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Darkness's Salvation

Chapter 1

After he gave Jenny the synthetic skin he was finally able to complete, instead of deep depression, he feels more enlightened for he was able to save a very precious child from endless misery that he usually feels when he often remembers the state his in.

Peyton Westlake thought as he reminisce the development of the past months. It as been nearly half a year since that incident and yet he wonders if he would feel being appreciated and cared for again. It was the only time that he felt that he mattered and did something special, not to mention being accepted after the event that forced him to become Darkman.

He was nowhere near in completing his work than before, although he was able to move on a new level on his skin, he wasn't able to complete it. If in the past he's synthetic skin was able to hold up after 99 min. and 99 seconds now the skin can hold up in 3 hours giving him more time to prowl the streets and keep an eye on danger.

And speaking of danger, Peyt was broken from his reverie when his alarm censors sounded "INTRUDER ALERT". He looks at his monitor screen and saw an intruder leaning on the walls for support before dropping on the ground. From the angle his watching he can't tell for sure if it's a girl or a man or even if it's a trapped to lure him out from his hiding place like before. But the doctor inside him is still strong and the call to heal is urging him to see if the intruder is indeed hurt.

With a grunt he strode to the door and into the intruder. When he was on his way to the intruder he noticed the blood painted on the walls, definitely that wasn't there before, it seems that the intruder is indeed hurt. But he was not sure if the who it was and how did he arrive on his place, he wondered if there are people waiting for him to show ready to jumped on him but from his enhanced senses the only thing in the tunnel with him is the faint stirrings coming from the injured person before him.

Once that Peyt was sure that nobody is there ready to jumped at him once he showed up, he kneeled and examine the person, when he reached out he can tell that the person was bleeding badly and that there is already an amount of blood had been lost. He turned the intruder to see on what is the extent of his injuries. After he turned the person he was shocked at what he saw.

"It's a woman."

To be continued…