Situation: Itachi the businessman, Sakura the secretary. Sakura's personality is a bit overwhelming, but I think it fits with the story. I hope you enjoy. :)

Itachi nodded in the universal sign of understanding at the law firm representative who continued to outline the negotiations for a business merge between two of his companies. He was tired, having slept very little the night before, and just wished the man to finish up already. He already knew what the young man wanted to tell him, after all – Itachi had a J.D under his belt too. Suddenly he wished he had bothered with that stupid BAR exam.

"You see, this will then allow you to reduce your taxes by 32 percent, and give you a –," the overpaid man paused when the door opened.

Sakura, the Uchiha's secretary, walked into the spaciously large office room with windows that extended from floor to ceiling. Her six inch black heels clanged rhythmically on the marble floor as she made her way towards the two men while holding a tray with two porcelain cups of tea in her hands, her planner was hidden discreetly under the tray.

"Oh, good morning Sakura," the business lawyer greeted her with a smile as he accepted the tea gladly. He silently wished more women like Sakura existed. All the secretaries at his law firm were no were as refined and feminine as the beautiful pink haired woman. She always served her boss and his associates in the most pleasant manner. She seemed like the perfect secretary.

"Good morning, Mr. Tanaka," she replied with a honey very sweet voice as she walked over to the other side of the table and placed the second cup of tea on Itachi's one-of-a-kind antique rosemary desk.

"Is there anything either of you would like?"

Itachi nodded towards the lawyer who politely declined. "No, that will be all Sakura," the Uchiha said dismissing her.

The pink haired secretary took a few steps back, flipped the tray around and held it with both hands in front of her lap, once again hiding her planner from view.

"As I was saying…" The lawyer continued.

Itachi continued to nod in all the right places, and after a short while, he lifted his cup to his lips – when the smell reached his nose it was too late to put down. He was forced to drink it.

It was jasmine.

He hated jasmine.

Discreetly he glanced over at Sakura, her eyebrows were ever so slightly furrowed, and her lips were pressed too tightly together – she was going to rip him a new one after this meeting.

He placed the cup down and forced himself to swallow the vile liquid. He looked at his silver Faberge liquor cart a few feet away – a glass of whiskey would have been perfect at that moment. God knew that when Sakura was through with him, he'd need a few bottles to cope.

"And so that will then legalize the procedure. We've already called the Times and The Economist about the merge, I'm assuming Sakura will be handling the interviews?" Mr. Tanaka asked, ending all the business talk he had arranged for the meeting.

"Yes, of course," Itachi nodded with a sure tone. He just had to get her in a good mood first. She hated interviews, but she trusted him less to do them. Apparently he came off as unapproachable, cold, and distant. "Bad image for the company," she would say.

"Well, Mr. Uchiha, it was a pleasure as always," the lawyer stood up and Itachi mimicked, extending his hand out for the customary shaking.

"I will be in contact," Itachi said sitting back down.

"The tea was delicious, thank you, Sakura," he said gathering all his documents.

"You're welcome Mr. Tanaka, there is a cab waiting for you downstairs," Sakura said walking towards the door, opening it for him.

The young man smiled as he lifted up his briefcase and walked out with a final wave, and a discreet glance at the sultry secretary.

Itachi reached into one of his drawers and got out a hand wipe – he hated shaking hands with other people. Sakura closed the door, exhaled, and waited a few seconds before turning around, and stomping her heels towards Itachi. After tossing the wipe in the trash, he leaned back in his chair, with his chin resting on his hand – he was going to enjoy this. She was adorable when she was angry.

"What the hell were you thinking about cancelling the Habitat for Humanity Charity brunch for a stupid golf game? You keep portraying yourself as a douche bag and people are going to start seeing you as one!" She half shouted, giving him a dirty glare, "Honestly Itachi, have you no shame?"

"Reschedule the golf game," Itachi answered simply. Of course, it was a golf game with five Fortune 500 Business CEOs…but he was sure Sakura didn't care.

"Already did," She replied lifting up her planner from under the tray, "you ever think about doing something like that again, and I will plan so many charity drives into your schedule that you'll be bankrupt in a month." She loved to be in control, and Itachi didn't mind one bit.

"Hn," Itachi breathed out, highly amused. "You're skirt is awfully short today," he remarked lightheartedly, tired of talking business.

"Mr. Perverted-Bastard is in the waiting room, he's going to be talking about renewing the graphics card contract, and I'd rather have him pay attention to my legs than to you scamming him out of thirty million."

