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Chapter 26. Zipper


"Wha-wha...wha..." she couldn't say a proper word as she gaped at him. She hadn't seen him since Christmas Eve where they spent time together with her family and Shintani. And now, here he was at her house on the first day of the New Year, sitting comfortably with newspaper in his hands.

"Good morning to you, too, my girlfriend. Happy New Year," he greeted cheerily as he placed the newspaper on the table.


He chuckled at her incoherent babbling and stood up.

"Since you seemed to have forgotten how to talk properly and me being an alien is able to decipher Misaki's mumbling, let me answer your question," he said as he moved towards her who automatically stepped away. "Your mother let me in. She also said that she'll be away today, going to visit some relatives of yours. She said she didn't ask you to come because she thought you should get some rest after working hard."

"Stay where you are, alien!" She finally managed to say when he was dangerously close to her.

"Oh. So you do know how to talk," he commented as he ignored her words and engulfed her in a warm hug.


Defeated, she let him hug her and burrow his head in her shoulder.

"I've missed you," he murmured in her shoulder. In response, she rested her head on his chest and murmured the same words to him, but with stuttering much to her annoyance.

"You're early. How long have you been here?" She asked when he let her go and she finally managed to quench her thirst which was the reason why she was downstairs when it was still too early to be up and about, especially on a day like this.

"An hour."

"An hour?" She exclaimed. "It was only 7 o'clock! Did you even get some sleep before coming here?"

"Now that you mention it..."

He yawned.

"Stupid idiot. Go home and get some sleep!" She commanded as she looked over his tired countenance.

"But I want to see Misaki as soon as possible," he whined.

His words immediately caused her to blush.

"But if you really want me to get some sleep..." he added with a wicked smile.

"Uh-uh. Don't you dare ek! Put me down, Usui Takumi!" She cried out as she beat his chest, which had no effect on him whatsoever. Of course physically she could hardly hurt him being the alien that he was. With words, she knew she could, but she would never do that to him. "Where do you think you're taking me? Geez. I don't need this fuss so early in the morning!"

"Be quiet, Misaki," he commanded as he carried her upstairs.

'Oh no. What if...'

"Now what?" He asked when she became uncharacteristically quiet and stiff in his arms.

"Suzuna," she hissed. She didn't want to wake her sister, and she especially didn't want Suzuna to see them like this.

"She'll understand," he answered carelessly, causing her to mutter curses at him. "But if you're really worried..."

"Of course I am. And lower your voice, idiot," she whispered angrily. He just didn't understand how embarrassing it would be for her if Suzuna saw her in his arms like this.

"She went out. She said she and her friends were going somewhere I don't know," he finished, chuckling when her glare intensified.

"And you didn't tell me immediately and instead let me worry, you annoying outer-space alien," she said irritably. "And I said put me down."

"You want me to drop you in the floor?" He challenged.

"Do it and you're dead," she warned.

"Make up your mind, Misaki. First you want me to drop you, and then you don't want me to. Which is which?" He said as he pushed the door to her room open with his foot.

"How did you know this is my room? You've been stalking me even inside our house, haven't you?" She asked suspiciously.

"It's a secret," he answered with humour. "And here you go."


She glared at him as she bounced on her bed after being dumped unceremoniously.

"Let's get some sleep then," he said as he immediately joined her in bed. When she tried to leave, he caught her. "Where do you think you're going?"

"Away from you, you pervert!" She snapped as her heart beat erratically. The reality that they were alone in her own house in her own bedroom sunk inside her. It wasn't like it was the first time that she would be alone with him. It was the contrary. However, there was just something about him being in her bed with her that made a difference that she couldn't define. Add the fact of the way the physical intimacy between them had been progressing lately intensified her worry, worry that they might do something that they weren't ready for, especially since they hadn't seen each other for a week.

"Like I would let you," he answered as he pinned her on her own bed. "I've been good, you see. I waited until you woke up instead of coming here while you're asleep and defenceless. I should be rewarded for holding back," he murmured as he leaned close.

