Melissa would never...

No one could see,

Her eyes were wide, and they had something behind them.

Something no one could see.

Every night she sat on a city bench…..waiting.

Melissa Morris was the child of creativity. Her father was a famous novelist, and Melissa was following in his footsteps.

Only writing was not enough for the beautiful blonde.

She had a taste for something stronger. She yearned for it like whiskey or maybe cocaine.

Sometimes she even licked her lips as she waited.

And no one would ever expect pretty and sweet Melissa Morris as the one who would draw the blood of victims.

Not her father, Neil, not her mother, and not even her fiancé, Wheeze. She had the perfect look for deception.

Bright-eyed and a hardworking English student,

No one knew that when the sun went down, Melissa Morris was on the streets, waiting for someone to step off the path of the well-lit streets, and walk just beyond the small line of trees.

Melissa was always dressed ordinary, wearing her favorite red coat and her smile wider than ever.

It would only take one minute for her to end the victims' life, male or female was irrelevant. As long as she soothed the feeling inside her.

Writing was brilliant, but it just couldn't do it anymore.

Melissa Morris needed the feeling of satisfaction.

She needed to calm the desire that made her live.

Swiftly behind her victim… stroke of the razor-thin knife… was perfectly silent….nothing would happen…..and then the blood would spill….so neatly that she would not let a drop near her.

The police found every single body, but they never found her.

Because no one would suspect Melissa Morris,

The English major with the wonderful smile, who was on her way to becoming the next great American novelist, quick-witted and accomplished, loved and nurtured, mature and intelligent.


Would you suspect Melissa Morris?