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This week's request is from KeidaHattori! As far as summary goes . . . let's just say here is Claude's third allergy, and leave it at that. I don't want to ruin this one with a summary beforehand XD

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Finally . . . after so much time lusting after it, craving it, seeking any taste he could possibly get from it . . . it was in his hands, his to keep, his to eat, devour . . .

Ciel's soul was finally his to hold.

Idly he glanced down at the body at his feet. He'd done nothing to harm it; there had been no need to. He had merely torn the soul right out of the former Earl, and now he clutched it in his hands, perfectly intact and just as beautiful as the boy himself. Claude smiled gently at the thing in his grip, running his thumb across it in a gross form of a caress. The soul shook in response, disgusted even in this form . . . but it could do nothing but squirm. The demon could not resist a smirk at that thought; this time, he was completely in power. Sebastian nor Ciel could do nothing to stop him.

He lowered his head to the soul in his hand, licking it to test the flavor. Ah, it was so delectable . . . so delectable that his throat tightened and he could hardly breathe after that one little taste. He could hardly wait to fully devour it . . .

Who was he kidding, he didn't have to wait! Sure, he wanted to savor it, keep the taste lingering for as long as possible, but . . . the soul was right there, and he had waited so long to get it. Why should he have to wait even longer? That was hardly fair, and he was starving, in any case. This would be a filling meal.

With a sly grin he lifted the soul above his head, holding it delicately with his thumb and pointer finger. He tilted back his head, opening his mouth wide and revealing his sharp fangs for the soul to see . . . and then he dropped the meal into his mouth, filling him with the sharp taste of what he considered to be his form of heaven.

He held the soul there, in his mouth, for just a moment, reveling in the thick taste of it. Ah, what a sense of accomplishment he felt . . . having this soul all to himself, and Sebastian could only think of how it would taste. He would never know for himself. Claude was much smarter than that filthy second-rate demon, in any case. He had been brilliant enough to nab the soul before anyone even realized it.

Unfortunately, he could only hold the meal in his mouth for so long before he knew he had to swallow; there was still the chance that Sebastian would show up and try to take the soul back. Best to eat it before anyone could try to claim it again. He began to swallow, his stomach rumbling anxiously—

Unexpectedly Claude's throat began to tighten, squeezing in before he could fully swallow the soul. Slowly the demon raised a hand to his throat, wondering why he suddenly couldn't breathe and why the soul seemed stuck halfway down. It was probably just being stubborn, of course . . . that had to be it . . .

But then he began to choke, the breath completely leaving his lungs and leaving him gasping fruitlessly. The soul squirmed out of his throat and mouth, desperately trying to find its way back to the body it belonged to. Claude assumed that the soul leaving would fix the problem; he'd probably just swallowed it the wrong way, if that was even possible . . .

But no, if anything, his throat tightened even more, until he could take in no more air at all . . .

What the hell; was he . . . allergic to this particular soul?

This thought was the last one that went through Claude's mind before the lack of air affected his brain and he passed out, slumping to the ground next to the other body lying there.

By the time Ciel sat back up, soul back in place, the allergic reaction had killed the demon . . .

Needless to say, Ciel was quite proud of himself.


. . . And there you have it, Claude's third allergy: Ciel's soul~

I personally started laughing when I saw this request; I was looking forward to doing this one for quite a long time, and I hope I did justice to it! Thank you so much for the brilliant idea 3

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