Because she couldn't pull away, and inwardly she didn't want to, she shut her eyes tight instead and waited for the inevitable. When moments passed and nothing happened, she opened one eye to peek at him, and blushed when she saw the very close proximity between their faces. She felt oddly shy when he smiled tenderly.

"I love you."

Her eyes widened in surprised even as her blush intensified at the unexpected declaration. She opened her lips to say something, but he stopped her by finally kissing her surprised lips. She froze at first, but immediately relaxed and kissed him back, her hand held his shoulder while the other tangled in his soft hair.

They kissed hungrily, their first for the start of the New Year. Their bodies were pressed hard on each other, each pulling the other closer.

Then abruptly, he pulled away. Her closed eyes opened to look at him questioningly. She became confused when she saw his wide eyes looking at her with shock.

"W-what?" She asked nervously, worried that she had somehow done something wrong.


Her frown deepened at his uncharacteristic stuttering.

"You're not wearing a bra," he finally said with a groan as he closed his eyes tightly.

Her eyes widened, before the ever present blush made appearance in her cheeks once more.

"H-how did you kn..."

'Of course.'

The way they were pressed against each other, it was easy to determine that the barrier that a bra provided was absent. Involuntarily, her hands made to cover herself, but since he was on top of her blocking the way, she could only shrink deeper on the bed.

She momentarily forgot their predicament when he groaned as if in pain.

"H-hey. Are you alright? What is umph!"

He surprised her once more when he pressed his lips on hers hard. She hadn't gotten over yet at his surprised attack when he did something more.

She stiffened.


Her mind went blank as he cupped her breast. That was the first time he did it without warning, discounting what happened that day when she woke up beside him with his hand on her breast. But what was more, she wasn't wearing a bra, thus he could feel everything despite the sweater. And when everything, it meant he felt it when her nipples became hard.

She gasped when he kneaded her breast, and unconsciously, her back lifted to push herself to him. It seemed to have encouraged him, because the one hand on her breast was joined by another.


A moan escaped her lips when he finally freed them to pepper open mouthed kisses on her jaw down to her neck.

She jerked when she felt the unmistakable hardness on her leg. Having felt it on several occasions, she felt elated and excited at his body's excitement, and at the same she was also scared. Would they be able to stop before things got out of hand?

She stopped worrying, or more like her mind went blank again, when he settled all of his body on top of her and unconsciously pushed and pulled his lower body against her repeatedly even as his warm lips enclosed a hard nipple amidst the sweater that covered her body. Her hands grasped his hair, tugging at it as electricity travelled inside her and settled on the most heated part of her body. Involuntarily, her body mirrored the movement of his lower half. The action elicited a whimper from her and a groan from him.

"Do it again," he groaned as he moved against her once more.

Her body obeyed his command automatically as she ground herself to him. The thrill that coursed through her body caused her to gasp. He responded by grinding against her harder, more purposeful, more seductive.

She thought she'd go deaf with the loud thudding of her heart as the excitement and arousal rose to fever pitch. There was just something that made her uncomfortable, though, especially with the way her body had become sensitive.

"W-wait, Takumi," she protested weakly, pushing him gently. She didn't want to make him stop, but she knew she had to. He'd regret it later if he hurt her.

He wasn't listening though, lost in the feel of being so close to her.

"W-wait...oh..." she repeated, but her faint voice didn't register to him. Or he was only ignoring her because of her tendency to protest about a lot of things, especially with the sounds of pleasure that escaped her lips. But who wouldn't voice out their pleasure when his hands were caressing her body, which despite the barrier of her clothing, still burned her with need. And the lips that had latched on her neck, which surely had made a mark already, were driving her crazy.


The pain she was feeling and the annoyance at his dismissal provided her the strength to at least gather a stronger voice, and a really strong voice at that.

"I said wait, idiot!"

He froze on top of her. She immediately felt guilty and slightly disappointed at the sudden distance between them. But some things needed to be said first.

"Um...sorry for yelling but..."

