A/N: I disclaim anything you might recognize. Enjoy.

It was meant to be a getaway, a second honeymoon to replace their first. A time of relaxation after a time of tension, sorrow, and anger. A reprieve, if you will. To light a lovely, warm fire while the snow and wind blew against the shutters of the cabin, rattled the windows, and moaned through the door, would be bliss after the last month and a half. She had fully expected to relax, to let herself enjoy the days as she snuggled with Elliot in front of the fire. But this was not the case.

Instead she felt only anxiety.

A/N: Hi there. There's a lot I want to say, but not many brain cells for me to use to say them. I'm very tired, folks. I will say that I started this months ago, and that when I started I had no idea where I was going with it. I still don't really. I want everyone to understand that these short chapters (and trust me, most of 'em are short) may not have an ending to them. This is a bit of a last resort for me- inspiration from the readers- and this may just... hang for a while after I've reached the last that I've written. But that won't happen for a while, no worries. I'm going to try and keep this going, give myself plenty of time to write some new material.

That's about it. This story was originally inspired by a strange nightmarish dream I had a while ago. I hope I've managed to convey the quality of it in this piece. Thanks for reading- reviews let me know I'm not dumb for posting this.