Two Worlds Collide

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Chapter: 16

"You ready?" John asked, as he put his backpack on, full of supplies. "One more thing." Ruby replied, as she ran over to him, to give him a quick kiss on the lips. As soon as she backed away, she told him, "Ready." He smiled, and then picked her Pokeball up and minimized it, then put it in his pocket.

He opened the front door, and held it open for her. "Why thank you." Ruby giggled, as she walked out in a sophisticated manner. "My pleasure madam." John chuckled back, following her. They began walking down the path to the island, which John had looked up online in Google Maps(c). It gave him instructions for a car, so he knew it would be a while, seeing all the country roads they'll have to take, and the small trails, barely meant for even the smallest car, far from any town.

For now though, it was the smaller paths that he'd have to take, and he didn't mind one bit, although his concern for Ruby was great. All he could do though was stick close to her, and that was what he did. John held her hand, and they walked together, enjoying the peaceful moment.

The Butterfree sounding in the forest, the scurrying of the Rattata through the bushes, and the occasional flock of Pidgey. "It's wonderful, isn't it?" Ruby asked, as she slightly leaned her head on John's shoulder. "Yes, it is wonderful. If only every day would be like this." he responded. "Well don't expect it for too long Johnny." she told him, as Ruby rubbed her stomach. "Yea. Hey! How about we come up with a name?" he asked.

"Ok. I get Boy's names and you have Girl's names?" she asked. "Sure." he replied. "Hm... How about Richard?" she questioned. Now John thought about it for a moment, he had to admit, the name was a good one, but it sounded a lot like his grandfather's name. "I like it. Now for a girl... How about... Jessica?" he asked, as Ruby put a hand to her mouth, in a position of thinking. "It sounds really nice love." she told him, as she hugged his arm.

The future names were decided there and then at that exact moment.

After about two hours of walking, Ruby asked, "John, i'm getting tired, can we stop for a little bit?" To this, John turned around to her and stopped for a moment, to examine his map. "Hm... There should be a good camping spot a little ways from here, so sure." he replied. She smiled in a return, and slowly sat down, then proceeded to lay down on some grass. John put his things down and laid beside Ruby then hugged her.

"John?" she asked. "Yes, love?" he replied. "What do we have to eat? I'm getting kind of hungry." Ruby told him. "Alright. What do you want?" John replied as he sat up and brought his bag over to himself. "Do you have any Rawst Berries?" she asked. "Rawst Berries? I thought you hated them?" he questioned her. "I don't know. I guess I just want some." she said to him.

'Cravings this early?' John thought, then smiled and guessed that it was that. He opened his bag and rummaged around, searching for his berry pocket, which he had crammed with a bunch of things. "Aha!" he exclaimed as he pulled out 3 Rawst Berries. "Yay!" Ruby yelled as she snatched them from his hand and gobbled them down.

"So Ruby..." he began as he put his hand over her stomach. "Who do you think it'll look more like? You or me?" he asked. "Hm... If it's a he, then he'll have your dashing looks, great big smile, my psychic abilities, and my eyes, and hopefully, he'll have a big tree like you." Ruby giggled as she kissed him. "Well if it's a she, then she'll be the most beautiful little girl alive. She'll have your big heart and caring attitude, along with your sexy body for when she's finding a soul mate of her own." John stated.

As Ruby blushed she also added, "She'll have your intelligence, and gift for art, and those will bring her high." After saying this, she kissed him, with the taste and the smell of Rawst Berry in her mouth and breath.

"Come on love. Let's try to make it towards our checkpoint before the sun sets." John told her as he got up and held his hand out. She giggled, then took his hand in a response.

As they got up, their mind wandered to their love life, and what was going to happen after this quest that they were assigned.

1 Hour Later...

The sun was now setting at the time of 6:47 P.M. John and Ruby had just arrived at their campsite for the night, which John had specifically picked, because it was near a waterfall, with open ground a little ways near it.

"Go ahead and sit down, or go in the water and relax Ruby. I'm going to set up the tent here." he told her. "I'm going to see how cold the water is love. It looks really clear, so i'm guessing that it's going to be cold." Ruby replied as she gave him a quick peck on his cheek, and begun to get undressed.

About 15 minutes later, John had finished pitching the tent, and making a sleeping bag for him and his mate. Afterwards, he took his own clothes off, and joined her in the bitter cold water.

"Oi!" he yelled as he jumped in without getting used to the water. "I told you it was cold before." Ruby giggled, as she swam over to John and hugged him. "Feeling affectionate tonight?" he asked, as he hugged her back. "Yea. I guess I don't know why though." she told him.

"Alright then. Come on, let's clean up a bit." he stated. as he swam to the shore, and grabbed two fresh bars of soap for him and Ruby. As he gave one to her, she immediately began scrubbing herself and so did he.

After about 25 minutes of bathing, the couple exited the water, which was now 58 degrees Fahrenheit (or 14.444444444444445 for Celsius). They quickly dried off, and stored their clothes in John's backpack, as they both fell asleep in each others' arms, under the sleeping bag, nude.

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