"And I want to renew this contract?"

"Yes, and drop him next year in favor of Chidori corp."

"Have you prepared a profile on them?"

"If you'd check your email, you'd see I sent it to you three months ago. The hard copy is in the filing cabinets."

"I'd appreciate it if you go get it," Itachi asked wickedly.

"Shove it, boss," Sakura answered, "You don't need it for another six months. Anyway, you have a lunch with the new Intel director, make it last longer than two hours and I will go on a shopping spree with your business card."

The last time she went on a shopping spree, it cost Itachi half a million and one of his favorite summer homes.

"Then at two, we have a meeting with the manger working on the new phone design, I've already gone over what he's going to be presenting, if he makes it last more than twenty minutes I'll kick him out. Idiot likes to hear himself talk too much. Afterwards we need to go over the blueprints for the new satellite that we are building….I have called in Shikamaru to translate the techno-mumbo-jumbo. For dinner, you are meeting with the Chinese diplomat to try to get access into their server market. She is female, do not try to charm her. She's lesbian."

"You're not joining me?" Itachi asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well if someone didn't decide to go to a wedding of someone he barely even knew on the other side of the country, I would be delighted to dine at the Ritz with you two."

"They're family," Itachi corrected her.

"Third cousin, twice removed, questionable relations," Sakura said, not one to be outwitted on syntax.

"Have all the preparations been made?"

"Yes, the plane leaves at 10 in the morning; I will pack all the items for the weekend, and have the car pick you up at 9. Think you can manage that?"

"You underestimate me, Sakura."

"Psh, you are getting on my nerves. Last month the Dubai hotel, which you didn't need by the way – and with the economy right now, you are losing money because of it, and then last week you take a surprise trip to Los Vegas…without telling me, and buy the casino you lost four million dollars in – what the hell are you thinking? You own a technology company! A gambling CEO does not look good in the papers."

"What if I said I did all that for your attention?"

"Itachi," she warned in a low voice as she looked at her wrist to check the time, "Jiyara has been waiting ten minutes already; I'm going to let him in. You draw this out…" she held the threat open for interpretation.

"You fulfill all my masochistic needs."

"Sadistic ones too," Sakura said closing the planner and grabbed Mr. Tanaka's cup from the table.

"Care to get me another cup of tea…something drinkable perhaps?"

"Unless you want it laced with poison, no," Sakura replied, "maybe next time you'll see the value of a charity trip over time wasted at a golf game with old people who should just keel over and die already."

Itachi chuckled as Sakura walked out. If anyone had any idea about Sakura's duel personalities, they'd have ended up shitting themselves.

She walked back in a few moments later, with the white haired Jiyara at her heels. He was just a few steps behind her, obviously admiring her voluptuous behind in her tight pencil skirt.

"Welcome," Itachi said standing up, extending his hand for another shake.

"Ahhh, Itachi…so good to see you again," the old man said heartily. Itachi had no idea why the company didn't force the man to retire already.

Sakura moved to stand at the of the room, end in the line of vision of Itachi, with her handheld in her hand – she, he guessed, was going over the current stock market prices. For her vile mouth, cruel intentions, cold sarcasm, and absolute bluntness – she cared deeply about her job and Itachi never had to worry about not being up to date about everything. With her perfect photographic memory, she could recite the closing rates from three weeks ago.

"So, tell me about your proposal," Itachi opened the conversation – not wanting to get stuck on greetings. He knew how much Sakura hated the man who was still glancing over his shoulder every few moments to check her out.



Itachi woke up the next morning to the ringing of his phone, he grabbed it – knowing it was Sakura – between the hours of 9 PM and 9 AM all his business phone calls went through to her cell phone.

"Morning," he muttered, he had stayed out too late last night and drank too much. Without Sakura there to keep everything on track, he was prone to enjoying himself a tad too much. Though, thankfully, he never was able to get drunk and make an absolute fool of himself – it didn't mean he didn't experience a hangover the next morning.

"You drank too much," she greeted back, knowingly.

"Can you reschedule the flight for a later time?"

"And miss your suffering? I think not. Our company is up two dollars on the stock market, New York Times published an article about the new satellite we're building on the front page of the Business section, Sharingan Corp has announced the release of their new mp3 player for June, we should push ours for March – I've already schedule a meeting with our Music department manager for Monday. And Gaara called, he's accepted your proposal with the 5.5 interest rate."

