The romantic music continued as Marcie sang softly in Michael's ear.

"Mmm... That's nice. I love listening to you sing." Michael said. "You should have been up there onstage with Midnight Logic. You have a gorgeous voice."
Marcie laughed. "Thanks, but like Riley would really let me join his band."

"Sure he would. He's right over there. Why don't you go ask-."

Marcie gasped. "Oh my God!"
"Sweetie, what is it? What happened?" Michael asked fearfully.

"Oh Michael, I can't believe it!" her voice was almost childlike.

Michael searched the room. "What are you talking about, Marcie?"
"Over there! Look!" She pointed across the room to Jen and Riley who were dancing to the music, sharing an intimate set of kisses.

"Wow!" Michael exclaimed. "How in the heck did that happen?"

Suddenly he looked at Marcie and his eyes narrowed. "Marcie... Are you responsible for this?" He playfully touched his nose to hers.

"No! Well, okay maybe I gave Jen and Riley a few hints along the way but isn't it so romantic?"

Michael smiled and leaned down to kiss her. "You're so romantic."

Marcie looked at Jen and Riley again. "Hey Michael... What do you say I grow my hair long and dye it blonde like Jen's?"

"No. That's not a good look for you." Michael said matter of factly.

"Oh..." Marcie said, stung by Michael's words.

Michael smiled as he took her face in his hands and kissed her. "Marcie I love you... Just the way you are."

The End.