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It was over. Finally, after many months of countless suspects, false leads, and all-nighters, they'd finally caught him. The most infamous man to ever walk the Earth. Kyosuke Higuchi. Kira.

And nevertheless...

L wasn't satisfied. No. Not yet. He had to know. He had to know how this man... this... supposed God... how he killed. He. Had. To. Know.

Light suddenly spoke to Mogi through his headset. "Mogi, I want you to put a headset on him as planned."

It appeared that Light wanted to know Higuchi's method of killing as much as L did.

"Roger." Mogi thrust a headset onto the murderer's head none-too-gently.

"Higuchi... How were you able to kill people? Tell me!" Higuchi turned his head in the opposite direction and refused to answer L. His stubbornness didn't even faze the detective, and L proceeded to pour a cup of tea while still conversing with Higuchi. "If you're not going to talk, I'll use whatever means necessary to get it out of you."

Higuchi sighed in defeat and lowered his face towards the ground. "The notebook."

"Notebook?" There was a frown in L's voice as he echoed Higuchi.

At this point, Higuchi felt it was useless to lie. So... "You probably won't believe me, but I've got a special notebook. If I write someone's name in it while thinking of their face, that person dies."

'A notebook...' L's mind whirred almost audibly at the possibilities. Snapping out of his reverie, his next words were almost a plea, desperate and needy. "Mr. Yagami?"

Chief Yagami slid into the front seat and reached cautiously into Higuchi's bag. Gently, he extracted a notebook with the words Death Note printed on the front cover. "Yeah, I found it. It was in one of the compartments of Higuchi's bag." He paused to quickly flip through the notebook. "He has written a lot of names in it, but there doesn't seem to be anything else unusual about it."

Chief Yagami finished browsing through the notebook, and glanced up, looking through the windshield. His eyes were instantly drawn to a hovering figure, and he screamed in terror. Still screaming and staring at seemingly thin air, he threw himself from the car and backed away in a crab-like gait, the notebook having flown from his grip and hitting the asphalt only moments before the chief did.

"What is it Mr. Yagami?" L was slightly puzzled by Chief Yagami's strange behavior, but he didn't allow his incomprehension to filter into his voice. The chief was now reaching for his gun.

"It's a monster!" Chief Yagami scrabbled backwards a few more inches, still instinctively searching for his weapon. He paused in his fruitless hunt, however, at L's next words.

"Please, calm down. Don't panic. Remember, you're not currently armed to defend yourself." L's voice betrayed none of his inner turmoil, and his facade seemed to calm the chief slightly.

"Oh… Oh, right, of course." Chief Yagami still trembled, but his voice was steadier. Still, his newfound courage immediately deserted him somewhat when Mogi stooped down next to him in what was meant to be a comforting gesture.

"Chief, hang in there. Are you all right?" Mogi was concerned for the chief, and was alarmed when the older man turned frightened eyes on him.

"Mogi, can't you see that thing over there?" The chief pointed to the thin air, and Mogi's anxiety rose slightly.

He extended a hand to seize the notebook, and brought it to his chest, fully intending to return it to the chief. "Chief, I think you must be getting tired." Something suddenly caught the corner of his eye, and he turned to see it better. There was something there that wasn't there before, right where the chief was still pointing. He was unable to suppress the gasp that escaped his shocked lips at the sight, nor was he able to quell the startled screams that followed.

"Mogi, what's wrong?" Now Light, too, was puzzled by the odd behavior of his fellow Task Force members.

Chief Yagami, awoken from his stupor by the voice of his son, came to a sudden revelation. "It... That thing! It seems only people who have touched the notebook can see this- this monster!"

L cut in sharply. "Please bring the notebook over to the helicopter." L wanted to see. He needed to see what they saw. And he needed to see it now.

Mogi stood, notebook still held in his quaking hands. "O-Okay..." Walking subtly, as though he thought the monster would attack at any moment, he hurriedly brought the notebook to L.

"Here it is, Ryuzaki." Mogi handed the notebook over to the detective, who grasped it gingerly in thumbs and forefingers.

"Hmm..." He turned in semi-slow motion, as if hesitant to actually see this monster. His eyes fixated themselves on the grotesque figure, which went unnoticed by everyone but Chief Yagami, Mogi, and himself. The figure stared right back at him, and his breath caught as his eyes widened. "It really is a shinigami... They really do... exist." His sentence was broken, but he didn't care.

Suddenly, it all made sense. Memories came floating back, memories of half-formed theories and groundless accusations...

'Light Yagami...'

'This is how Kira killed...'

'Love at first sight...'

'A notebook...'

'The second Kira...'

...And suddenly, he knew. The memories continued to come to him unhindered, and L didn't even register that Light was speaking. "Ryuzaki, come on, let me see it!" Light's words didn't matter, because he knew.

His thoughts... They assaulted him ruthlessly, so much so that he thought he'd go insane. They swirled into a vortex, a jumbled mess, and only one point stood out. He focused on that point, and everything came to a grinding halt as he had an abrupt revelation-

'Two books. There have to be two notebooks, possibly more! This isn't over yet.' L glanced down, finally noticing that his hands were poised in midair, grasping nothing. He twitched in surprise, before turning to look at Light so slowly L was sure he creaked audibly.

L was actually apprehensive as to what he would find, but it was too late now. He was staring directly at Light, and the teen was holding the notebook tightly. That tidbit of information didn't interest the detective nearly as much as Light's reaction to the notebook did. Light was literally frozen, body as rigid as if he was unexpectedly struck with rigor mortis, and his mouth was gaping open in a silent scream, eyes seeing something only he could see.

The silence didn't last long, however.

A deafening roar filled the helicopter, as Light's silent scream became not so silent. It's not like he could help it, though. The return of his lost memories was both painful and unexpected. He saw himself do things that he never thought he'd do, things that he couldn't have done, things that only Kira would do.


Dear God... What had he done! He was Kira; the infamous mass-murderer, the man wanted by several countries, the man who had killed hundreds…

And Light remembered. He remembered everything. All his memories had returned now, and he was horrified. How could he do those ghastly things? How could he ruthlessly kill hundreds? How could he possibly be Kira!

But he could. And he did. And he was.

Light saw the truth now. He had done many ghastly things. He had ruthlessly killed hundreds. He was Kira.

And as Light finally ceased his screaming and began to gasp harshly instead, perfect clarity formed in his mind. He saw all those he had wronged: the hundreds he had killed, the families of those now deceased, his own family, the Task Force, Misa, Watari, Ryuzaki... And he knew. Light knew exactly what to be done in order to fix this, to make his reign of terror as Kira end for good.

There was only one plausible solution in Light's shattered mind.

He knew exactly what he had to do.

He had to die.

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