She stopped talking when suddenly he started shaking on top of her. At first, she was confused and concerned.

When he saw her confused state, he laughed out loud.

"As expected of you. Yelling at a time like this. I'd rather you yell for different reasons, though," he said with amusement.

"Sh-shut up! I've been trying to tell you that it's hurting..."

His mirth immediately died away when she mentioned the last word.

"What is it, Misaki?" He asked with concern as he quickly pulled away. She wanted to pull him back, but shyness won over.

"Um...I...your jeans, the button, the zipper...um..."

She looked away, too embarrassed to explain.

He looked at her, then down to his lower body, and then back to her, before realization hit him. His rough jeans including the button and zipper of his jeans, not to mention what had been awakened between his legs, were no doubt digging on her soft skin despite the protection provided by her pajama bottoms.

"Of course. That wasn't very thoughtful of me. Sorry to hurt you," he apologized as he immediately left the bed.

"It's not really uh..." she protested with alarm, thinking that she had hurt his feelings and he was leaving.

"Not really hurting you? Hmm...Could it be then that Misaki just wants to see me without my pants on? How sly," he teased.

"I...Don't put words into my mouth, idiot!" She snapped, the annoyance was back, combined with embarrassment.

"Okay then."

She watched with incredulity as his fingers unbuttoned his jeans. When he reached for the zipper, she caught herself and quickly covered her eyes.

"W-what do you think you're doing, p-pervert?"

"Do you want to do it for me?" He asked with a wicked grin.

"Pervert!" She yelled at him as she sat up and moved away. The bed was too small, however, so there wasn't really any distance made between them.

Her head spun with too many thoughts whirling inside. She felt a headache coming as she was unable to grasp to a single thought.

"You can look now."

She tensed when he touched her. She didn't fight when he pried her hands away from her face, but her eyes remained tightly shut.

"How cute. Do you want to be attacked like that?" He threatened as he leaned closed to her face.

At his words, her eyes flew open and she readied her body for defence. She remained on guard even when he didn't do anything, although her eyes perused him. He had taken off not only his jeans but also his sweater and shirt. He was now only wearing one piece of clothing.

It wasn't the first time that she saw his bare chest, which was heaving with heavy breathes at the moment. But the circumstance now was different from before.

Her eyes moved lower, and her blush promptly intensified. His legs looked strong, but those weren't what really caused her eyes to almost bulge out with surprised. This was the first time that she saw a male almost unclothed in front of her. And what was even newer was to see a male with a tent on his boxers. And to top it all, it was him, the male that awakened too many emotions from her, ranging from annoyance, thoughtfulness, to carnal emotions. She shuddered.

"Lucky you, my boxers don't have a zipper. Otherwise, I have to take it off, too," he said with a deep voice that broke her thoughts and made her looking at his face.

She attempted to glare at him, but couldn't muster an effective glare because she was blushing to the roots of her hair. Amidst the blush, confusion seeped in as she finally took a good look on his face.

'Is he blushing?'

Of course he was. The way that her eyes had raked his body made him feel a little bit shy as he waited for her reaction, hoping that she wouldn't be scared or disappointed. Thankfully, those things didn't happen. Her eyes, she might not be aware of it, had darkened with the obvious telltale sign of hunger, a different kind of hunger that made his hunger stronger.

Too busy thinking, she didn't notice when he moved. She only snapped out of it when his hand reached for her pajama.

"W-what are you doing?" She asked nervously, frozen on the bed.

"Tugging at your zipper. It might hurt me, too, you know," he complained with a pout.

"W-what? But I don't have a zipper in my..."

He tugged at the drawstring of her pajama.

"That's not a zipper, you pervert!" She exclaimed as she punched him. It didn't have an effect on him. He wasn't even listening to her as he pulled her pajama lower. Her hands immediately reached for her pajama and tried to pull it back, but he was stronger.

"T-Takumi..." she whimpered nervously. She knew that if he insisted, he would win the struggle.

He looked at her pleading eyes and smiled tenderly, before the smile turned wicked.

