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Natalia entered her home after a long and frustrating day at work. She was having trouble wrapping her brain around the fact that Nick was out of prison and had just showed up at the lab. She was terrified at even the thought of Nick. Natalia knew that he was capable of anything. She knew that Nick would have killed her if it meant he could keep her from getting away. He had tied her to the bed at night, hid her car keys, her wallet, her cell phone. Nick had taken everything from her and had given her only pain and suffering. Her friends had slowly left her one by one because Nick would only let her out of the house to go to work, and if she came home even a minute after 5:30 p.m. she would receive horrible beatings. Natalia had been alone in the world, scared of the man she had once loved.

She was sitting on the couch in her pajamas when a knock came to her door. Natalia wondered who would be visiting her this late at night.

Natalia opened the door to a man that made her blood run cold, "Nick, what are you doing here?" she asked trying to stay strong, but fear was evident on her face.

"Just thought I'd say 'hi,'" Nick sneered. "You're still mine Nat, you know that?"

His hand reached out to grab her, but Natalia quickly jumped back. Nick's face suddenly became ridden with anger.

"You're mine! You hear me? Mine!" Nick yelled grabbing Natalia's neck and pulled her towards him.

Natalia whimpered in pain and terror, "please, Nick. Don't do this," she pleaded

"No, Nat, I've been waiting years for this moment and you won't deny me of it," Nick replied and ripped Natalia's camisole from her body.

Natalia tried to release herself from Nick's hold terrified of what he wanted to do to her. Memories from the past flooded into her brain.

"Stop moving, bitch!" he yelled and slapped her in the face. "I know you've been sleeping with other men. You're a whore, I know you want this."

Natalia was trembling as she now stood nearly frozen to the spot, "p-please, Ni-ck, please d-don't h-hurt me," her voice barely a whisper.

Nick grabbed Natalia's hair yanking and pulling as he dragged her to her bedroom. Nick pulled four cable ties from his pocket. He had been prepared for if she fought him. He tied her to each bed post limb by limb, the plastic almost cutting into her flesh. He pulled a pocket knife from another pocket and began to cut Natalia's remaining clothes from her body not caring if he cut her. When removing her pants he had left a long cut on her left thigh causing Natalia to cry out in pain as blood dripped from the wound. After removing Natalia's clothes Nick unzipped his pants, and pulled them off before getting on top of Natalia's shaking body.

She wasn't prepared for when he entered her. Nick placed a hand forcefully over Natalia's mouth, muffling her cries. She felt like she was being split in two as he repeatedly thrust himself inside of her. Natalia shut her eyes tightly hoping that the pain would go away and that everything was just all a bad dream. She could feel the flesh between her legs ripping. Natalia was disgusted by Nick's moans of pleasure as he picked up his pace and released himself inside of her.

After he cooled down, Nick removed himself from Natalia's body, "I'll untie you, but if you say a word, it'll be the end of you. No doctors, and believe me, I'll know if you see one," the look in his eyes let her know that he was serious.

Natalia stared in shock and slowly nodded her head letting Nick know that she wouldn't tell, she was too frightened to do anything and she wasn't stupid enough to mess with him. He re-dressed himself then used his knife to cut the ties from her wrists and ankles before he quickly left the house and drove away. Natalia was too exhausted to move and her legs were numb. She couldn't think or see clearly and decided to simply sleep as the darkness of the night overtook her.

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