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Rogue sat looking out the window at the snow falling in blankets around the mansion. This would be the sixth winter without Logan being there. Every year she wished for the same thing and every year she sat disappointed at the very same window. He called without fail every year to wish her a Merry Christmas and every year she asked if he was coming home to spend it with her. After the third year she stopped asking if he was coming home, after the fourth year she stopped answering his calls. She hadn't spoken to him in almost two years. She figured if what he had to say was really important then he would come home and say it to her face. Apparently what he had to say wasn't all that important because he never came. He still called and talked to everyone, the professor gave up trying to fix the problem and just gave Logan updates on her. Storm was the most persistent about it, every time he called she would find Rogue and try to hand her to phone and every time Rogue would just walk away. She wanted to see him and talk to him not over the phone where she couldn't see him smile or tell what he was thinking by looking at his face.

She thought it was screwed up that he put his past before his future. He wasn't there for her 21st birthday or 22nd or 23rd or any for the last five years for that matter. He wasn't there for the summer parties, where he use to grill ribs, hamburgers, and hotdogs. He wasn't there for the Halloween party the school threw every year. He wasn't there when Kitty and Bobby got married or when Jubilee got engaged. He wasn't there when she graduated top of her college early or got her teaching degree. He wasn't there when her cure wore off but she really upset when he wasn't there to celebrate the fact she finally learned to control her skin. That one had hurt the most. She didn't even tell him although she was sure the professor told him about it.

She wanted him to be the first person to receive a hug from her without all those extra layers but he hadn't been there.

What hurt more than anything was the fact the Jean kept in contact with him all the time. She could talk to him telepathically whenever she felt like and she made a point to let Rogue know when she was doing it. Rogue and Jean had a falling out after Scott left Jean and the X-Men. Rogue had gone to track him down and bring him back to the school because Jean was being a bitch about it. After finding him and talking everything through with him she understood his need to be away from everything for a while. She decided to stay with him for as long as he needed. Eventually after a year he explained why he left Jean and the school, Rogue was stunned and hurt at the same time. Jean apparently was carrying on with Logan in her head, one night while she and Scott were making love she called out Logan's name.

After Rogue found out she really refused to speak to Logan. She and Scott made their way back to the school soon after that and then the big blow up came about. Jean was pissed as hell that Scott left her for a year without calling or anything and she couldn't believe that he would rather spend time with Rogue then with her. Thus began the fight between Scott and Jean, sadly Rogue got dragged into it.

"I can't believe you would rather spend time with that girl then me!" Jean screeched.

"She at least listens to me and doesn't yell someone else's name during an intimate time!" Scott yelled back.

"Well if you were half the man…."

"Don't even say it Jean. I don't want to hear it anymore. We're over and that's that. You choose Logan over me. I hope it works out with you two considering he's not even hear and hasn't been here in over six years." Scott turned on his heels and walked away. Rogue was standing in the corner listening. As she turned to walk away Jean saw her and rounded on her.

"You! You're the reason this happen. You had to be a little slut and steal Scott away. You should have stay away from everyone! God no wonder why Logan doesn't want to be here, he would have to see your whore face every day!" Jean screamed at her. Rogue just looked at her tears welling up in her eyes.

"Well at least Ah have someone to talk to. Scott is a wonderful guy and you lost whatever chance you had." Rogue said. Jean stood there turning red as Rogue walked away whipping her tears away.

Scott was waiting around the corner with open arms to giver her a hug.

Later that night Rogue pulled out her writing book and opened to a new page.

Dear Logan,

Today was a hard day for me. Scott and Jean broke up officially and she blames me for the whole thing. It's really her fault because she yelled your name during sex with Scott and he got angry over it. He left and I tracked him down. We just came back to the school. I know I haven't been talking to you at all but I miss you terribly.

Where'd you go? I miss you so, seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Please come back home?

I want to see you, smell you, touch you for the first time since I got my powers under control. I miss having you around. You missed my graduation, my birthday, Kitty's wedding, and every Christmas for the last five years. This is my 2,190th letter to you. I've gone through four books writing to you. I never get the nerve to send these out. Though I have no idea where you are considering I haven't talked to you in two years. It's the day before Christmas and I don't expect you to be here again. Though this year I might answer the phone and talk to you. Then again…..maybe not. It's seems to be working not talking to you, I stopped thinking about you every single moment of every single day. Now I only think of you maybe ten times a day instead of hundreds. There are days I want to pick up that phone and talk to you because I think it'll make everything better. Then I remember how much it hurts every time I know you won't be coming back and this is the best I get from you right now. I wonder what gift you'll send me this year for Christmas and my birthday. I know you know when they are and you never forget to send me something but the only thing I want is you here with me. I want to see you chewing on a cigar and drinking a beer out back, I want to see you running around the yard or danger room like a crazy person. Most of all I want to be able to touch you. I think this might be the last letter I write to you. I'm going to put this journal away forever after this and move on.

I love you Logan and I miss you so. Please come back home.



Rogue closed the book and placed in on the floor. This was the last one, she was moving on. She had lost hope long ago and was tired of dreaming of things that were never going to happen. Laying back on her bed she fell asleep.

Later that night something woke Rogue up from her sleep. Rolling over she got off her bed and walked over to the window. A headlight was heading up the driveway, Rogue held her breath as the light got closer until she heard the roar of a motorcycle engine.