Title: Transformation

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Rating: K+ for some pervyness and cursing.

Misc: Sasuke, Hinata, Naruto, and the rest of the gang are all eleven, still in Academy. And I AM improving my procrastination. Little by little. BTW, please notice that this is a transfer chapter. Next will be the dreaded…Transformation. And do review, thank you all for the wonderful reviews!


Hinata had never felt so disgraced in her whole short life. Sasuke Uchiha was currently slumped over her shoulders, snoring contentedly—yes, Sasuke Uchiha snored—while she labored like an overworked carthorse dragging him by the arms down the long road to Hyuuga Estate.

It was disgraceful. Leaders weren't supposed to do this. And yet, as she watched the surprising young expression on the Uchiha's face, she couldn't help but smile slightly. And suppress the sudden twittering she felt in her chest that was only reserved for Naruto-kun.

Hinata hauled him up onto her back, so she could move quicker. Too many people were staring already.

Whispers followed her as she passed.

"Hey, isn't that the Uchiha survivor?"

"And isn't that a Hyuuga? The heir?"

"Shut it, we're not supposed to know.

"Why is Uchiha with her anyway?" This was a woman's voice.

"Looks like he's inebriated." Snickering followed this comment.

Unfortunately, to make it worse, Sasuke, apparently pleased by this new arrangement of being piggybacked, snuggled his face deeper into her shoulder, practically kissing her neck as he slept.

It was utterly humiliating. Hinata's face was beet red, and she feared she might faint any moment now. Was Sasuke-san usually….so intimate while he slept?

Happily, before long, spurred by the thought of a bed at home and the incredulous glances villagers were sending her way, Hinata soon made it to Hyuuga Estate. Nodding and smiling past the way of a gaping Hyuuga branch member, she quickly made it safely up to the vicinity of her bedroom. Thank the heavens.

She dumped Sasuke onto the bed unceremoniously. And promptly fainted from exhaustion and humiliation a second later.

Sasuke soon awoke a few minutes later, feeling as though warmth had been taken away from him. Groggy, with a huge pounding headache and a desperate need of water, he sat up, ignoring the pain in his head. Even in this state, he realized that this wasn't his room.

Where am I…?

He wondered foggily. I was with Hyuuga…and then some loudmouths came in the cafe…and then I drank tea…

Wait. Tea? Sasuke slowly turned his head around the room, observing the lilac walls with a sky blue "Hinata" written across one side in childish but neat handwriting. Around the room were treasured stuffed animals the wonderful color of…

Garish orange? Sasuke grimaced at the sight. It reminded him far too much of that dobe, Uzumaki.

His eyes traveled over the ground, where the Hyuuga Heiress was currently unconscious.

What. The. Hell?

Sasuke realized, with a dawning horror, that he must have fallen unconscious inside the café—it must have been sake, not tea—, that Hyuuga must have carried him back, and that she had probably fainted from his weight.

Swinging his legs off the bed, he promptly shook Hyuuga's shoulders roughly. "Hyuuga. Hyuuga! Wake up!"

The girl slowly stirred, her pale eyes opening. "U-Uchiha-san?"

Sasuke cleared his throat, fighting the urge to blush. Why did the simple action of opening her eyes make him like that?

He dropped to his knees, looking her in the eye. "I wanted to say…that I thank you for carrying me back." He nodded stiffly.

Hinata nodded, appearing to be at a loss of words.

The two awkwardly avoided each other's eyes.

"We should probably get going—" Sasuke started to say.

"Hinata. What are you doing with Uchiha-kun?" A deadly, quiet voice jerked the two from their positions on the floor and both gulped noticeably as the towering Hyuuga Hiashi loomed over them.

"He was kissing her, I swear, I saw them in broad daylight, and—"

The Hyuuga Branch Member who Hinata had passed on her way in was squawking like a parrot behind Hiashi, apparently one of those empty-head fluff girls who hadn't inherited the Byakugan.


The girl went mute.

With a graceful motion, Hiashi pulled Sasuke up by the scruff of his neck. "You Uchihas…were always such possessive creatures." He whispered in the boy's ear.

"No, Father-!" Hinata started to exclaim, losing her stutter in the dire situation.

"Jyuken!" Hiashi slammed his palm into Sasuke's chest, and the boy coughed up blood.

Almost glaring at her father in fury, Hinata picked up her partner, and quickly exited, bowing stiffly.

"S-S-Sasuke-san, I'm so sorry, really, I am, my father is a bit like that around people he doesn't like—"

Sasuke merely groaned. How had he just managed to get beat up by an adult ninja?

"B-b-but I've never been like that before, oh no, Father's going to kill me—" she muttered under her breath, apparently extremely panicked.

"Would you shut up? It'll be fine." Sasuke said, annoyed.

Hinata now entered full panic mode. Turning to Sasuke, she displayed the most anger he had ever seen her show.

She grabbed his shoulders, and started shaking them roughly. "DON'T YOU GET IT, SASUKE? MY FATHER WILL BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF US IF WE GO BACK!"

Dawning horror spread over Sasuke's face.

"So you'll have to come back with me? To Uchiha Manor?"

Hinata nodded grimly.

Life officially sucked.


Oh dear. This is going to be a very compromising situation…