She eyed him warily, bracing herself for whatever he would do next.

"It's only fair, don't you think?" He asked with raised brow as he played with her drawstrings.

"It's not my fault that you're almost naked! Who told you to strip, anyway?" She exclaimed hotly.

"Aw...But didn't you say that my jeans are in the way?" He asked with a pout. But she was unaffected by his whining as she glared at him.

"And did you have to take everything off except that...that..."

"Boxer," he supplied playfully.

"Y-yeah. Idiot," she muttered with embarrassment.

"My sweater has a zipper. And my shirt, you didn't see it but it has invisible zipper, too," he explained teasingly, knowing that she was aware of his lies. He chuckled when her glare intensified. "So, can I take this off now?" He asked hopefully, tugging at her pajama bottoms once more. If she said no, then he would let her be. But there wasn't harm in trying, he believed.


She turned her head away from him.

"Do as you want."

She shut her eyes tight as she felt her pajama being pulled away from her body. Even when she heard the soft sound of the clothing being dropped somewhere, she refused to open her eyes and pressed her legs together. She didn't know what she would see in his face. She didn't know what she expected to see. She didn't know how she would react. And she didn't know why she had let him.

"Look at me..."

The gentle coaxing caused her to clench her eyes even tighter. She was nervous, embarrassed, and more.

There was silence. She wondered if she should open her eyes and see what was up with him.

"If you don't open your eyes, I'll take this off."

The playful warning and the tugged on the waistband of her underwear made her eyes snapped wide open.

"How obedient," he teased. Being playful helped him control the desire to touch and lavish with kisses the long legs exposed to his hungry eyes. While it wasn't the first time he had seen them, the knowledge that they were within his reach to touch and love was different.

"Don't you dare," she warned nervously. She looked at him with trepidation and underlying excitement. She wondered if she would be able to stop him if he wanted more. Most of all, she wondered if she really wanted him to stop.

"Didn't even dream of it," he said innocently, though they both knew it was a lie.

They locked themselves in a gazing contest, him playful and hungry, her nervous, worried and anticipating. When he broke his eyes from hers and looked lower, her hands automatically crossed on her chest.

"W-what are you looking at? I don't have zipper, button, or drawstring anymore, visible or otherwise," she snapped nervously as he eyed her sweater.

He didn't answer. Instead, he gave her the puppy eyed look which caused her to waver.

"I...No! D-don't be stupid!" She exclaimed as she tightened her arms around herself.

Again, he didn't answer. He just continued to give her his best puppy eyed look.

"Y-you know I don't have a bra, you pervert!"

She thought steam would come out of her face for blushing too much. Still, he wasn't giving up. He even made a sound that suspiciously sounded like a puppy whining. Her eyes widened.

"I...You're so persistent!"

She eyed his pleading slashed hopeful expression and then turned away.

"O-only my sweater?" She asked quietly, nervously. At the corner of her eyes, she saw his face brightened with hopefulness. "Do you promise?"

"Promise," he said finally.

"O-okay then."

She tensed even more as she waited for him to take off her sweater. Amidst the shyness and uneasiness, she was tempted to roll her eyes at his triumphant expression. She was also quite surprise to see his hands shaking as he reached for the hem of her sweater.

With their eyes locked, he raised her sweater. He didn't look down until the sweater was off her.



She couldn't help but snort at the quick transition of his expression from an excited look to a crestfallen look.

"You tricked me, Misaki," he whined as he eyed her camisole with loathing.

"Serves you right, pervert," she answered with humour, trying to fight off an intense blush. While she might still have something on, she might as well bare. The camisole was thin and outlined her body perfectly. "Keep your promise," she warned.

"Too bad," he said with disappointment. Though in truth, it was more than enough. It was all he could do to control herself from ogling the beautiful form in front of her. She looked sexy with her camisole and underwear on.

She squeaked when he spread her legs and burrowed his face on her crotch. Her mind went blank, before her brain caught up with what was happening and her face as well as her body caught on fire even as she turned to stone. She could only stare at the blond hair between her legs with shocked eyes.

