Two Worlds Collide

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John was walking down the road and he sighed. He had missed his olny chance of getting a pokemon from Professor Oak. Someone named Ash had beat him to it. His Mother had died giving birth to him. His father was a drunk and died in a car accident about a week ago. He had nowhere else to go. He started to cry. He thought "I have no reason left to live." Just then he heard a small scream. "What was that?" he asked as he ran to it.

It was a Ralts that was being attacked by a Staravia. He ran in front of the Ralts and threw a punch at the Staravia. The Staravia flinched and attacked back. It pecked him on the right arm, making him bleed. With his wounded body John kicked the Staravia in the face and it ran away. He turned his to a Ralts standing over 2 dead pokemon. They were both Gardivors. He walked over and knelt. "They your parents?" he asked the Ralts.

Ralts backed away with tears flowing in its eyes. "Don't worry I won't hurt you." John said as he knoticed that the Ralts has injured. "Are you ok?" John asked. The Ralts started crying as it ran over to John. John embraced the Ralts and hugged it. "Would you like to come with me?" he asked. The Ralts touched his forehead. He wondered why. "Why did you do that?" he asked with a smile. "Well, So I can talk with you." The Ralts said telepathically. John looked around and thought "Who said that?" "It's me silly!" John looked at the Ralts. "You?" he asked. "Yes me."

"Ok well do you want to come along with me? If you don't want to it's ok." John said. "Sure!" The Ralts noticed that John was hurt. "Are you ok?" John smiled. "Yea but i'm more worried about you." John said as he noticed Ralts wounds. "Your so caring! But I don't think that I can walk much." John laughed again. "Don't worry I'll take care of you." John said as he picked up the Ralts and went back to his home.

John entered his home quickly to make sure that noone was around. He quickly put Ralts down on his bed and ran to the kitchen. The Ralts was amazed by the house. She had never been in a human home before. John had returned with some potion. "Here you go, it may hurt a bit at first but it'll pass." John said as he sprayed it on its wounds. The Ralts flinched in pain.

John let out a small laugh. "You hungry?" he asked. Ralts nodded. John went back into the kitchen. He retuned with some berries. "Well I have Rawst, Pecha and Oran berries which do you want?" "Can I have Pecha Berries? I love them." the Ralts said. "Sure." John said as he put a Pecha berry in it's mouth. "So what's your name?" John asked. "My name? I don't have a name. But I am a girl." the Ralts said. "No name? Well I could fix that. What about Ruby?" John said. "I love it!" Ruby said. John smiled.

Ruby started crying. "What's wrong?" John asked as Ruby jumped into his arms. "It's my parents I miss them." the Ralts said with sad emotions. "It's alright. My parents are gone as well. My mother died giving birth to me and my Father died recently." John said as a tear left his eye. "Oh. I'm sorry for bringing back painful memories." Ruby said as she read his mind. "H-How do you know about my memories?" John asked. "I am a psychic Pokemon so I can read minds." Ruby said as she hugged John.

"Aw.. thanks." John said as he hugged back. Noticing that John was still hurt, Ruby but her hand to his wound. "OW! Sorry it still hurts." John said. "Sorry i'm not used to humans yet." Ruby said. "It's ok but you need some rest. Go to sleep." John said as he put the blanket over her and patted her on the forehead. "Wait! I know it may be to much to ask but can I have a kiss goodnight?" Ruby said. John smiled and kissed her on the forehead. He turned on the fan and left the room for her to sleep.

Ruby was thinking about John "Do I love him? But he's a human. He probably dosen't love me." Ruby thought. She drifted off to sleep and dreamed.

Downstairs, John was patching his wound. "OW! Man it still hurts." John said quietly to not wake up Ruby. "I think that I may be in love...No she's a Pokemon and that's wrong. I wonder how she feels about me?" John asked to himself.

John put medicine on his wound and fell asleep on his couch dreaming. He was dreaming about him and Ralts. Little did he know that Ralts was watching his dream...

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