"Great," he half whispered as he draped his forearm over his eyes to keep the sun out.

"Get up, or I am going to go upstairs and kick you out of bed."

"How kinky," he teased.

"Get up," Sakura said as she hung up the phone.

Itachi sighed with a soft chuckle. Sakura was just absolutely amazing in the oddest ways.

He had met her under special circumstances – and pursued her…profusely. Five years ago, she was dating his playboy of a brother and while she remained the faithful good girlfriend, he was far from decent. Sasuke had informed Itachi multiple times about this "goodytwoshoes" he was leading on, and Itachi warned him, on several occasion, about karma. But being young and dumb, Sasuke ignored him.

Itachi smirked to himself, if only he had known Sakura before his brother fucked her over. Maybe she would still be that girl-next-door sweetheart. He laughed to himself; he still had a hard time even grasping that she once was sweet. With a yawn, he kicked his blankets off and sat up. He didn't care what Sakura was, he had grown to adore the person she was. After all, she put up with him, and he was excellent and keeping distance from everyone. He got out of his bed and walked, with lazy steps, towards his bathroom. He reeked of alcohol.

A year after dating his brother seriously, Sakura was diagnosed with a life threatening disease that required hospitalization. It forced her to drop out of graduate school, where she was doing a dual diploma in law and business. During this time, Sasuke was an illusionary support – a complete coward to say the least. The few times he did visit, Itachi later found out – he would bang a nurse or two. Eventually, of course, Sakura found out. Nurses weren't known for their secret keeping after all.

Itachi heard that the next time Sasuke visited, while still connected to multiple machines and getting I.V. treatment, she decked his younger brother across the face. After two more years of basically living in the hospital, dozens of surgeries, and three transplants, she was finally cured. Rather than return to school – she used her saved up funds to play the stock market in ways that analysists were still trying to decipher, and barely a year after that – she acquired 51 percent of Sasuke's company. After taking control of it, firing him – she ran it to the ground.

With Itachi's father furious at the situation, and Itachi's mother constantly nagging Itachi to get a secretary to assist him, he went through fifteen secretaries a year on average, Itachi considered the brilliant girl as his next. It would a slight spite against his father and it would satisfy his mother. Win/Win.

So Itachi contacted her and requested her to work for him. She, of course, replied with a polite, "Go fuck yourself." But Itachi wasn't one to give up so easily.

She had gotten a job as a waitress at a restaurant downtown; he began to visit there every Friday at noon.

"So," he started, "I will pay you much more than you could ever hope to earn here," he said opening the menu. It wasn't a bad restaurant, but it certainly wasn't some place Itachi would visit out of his own free will.

"All business men are scum bags who deserve to be publicly flogged and shoved into Iron Maidens," she replied and then a couple passed by and she changed her tone completely, "May I please recommend the salmon, it is delicious and made with a variety of rare ingredients."

"Well, you have handled yourself better than any businessman or woman ever could when you destroyed my brothers company."

"Brother? Ahhh, I thought you looked a little like a heartless bastard. So you'll have the salmon with a side of arsenic then?"

"Side of vegetables would be preferable."

"Whatever you request jackass," she answered with an over exaggerated royal bow.

The next time he came, he could see her brow flinching from aggravation. She hoped that his visit was a onetime event.

"Miss me?" He asked as he took a seat.

"Like the plague."

"You went to private school on a scholarship, then Columbia on another scholarship…yet look at you now, a waitress earning minimum wage."

"Unfortunately, if you forgot, the economy crashed half a year ago. Without a graduate degree, my bachelor degree in English is somewhere between useless and pointless. Now, what will you have today? I'd recommend the steak, maybe you'll be lucky enough to choke on a bone."

"The steak it is then," he said handing her the menu, "I am offering you the chance of a lifetime," he said with narrow eyes. How could she pass this up…it was beyond his own understanding. He was known for being one of the best bosses in the country. The benefits his workers received were unmatchable, 3 paid vacations, yearly bonuses, yearly evaluations for promotions, top of the line dental and medical care, along with educational programs for his workers children.

"You are related to the biggest asshole ever….I'm rather scared it's contagious, I like being able to look at myself in the mirror every morning."

"I reassure, I am nothing like my brother."

"I'll be back with the steak."

After two months of continually pursuing her, the next time he came in and she dropped the menu on his lap.

"I'll consider working for you if you donate 10 million to the 85th street community center."