'Is he seriously on my...he is...he's...he is...'

"I want to eat you alive," he groaned with pain, his voice muffled.

An unexpected moan escaped her lips.

'Talking with his mouth on...on...'

She was overcome with embarrassment and a barrage of unexpected pleasure. His words also prompted her to do something. With trembling hand, she gripped his hair.

"S-stop it...please..."

If he didn't stop now, she might not be able to try to stop him anymore. Taking off her clothes had increased the chance of moving further. Was she ready for it?

"Alright. That's enough for now," he said with a deep voice as he pulled away. It was all he could do not to taste her when he was so close to where her feminine scent was strongest. If he did, he'd probably never stop until he tasted all of her. He kneeled in front of her and then pulled her on top of his legs, straddling him. She put only a slight struggle before she rested her hands on his shoulders.

He held her waist and stared at her startled and worried eyes. He was breathing heavily, the strain of not doing more was a little too much for him. One taste. He wanted one taste. If he had opened his lips, he would have tasted her, even if not directly from the source. Her underwear was damp. It was damp!

"No good," he groaned as he hardened some more, if that was still possible. He was painfully hard as it was and he thought his boxers would rip from the pressure his hardness was applying. Add the fact that she was sitting on top of his hard on made it all the more difficult.


She was unaware of the internal battle that he was having. Her thoughts were more on the relief that he didn't insist on taking off her camisole. If he did, then her upper body would be totally bare like his.

But now she was strangely feeling unsatisfied.

'What the hell is wrong with me? What do I really want? Make up your mind, Misaki.'

She shut her eyes and tried to calm herself. It was futile. How was she going to calm down when she could feel every part of him despite her clothes? And what was more, their lower bodies were almost bare saved for thin piece of clothing that felt like they were not there as the heat of their bodies was palpable. The ripple of movements that their body created with every breath that they took was wreaking havoc on her senses. Her legs were parted to allow him space between. The most intimate part of him was touching the most sensitive part of her body, and any slight movement was causing a delicious friction.

When she opened her eyes, she was taken aback by the intense green eyes that met hers. She shivered, and he mirrored her body's involuntary movement.

"Can I touch you?"

Her eyes widened at his request. She nodded her head numbly, and watched as his shaking hand raised and tenderly cupped her face. The warmth of his hand felt good on her skin despite her skin already burning with desire. Unknown to her, her lips parted in anticipation of a kiss, and he didn't disappoint her. They shared a tender kiss that brought a lump in her throat with emotion. She knew she was loved, loved by the person in front of her. And she loved him back. Maybe not as strong as his, but it would be wrong to say that her love was weak. She loved him fiercely. It was just that despite his cold facade and nonchalant ways, he loved her more to the point of distraction. And he loved her first and was already in too deep before she learned and acknowledged her own feelings.

Wordlessly, she wound her arms around him and pulled him to her until their upper bodies were flushed together. And just like their lower bodies, their upper bodies were of the same state. Her soft chest was pressed against his hard chest.

With utmost care and gentleness, he kissed her until both of them thought they would explode with need for more. Soon, they both wanted more from each other, wanted to experience more that only they could give to each other.


Whoever had spoken, it wasn't important to know anymore because they had the same thought. And immediately, his movements became frenzied as he touched her, squeezing and fondling her aching breast with one hand while the other held her hips. She touched him back, but unlike him, she had the freedom to touch his skin as her hands caressed his exposed chest. When her fingernails raked his hard nipple, he groaned and pushed himself on her.

"That felt good..."

She repeated her action, just as he repeated his. But soon, her hands gave up touching him to cling to his shoulders. He was grinding into hers, his hardness rubbing on her most sensitive body part, causing pleasurable jolts inside her body. With a moan, she moved against him. They were clumsy at first, their movements sometimes uncoordinated, but it didn't affect them as they both learned along the way. To achieve coordination, both his hands held her hips and guided her movements.

