Darkness' Salvation Chapter Five

He was by something but his fogged mind was not helping him focus, his thought was still in the dream that has resided in his subconscious since the incident, and yet there was something different. but the dream is already fading as his mind starts to function properly then the cause for his to awaken made itself known.

His guest for the past week seems to be trashing in her sleep probably because of a nightmare. She has proven herself strong. In the days when her body is burning from fever and infections, she struggled and fought for her life, and now that the danger had passed her body only needed rest to recover, everyday she's getting better, her color is returning, and she seems to get more beautiful as the day goes by!!!

Peyton stop that particular train of though as he search his scientific mind on how that particular though came for the hundredth time since he helped the woman. And for the hundredth time he told himself that it's just an admiration for her strength, that combined with the fact its good to take care of someone, it has been a long time since he felt like a real doctor again. Of course there's also the reason that his patient is a fellow doctor but a beautiful one as well.

"Damn." Peyton said.


The dream is already fading and with it came a voice, a softly accented voice soothing her that she found oddly comforting, she was able to relax gradually she was able to focus and open her eyes.

To say Kathleen was surprised to see a handsome man with hazel eyes gazing at her was a vast understatement.

All her life she wanted to meet the man whose vast knowledge in surgery, burns and synthetic skin had inspired in taking this career, but before she met him, he was killed in an accident in his lab. at least that was what the news said.

But now the man of her dreams is standing over her with the warmest gaze and the softly accented voice asking her if she were all right. She vaguely wondered if she was still dreaming.

Peyton was getting uncomfortable with the way his patient is staring at him. And she is still yet to respond to his inquiries, maybe she suffered a head trauma, sometimes there is no knowing that until the patient's regain consciousness or.

"Dr. Peyton Westlake." Kathleen finally whispered.

He stared at her a momentary panic settled into his beautiful eyes, before the shutter came and just a neutral expression adorned his face.

How can this woman know who I possibly 'am. Was she a spy?

'No.' Peyton though to himself, he could see real confusion and awe in her eyes. such an expressive eyes. her midnight blue eyes should be able to hide her emotions but instead it's open like an open book that makes her easy to read.

"How. the news, s-said that you died in the accident at you lab. How can." Kathleen asked.

"Please, calm down you suffered a very serious wound."


"Don't you remember anything that happened to you" Peyton asked.

"Um. yes the gun shots, I-I was shot."

"Good, I manage to pull out the bullet in your stomach and that was your major injury, although there are bruises sporting you body as well."

"I understand. By the way I'm Dr. Kathleen Hal, burns specialist" Kathleen said by the way of a introductions. She saw how that statement took him aback, but then he quickly overcame it.

"Good, you're a doctor. Then you know the drill about your case, please try to take some rest, I will see you again later." Giving a small smile, he left.

Kathleen noticed that he didn't introduced himself to verify whether or not he is who she though he is. But the shock of seeing that man and the exhaustion of talking even for a short time, testimony how weak she still is, she fell asleep thinking of hazel eyes and soothing voice.


Trying to ease his troubled mind Peyton walked through the darkened streets of the city, extending his senses for trouble with inhuman capacity. Through the years he had learned how to use his senses in a way no normal could ever do, in this way he could usually eased his troubled thoughts. With the implant last year which proved to be fatal produced a miraculous result, he can now feel through his skin although only a little but each day through extensive practice and patience, it's growing.

He could now feel the breeze as it passes by but not the coldness it brings, or the warmth of the sun, it has been ages since he felt those little things that became important to him now.

But now, nothing seems to work in easing his mind with the chaotic thoughts racing in his brain. Thoughts of midnight blue eyes.

His thoughts were interrupted when he picked up a heated discussion, through one if the abandoned buildings in the area.

He was about to interfere when he caught what they are saying.

". damn it!, Where could that girl be!?" said a male voice.

" This is all your fault! We wouldn't lose her if it wasn't for your stupidity, now the boss is really pissed." Answered by an accented voice.

"Don't worry the Hal doctor was shot, she wouldn't last long. at least long enough to talk. let's get out here."

"Yeah, this place gives me the creeps, what kind of low life could actually live here anyway."

By the time Peyton arrive at the scene the men where already gone.

'So they're looking for his beautiful patient.' Peyton thought grimly.