He tapped his chin with his index finger as he studied the woman before him. What could she possibly gain from marrying him? Surely she had suitors that ranged from wealth just as great as her own to royalty, what could she possibly want with him?

"Because once I marry you, I can do something no one has dared to do before."

"And that is?"

"Too change Hyuuga." He scrutinized her as she spoke those words. So many times had he heard words just like hers, but never with her determination.

"What if I was planning on proposing to my girlfriend?"

"Work doesn't count as a significant other Uchiha san and I highly doubt anyone would marry the two of you." He decided right then that he liked her with a smile on her face.

It suited her so well.

"I have one condition, and then I'm yours."

"Is that so?" He didn't miss the quickly disguised look of surprise that shot across her delicate features.


"And your condition?" Hinata asked with noticeable uncertainty. Well deserved uncertainty. She obviously didn't expect him to agree so readily.

A beat of silence passed. "Are you going to tell me or are we going to play a guessing game?"

"That would hardly be fair don't you think Hinata chan?"

"Hinata chan?" She asked brushes of pink colored her cheeks. He let a corner of his lip lift in a triumphant smirk. There was the woman he figured out, the woman he knew. Suddenly everything seemed right with the world.

"I am your fiancé, no?"

"Well then, Itachi-kun. What will you have me do?"

"You my dear fiancé, are to woo me."