Together, they moved. Both of them were mindless of the desire for each other as their movements increased in pace. It was the only thing they could do. If they shed anymore clothing, there would be no turning back, they both believed, so even if it almost felt like they were both bare, they didn't take off more. Having the skin to skin contact compared to almost skin to skin contact was different and they might not be able to hold back.

His hardness against her hot center evoked a more intense feeling that they had never felt before. Besides, there had never been a completion before when they had started being intimate. But now, they were both determined to reach that something.

Their body trembled with anticipation. Shyness was momentarily thrown out of the air. She let her hips take a mind of their own as she moved against him. They were rubbing on each other, the most intimate parts of their bodies sliding back and forth against each other, creating delicious tingles. She had never thought that this simple act of movement could provide intense pleasure. She was losing control. He was losing control. They were both losing control.

He leaned his forehead on her shoulders as he focused his desire-filled mind on not gripping her too hard. He feared losing all control. He feared that if he did, he would rip the thin clothing that separated them and he would find himself buried to her softness. That last thought only made his movements erratic, however. And she matched him. He panted and grunted with the strain and pleasure, while she moaned, whimpered and gasped.

Something was coming, she knew it. But whatever it was, she didn't know. She clutched his shoulders tight as pleasure became unbearable until the coil inside her finally exploded. Her eyes rolled back and her back arched as her body shuddered with pleasure.


As soon as she reached her released, he couldn't control his own anymore, especially when her dampness increased, soaking not only her underwear but his also. He was right behind her as he, too, arched his back and groaned her name.

It was minutes later that she opened her eyes. She felt lethargic, a different kind of lethargy. And despite the coldness of the air, she was covered in sweat. She felt sticky. All over. All the clothing remaining in her body clung to her skin.

She met his eyes that were watching her, and a tired and shy smile broke her lips.

"You're amazing," he whispered as he kissed her nose before he tightened his hug. During her momentary lapse of memory, he had laid them on the bed and pulled her flush against him.

To her consternation, her already red face reddened some more. She looked away shyly as she bit her lips to contain her smile. His praise made her really happy, and combined with the happiness of the events that had transpired earlier, she thought she would burst with all the emotions inside her.

Of course, he would destroy that shyness with his annoying teasing.

"But Misaki was really unfair. I'm the only one who's almost naked. I feel like I've been cheated into stripping."

"Sh-shut up. Who said about you taking off your clothes, anyway? And no, I don't have a zipper or a button or anything hard that could hurt you."

Her eyes widened when she realized that she had just given him an opening to tease her some more.

"But of course. I can't help turning hard because it's Misaki we're talking about. But I was under the impression that you were enjoying that hard thing. Besides, I'm always hard if it's you. If not, then we have a problem," he said with a chuckle.


"Seriously. You're amazing...And you're mine," he said seriously.

"I know."

Surprisingly, she didn't refute him. And it was true. There would be no other person who would touch her like he did. And he would be the only person who could do more than touching. And there would be no other person who would make her feel like he did and more.

"You're mine, too, you know," she mumbled shyly.

"Of course."

Without looking at his face, she knew he was grinning happily.

"No matter what happens," he said as he cradled her in his arms.

She nodded. Of course. There would be no escaping the inevitable hardship that they would face in the future. They needed to face it. But despite the impending separation, they knew that they would always be together in their hearts. Besides, they wouldn't be separated forever. It would only be for a time so that they could pave way for a happy and better future for them.

"Such a nice start of the year. I wish I could always have my girlfriend in my arms like this," he said wistfully.

She agreed silently. But there was something that nagged her mind.

"B-but are you really okay with this? We didn't...you know...didn't...all the way...And my clothes...and..." she stopped her worried babbling when he placed a finger on her lips.

"It is enough. In fact, it is more than enough. We're not in a hurry, are we? What happened is special. True, there is more. And that is even more special. But there will be time for that in the future, right?"

She nodded with a blush as she held him. Her heart swelled with love for him. He was right. This was more than enough. The first completion that they had. It was enough.