"I recommend the Ukrainian soup."

"No death threats?"

"It'll hopefully burn your tongue off," she added as she walked away, middle finger in the air.

Next week, he came back – having donated the 10 million she requested.

"Well?" He asked, taking a seat.

"What would I be doing?" She asked with her arms crossed, she didn't even hand him the menu this time.

"My secretary, making sure I don't get screwed over…handle finances, meetings…I could have a lawyer draw up a contract this afternoon."

"So I'd get to pick where you donate your money?"

"Yes," he didn't allow any of his past secretaries anywhere near his financial department, but this woman intrigued him too much…and besides – he loved a good gamble.

"Fine, I'll work for you on the condition that you give up that New York City Hotel you own to the childrens' orphanage."


And then she was his. Renewing her second year contract was even more fun. She demanded he supply, free of charge, two computer labs per public high school in the state. He agreed on his own condition…which, after much insulting, she agreed on as well. It was only fair.



"Honestly," Sakura muttered as she threw a collared stripped shirt at the half naked Itachi, "eventually I'm going to have to dress you myself."

"I'd prefer you to undress me," Itachi answered as he stood in front of the mirror – putting on the shirt she choose for him. He was starting to depend on her so much…if his father could see him now…Itachi chuckled under his breath.

"I'd prefer you to burn in a fiery hell."

"I already do, every moment I'm beside you," he replied buttoning his shirt.

Before Sakura could provide a retort, the phone rang. She reached for his cell phone and picked it up.

"Uchiha Inc., you've reached Itachi Uchiha's office, how many I help you?" She asked in her kind sweet voice that she rarely used towards him.

"Yes," she answered to the person on the other line, "Yes, that is fine. I will contact you during Monday's business hours to set up an appointment. Thank you very much, have a wonderful weekend, sir."

"Who was that?" itachi asked after she hung up. He was carefully tucking in his shirt.

"Masada," Sakura replied putting Itachi's phone in her bag, "let's go."

"Have you packed my tux?" he asked as he reached for his watch.

"Yes, along with the platinum cuff links with the green gems to match your tie. Get the jade watch."

Itachi put down the black onyx watch he picked up and went for the light green one, "And what about for dinner?"

"White shirt, black vest, black slacks."

"And for yourself?"

"You'll see, let's go."



"You do look stunning," Itachi complimented Sakura in her bright red short-sleeve sundress. He especially liked the amount of cleavage it showed off – but he wasn't going to mention that. At least not where Sakura had to be polite – he'd do it in the car where she could attempt to hook him in the face. Right now, they'd be civil inside the five star world renowned restaurant.

"And you look very handsome," she replied, proud of her choice of wardrobe for him.

Their server returned with the bottle of wine Itachi ordered and poured a testing glass first, after Itachi's sip and nod of approval, he poured the red liquid into Sakura's cup and then filled the rest of his up.

"So," Itachi began, getting straight to the point, "your contract expires next month."

"Ah," she leaned forward, picking her glass up to her lips and taking a slip, smacking her lips with delight, it was her favorite wine, "are you going to try to negotiate with me right now?"


"Very well, sponsor the rebuilding of twenty poverty stricken neighborhoods."

"And my condition is –," he was interrupted by her.

"Your condition? You already have Friday night dinners with me."

"Yes, and now I have another condition for the next year."

"And it is?" She asked with a raised eyebrow.

"A kiss a month."

Sakura couldn't help but laugh at Itachi, he had to be joking. "You've got to be joking. That's sexual harassment."

"I'm serious," he said. He knew he couldn't go after Sakura through normal channels, she had been hurt and abandoned too harshly before and her level of trust was almost nonexistent when it came to relationships.

"Then fifty neighborhoods."

"Then two kisses a month."


"Then I refuse to renew the contract," Itachi said, taking a dangerous chance.

Sakura leaned back, arms crossed, "What kind of kisses?"

"Any kind you want."

"So kiss on the forehead?"

"What you give, I will return."

The waiter came around asking if they were ready to order, but Itachi said they needed more time, even though he knew exactly what she was going to order.

Silence passed as she stared at Itachi with a scrutinizing eye.

"I could get another job," she said.

"I could get another secretary," he said.

But both knew that he'd never be able to find someone who took care of him like she did, and she'd never be able to find a job where she could have such freedom with helping the underprivileged.

"Fine," Sakura said, lifting two fingers up to call the waiter over.

He couldn't wait till next year's contract negotiations.

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