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"Takumi and Misaki's Alphabet"


Chapter 1. Apple

"What are you eating, Usui?"

The loud voice coming from the President of Seika High's Student Council, Ayuzawa Misaki, sounded like a thunder as she bellowed at the offender of school rules. Students littering the hallway immediately sought the safety of their classrooms for fear of her wrath. Offender or not, they did not want to be within the vicinity of the target of her ire. They could only hope that whoever had made her mad would survive her wrath.

"This? You know, it's a fruit called apple, Pres. Apple comes from apple tree, which is the common name for certain related trees of the rose family. The apple tree grows mainly in the temperate areas of the world…" (1) Usui Takumi, the person who was currently the target of Misaki's ire, explained in his monotone voice.

Misaki's annoyance faltered and she could only gape at him as he babbled on about apples. When he started saying things about varieties and such, she broke out of the spell and bestowed him a withering glare.

"That's not what I meant, idiot! You shouldn't be eating while walking at the hallways!" She snapped at him.

"But I'm hungry," he whined.

She glared at him, debating whether he was telling the truth or not. When it came to this person, she was hardly right about a lot of things.

Seeing her distrustful eyes, he sighed, and then threw the apple at the nearest trash can, much to Misaki's surprise. Then, he walked towards his classroom, leaving her rooted on the spot, feeling slightly guilty.

'This is Usui we're talking about. I don't think he's really hungry, that alien. What is he trying to accomplish now?'

She was still pondering about Usui's unusual behaviour when the class bell rang, signalling the start of the next period. Hurrying to her class, she forgot about his behaviour as she listened attentively to the teacher.

"This is the second time this week, Usui. What is it with you and the apples?" She snapped at him as he sauntered towards her desk and sat on top of it, much to her annoyance.

"I'm hungry," he explained shortly.

"If you're hungry, why don't you eat breakfast before coming to school? There's still an hour before class. You have plenty of time to eat and come here," she said, glaring at him. When he didn't respond, her glare intensified, before she decided that it was not worth wasting her time to lecture him when he rarely listened to her. Instead, she focused her attention on the papers in front of her. She needed to work on some student council matters.

For a while, there was silence except for the sound of paper and pen…


Her eyebrows twitched, but she kept her focus on the paper in front of her.


Her hold on the pen tightened. Just how loud eating an apple could get, she wondered.


She slammed her pen on the desk as she looked up at him who looked back nonchalantly, munching on his apple.

"Can't you be quiet? I'm trying to work here," she said as calmly as possible with her teeth grinding together.


"Usui Takumi! How many ugh!"

Any words that she wanted to say died down as the apple was placed into her mouth. She didn't have a choice but to bite on it when he refused to pull it back despite her attempts to pull his hand.


She glared at him when his eyes twinkled as she chewed on the piece of apple as quietly as possible. Much to her annoyance, her face started to color.

In the end, she lost the battle against him as they shared with his apple. Good thing he didn't open his lips to gloat on his victory or she would have punched him hard.

"Usui! Do I need to say it again and again and again?" She half-screamed at him. It was the fifth time this week. He had been doing it every day since Monday.

"This apple or you. Your choice, Misa-chan," he whispered seductively, grinning in satisfaction when heat crept her face until she was looking like the red apple he was enjoying.


She was at a loss for words, too angry to form coherent words. She clenched her fists, trying hard not to punch him senseless. It was too easy to give in to temptation, especially while looking at his smirking face. Settling for a breathing exercise, she tried to calm herself.

Usui watched Misaki curiously, wondering what her next move would be. She was not Misaki if she was not going to do something unpredictable. Just now, he had been expecting a punch in the gut, or any part of his body, but he was wrong. His curiosity grew when she glanced around the council room, as if expecting to see anyone except him at this really early morning. She was plotting something, he just knew it.

"If...if I…make you rabbit apples, would you stop going against school rules?" She asked quietly, her face red.

'It's only to make him not set a precedent to other students, nothing more. It's for Seika's sake, nothing else.'

Misaki was busy having internal debate to justify her words so she didn't notice when his eyes widened, then softened, before turning naughty.

"I hope you don't offer something like that to other students when they broke school rules, Pres," he taunted. He chuckled when she whipped her head to face him, her eyes blazing with anger.

"Of course not! Only you because you're such a pain, idiot Usui!"

He moved towards her and ignoring the warning in her eyes, pulled her in warm embrace. His eyes closed in satisfaction as he felt her body flushed against him.

"Later at my place?" He whispered in her left ear, breathing in her scent. His eyes were closed, but even if he couldn't see, he knew that the fine hairs in her arms would be standing at the moment.

"O…kay…" she answered dazedly, her eyes closing of their own accord. It had been awhile since they had been close like this and deep inside her, she was wondering what took him so long to do this.

"I hope they would look like rabbit this time," he murmured with a smile, pulling her even closer.

"Shut up…" she snapped, though it lacked its usual venom. She was too comfortable to be angry at the moment.

Eventually though, they had to pull away from each others' arms. They weren't reluctant to do it, knowing that later, they would be together, and would be truly alone.

"What the…where did you get all of this?" Misaki exclaimed as she looked at his refrigerator. It was stuffed with apples.

'No wonder he was bringing apples every day. Just how many apples a person can eat before he gets fed up with it?'

He wrapped his arms in her middle and looked over her shoulder to the contents of his refrigerator. She was still too surprised to attempt escape.

"I was hoping that Misa-chan would come over and make me rabbit apples," he explained, planting a kiss on her shoulder. He chuckled when she tensed in his arms. Pulling away, he leaned at the kitchen counter and looked at her expectantly.


He grinned at her red face.

"I'm going to watch Misa-chan make rabbit apples."

"What? No! Go to your couch and stay there until I'm finished!" She exclaimed, pushing him to the direction of the door but failing to budge him.

He pouted in response, still not moving in his spot. She glared at him.

"If you don't, I'm not going to make any rabbit apples, alien," she threatened.

He pouted all the more as he peeled his back away from the counter.

"You're mean, Misa-chan."

"Shut up and let me work in peace!"

Her fingers were dangerously holding the plate containing the sliced apples. Her body was tensed as she reluctantly placed the plate on the table. She was on a high strung, ready to strike any moment. Usui noticed it, so he wisely kept his lips shut and expression blank as he picked a slice of apple and quickly brought it into his mouth after he muttered a quiet thanks to the person hovering in front of him.

When he didn't say anything unnecessary, she relaxed her posture and sat on the other side of the couch, as far away from him as possible. He didn't let it linger, though, because as soon as her body touched the couch, he pulled her towards him. Knowing that she was being sensitive at the moment, he settled to having her beside him instead of having her in his lap.

"Open your mouth, Misaki."

Surprised by his command and his calling her by her first name, though he had called her like that several times already, she obeyed and let him fed her with a slice of an apple.

"You do know that no matter what the food look like, or taste like, as long as you made it, I will eat it, right?"

"Y-yes," she answered softly, unable to meet his serious eyes.


Satisfied, he continued eating, alternating between feeding himself and her.

"I wonder though. What does this slice called, Misa-chan?"

He was back to teasing, and she knew it for she immediately glared at him then picked several slices of apple and stuffed it in his mouth when he started laughing.

"You really can't keep your mouth shut even for once in awhile, can you, idiot alien?"

Though her tone was condescending, he knew that she wasn't offended so he just smiled at her with his eyes as he happily munched on the apple prepared by and fed to him by his bashful girlfriend.

(1) "Apple." Microsoft® Encarta® 2009. Redmond, WA: Microsoft Corporation, 2008.

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