"My beautiful Misaki," he said huskily, one hand lifting to tuck the stray hairs on her face.

"I'm not," she protested out of reflex, though her heart did a little dance at his words.

"And remember. This perverted outer-space alien would never let anyone touch what is his. Even if I'm away. I will hunt down anyone who would dare," he added with a fierce voice at the thought of other men touching her.

She glared at him, but nodded nonetheless.

"Like I would let anyone do that to me," she said with conviction. "Or to you," she added, remembering all the girls that were fawning at him.

He laughed, a happy and contented laugh, and she had to marvel at him. He was happy, so very happy that it seemed to brighten the room. No doubt the future hardships that they were going to face were shoved away in his mind.

'Right. This is not the time to worry about those things. There will be time for that sooner than we like.'

Imitating his carefree attitude, she smiled, and moved even closer to him if that was possible. She thought about her life before him and when she met him. She was the girl who used to hate men with vengeance. But with him, specially enclosed in his arms, she wasn't the same girl anymore.

'But I still hate those annoying and disgusting boys!'

She started to fume at the thoughts of the annoying habits of a lot of boys she knew. Then a thought crossed her mind, and she fidgeted with worry.

"What's wrong this time?" He asked, feeling her uneasiness.

She inwardly cursed. It was flattering that he knew her like she had never expected anyone would know her. However, it was also annoying at times because she could never keep things from him.



She hesitated.

Sensing her hesitation to voice out her concern, he rubbed soothing circles at her back.

"I'm just thinking..."

There was another pause. They had this conversation before, but still...

"Takumi, are you sure about me? I scream a lot, and complain a lot. And I'm..."

Before she could continue saying negative things about herself, he cut her off.

"Don't worry. Soon, you would be screaming for a different reason, a totally different reason," he said playfully, and laughed when she sputtered in indignation.

She promptly stopped sputtering angry words at him when she felt something. Heat crept in her face and her already calm heart started beating erratically.

"I could hardly wait for the real thing. To be buried deep inside Misaki," he continued, and shook at the thought of being buried to the hilt to her softness.

She trembled also as images flooded her mind. He was pleasantly shocked when a needy moan escaped her lips.

"It would be beyond amazing, for sure. Ah, damn it. I should stop talking about this now," he groaned painfully as he turned harder. She felt it too. And when she did, her body involuntarily rubbed against him.


She closed her eyes when he moved, matching her body's movements.

"I'm what?" He asked huskily, not stopping his movements, fanning the desire inside her that was ever at the surface, especially after what just happened between them.

"I...I'm...Ta...Takumi ah..."

"Really Misaki. Don't ask stupid questions again. You're stuck with me no matter what. I know it's hard and very selfish of me, but we will get through it, right?" He asked, looking at her eyes with a serious look, stopping his movements. His lips lifted with masculine pride when she whimpered with protest.

"Yes. I will wait for you. I trust you, Takumi...I love you...so much," she said with conviction, all stuttering gone. Her brows furrowed when he looked away from her and buried his face in her hair. "Takumi..."

She tried to move away, fighting him when he resisted. Her eyes widened when she saw something that she never thought she would see from him. Gingerly, she touched a dainty finger on the single tear that fell from his eye.

"I know it's hard. But shouldn't you be worried about t-that other hardness that's been poking me," she said in a playful but bashful voice, wanting to divert his attention to something else. She smiled at the surprised laugher that tore from his lips.

"Ayuzawa Misaki, you're really amazing," he said reverently. Hearing her declaration at this time was a balm to his tormented soul.

"And you're a pervert," she retorted with mocked grimace.

He laughed again, growing louder when she squeaked in surprise at finding herself suddenly under him.

"That's why you love me," he teased and she rolled her eyes.

"Really a pervert, idiotic outer-space Takumi," she repeated, and wiped the smirk in his lips by covering it with hers. Together, they shared a gentle sweet kiss as they welcomed the changes in their life, facing the New Year and their future with stronger bond.




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