"Professor, please?"

"Ace, I've already built a new tape deck for you…"

"That was also a camera to spy on any enemy ships in Earth's atmosphere."

"Well yes, but that was…"

"Besides, this is really rad. I mean look at it, it's…"

"Standard everyday technology for the early Twenty-First century."

"Please? I mean, it's not like I ask for anything else."


"Hey, you owe me! I mean, for taking me back to that house? Making me lose my faith in you?"

"Yes, but…"

"All I ask for is something to enjoy while we travel. I mean the TARDIS is fun and full of things, but still…"


"Please Professor?"

The Doctor sighed as he looked at Ace's "please-let-me-have-it-cause-you're-my-best-friend" look.

"Fine," he said, picking up the iPod case. "But this means that I'm not buying any more materials for your explosives for a few weeks."

Ace smiled. "Deal."