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As the battle rages on in Marie's mind Logan continued to keep close watch over her physical body. It seemed as if she was sleeping peacefully but Logan knew she was battling for her life in her mind.

Marie's Mind

Jean lunged at Marie again, arms out stretched, she managed to make contact for a second time, closing her hands and fingers around Marie's neck. They both tumbled to the ground with Jean holding tightly on top. As they hit the ground Marie began clawing furiously at Jean's hands desperate to free herself from the iron like grasp. Jeans face twisted and distorted into a sick smile as she applied more pressure.

"This ends now you little whore. I've had enough of you're existence and how badly you keep messing everything up." Jean hissed at her. Marie could feel herself slipping again into the black void.

"Fight it child, you have the power, this is your mind not hers. Fight her off." A voice murmured in Marie's subconscious. The void was coming closer and closer, she could feel the end coming but she wasn't ready for it. There was still so much for her to do and see, this would not be the end.

"NO!" screamed Marie as a white blinding light radiated from what could only be called Marie's core. The light ripped Jean off of her and flung her to the other side of the room. Marie stood up slowly, she arched her back and screamed again. Jean's knees buckled and she fell to the floor. Marie walking over to Jean and kicked her. Jean rolled and stood up, preparing to fight Marie. Marie looked Jean in the eyes and shot forward landing a solid punch to Jeans face. Giving her no time to recover Marie swung again and slammed Jean in the solar plexus. Jean stumbled and swung blindly at Marie, she missed by a hair's inch. Marie lifted her fists again, "This is for me," a punch landed on Jeans face, "this is for Scott," another to the face, "and this is for all the problems and pain you've caused in the mansion!" Marie's final punch was an upper cut to Jeans jaw sending her sprawling on the floor. "Have tired to kill me for the last time, you are not welcome either in my mind or my life. You will leave and never return." Marie stared coldly at Jean as the white light returned, ripping into Jean and pulling her out of Marie's mind. Marie collapsed heavily on the ground and slumped sideways.

End Marie's Mind

Logan felt a small shift in the air around him. He realized it was Marie letting her final breath out.

"Marie, Darlin' please don't go. Come on fight it, come back. I know I haven't been around and this is the last thing you want to hear coming from me but I love you Marie." Logan pleaded with Marie's body.

"Logan, let her go. There is nothing you or I can do for her anymore." The Professor placed a hand on Logan's sagging shoulder.

"I failed her Charles, I failed the one person who cared about me unconditionally. I left her behind and alone to face things. I promised to keep her safe Charles and I failed." Logan looked so lost as he stared into Charles eyes.

"You didn't fail me Logan. You just lost sight of what was important to you apparently."

Logan spun around to see a healthy Marie sitting up on the hospital bed looking at him with her big brown eyes.

"Marie! You're alive. I'm so sorry for leaving you Darlin' and not coming home sooner. I should have been here the whole time." Logan said pulling Marie to him in a hug.

"It's okay Logan. I know you didn't mean to hurt me. I know you love me and I love you too," Marie said hugging him back, "Professor, you might want to go check on Jean, I don't think she's doing very well right now."

The Professor nodded and wheeled himself out of the room. Logan placed his arm under Marie and picked her up bridal style, he settled back on his chair with Marie in his lap and buried his face in her hair. "I promise to never leave you again."

"Logan, you can't promise me that. You love your freedom and traveling. How about you promise to never leave this long again and if you plan on it you take me with you?"

"Okay Darlin'. I promise to never leave you behind for this long again and I promise to fix everything between us."

"We have plenty of time for that Logan. How about right now you get me my clothes and take me for a burger because I am starving right now."

"Anything for you Darlin', anything for you."