This is just a short oneshot that decided to invade my mind and keep me awake. If I get enough positive comments on it, or if the idea develops any further, I might make it into a whole story. Ya know…with chapters. So hope you like it. It contains Pride!Ed. And possibly a Brotherly!Envy. Scary, isn't it? : )

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Pride awoke, blinking his empty golden eyes sleepily. Strange thoughts whirled through his mind from the rapidly fading memories of the dream he had been having. It was strange; Envy had told him that Homunculi couldn't dream. All the same though, he had, and it had been about a boy in a suit of armor and a girl with blond hair and bright blue eyes. Later, the armor boy had a body and a face, but Pride just couldn't quite remember it now. Sometimes…it was just so…hard…to…concentrate.

In a moment, all the memories of his dreams were banished. He sat quietly, trying his hardest to remember what had just been on his mind. It was hopeless though. After a time, Pride gave up and sat motionlessly on the floor of his small room, staring blankly into space. That was how Envy found him.

"Yo, pipsqueak!" the elder yelled. Pride looked up, startled out of whatever daydreams he'd been having by the loud noise. Envy scowled. It would get boring really fast if the New Pride kept this up. He didn't even react to short comments!

"C'mon. We've got to get moving. You and I are headed out today." Envy said with a sadistic smile.

"Headed…out? Where?" Pride questioned.

"To wreak some havoc. It what we homunculi do best, after all. You've been here nearly a week; time to do your part." As the elder spoke, his smirk had changed to a scowl. When Pride didn't make any move to get up from the floor Envy let out an audible growl, stomped over to him, and kicked him in the ribs. Pride let out a little "oomph!" sound, but didn't do anything else.

"I said we're leaving." Envy spat, pulling him up off the floor. "What are you, stupid or something?"

Pride didn't answer him, just stared up at the emerald haired man with wide, almost surprised eyes. His mouth opened slightly, and a quiet noise escaped. "…Sorry." He murmured to the shocked Envy. They stared at each other for a long moment, before Envy grabbed the smaller boy's arm and yanked him to his feet.

"Let's just get going." He muttered.

As they were leaving, a quiet voice was heard from a nearby room. "Treat your little brother nicely, Envy." Lust called in a half-serious, half-mocking tone. Envy stiffened, but continued on in silence. Pride followed obediently behind him. He, however, had heard the comment, and it had stick inside his head. It echoed around for a bit, before he finally managed to find the words to express his thoughts.

"Envy is…my…brother?" he questioned as they went down the back allies to avoid any humans.

"No, you shrimp! I am not your brother." The Homunculus growled at the little blonde. But it was too late. The idea had gotten into Pride's head, and even though the tattooed Homunculus had no memories or even the same personality as the person he had been made to replace, he did have Ed's stubbornness.

"Hey, Brother, what exactly…are we going…to do out…here?" he questioned Envy as he looked around himself. They were nearing a small army base on the outskirts of town, and Pride was getting more and more confused about the whole ordeal.

"I am not. Your. Brother." Envy said through his teeth. Then he regained his composure and explained. "As I said before, we're going to cause some mayhem. You know, kill a few people and the like." A wide smirk spread across his face at the look on Pride's. It wasn't shock or reluctance that covered the blonde's features. His golden eyes were still empty and that revolting innocence still made itself known, as it was practically radiating from every pore in his small body. The look on his face was acceptance and total trust. Maybe a bit of confusion and surprise lay somewhere, hidden behind the eyes, but if it was there, Envy couldn't find it.

"What? You're not gonna protest, runt?"

"No. If Brother…says…then it must…be the right…thing we…must do." Pride said calmly, looking up at Envy with a naïve expression on his face. Although the comment in itself didn't really make a lot a sense, Envy understood what was being said. The once-Fullmetal Pipsqueak-turned-Homunculus would do whatever Envy told him to.

"This could be fun." Envy thought as he led Pride onward. Soon they reached the fort. As Envy took out the first few men, he noticed that Pride had hung back.

"What wrong?" the older Homunculus questioned the younger as he killed a man without looking at him.

"I…I just don't…know…how to." Pride said quietly, an odd expression upon his face. Envy stared at the blonde for a long moment. In the background, he could hear people shouting.

"It's just like exterminating a bunch of cockroaches." Envy informed Pride, but the latter just shook his head slowly. He scuffed his foot against the ground a couple times and traced the tattoos on his abdomen absently. As he looked at his younger charge, Envy felt a strange feeling somewhere in the pit of his stomach that he couldn't quite name. He tried in vain for a second, and then simply named it as not-hate, and not-resentment. "Fine. Sit this one out." Envy sighed as he turned back to the job at hand.

From behind him, so quiet he almost missed it, Pride said "Thanks…Brother."

Envy pretended like he hadn't heard, but even he couldn't hide the small smile that tugged at his lips as the not-hate made itself known once again, even stronger this time.

When the slaughter was over with, Envy ran at full tilt, pulling the blonde runt along behind him. It wasn't that he was afraid. In fact, he was anything but. Envy was exhilarated; it was a certain high that came to him whenever he went on a killing spree just for fun. Pride however, seemed to be more withdrawn than usual. Seeing that had shocked him, although by his blank eyes, no one would have ever been able to tell. Except, of course, for the small droplet of water that made its way down his cheek.

Envy slowed suddenly, causing Pride to run straight into him. "Hey! Watch it." He said, turning on Pride, the maniacal grin still in place. It slipped off though when he saw Pride. "Err…." He said intelligently when nothing else came to mind.

Pride just blinked slowly, and didn't wipe away the tear he didn't realize was there. "Yes…Brother?" he asked inquisitively.

"Is something…um…bothering you?" Envy finally managed to choke out, not used to such words that conveyed caring.

"Oh. Well…it's just that… I was surprised…by Brother's…actions." Pride said in his slow, quiet voice.

Envy was shocked to see a flicker of emotion in the boy's normally empty eyes. It was one of horror and pain from some far off memory that Envy knew the new Homunculus couldn't fully remember. The two Homunculi stared at each other, eyes locked. Envy felt that unusual feeling again. He was finally able to find a word for it; affection. He suddenly looked away, feeling horrified. He was a Homunculus for Pete's sake! He wasn't supposed to have feelings other than resentment and hate! But as he looked again at the shaking form of the small boy he had so resented as the Fullmetal Alchemist, he realized that, whether he liked it or not, he did feel that rush of affection.

With a tiny smile, Envy remembered that, when he was truly a human, Pride was his half-brother. Whether or not it was still so, he wasn't sure.

"I wonder if I will ever rid myself of these feelings." He thought, somewhat bitter. Then he leaned down and scooped up the trembling boy in his arms. There was a little gasp, and then a sob tore itself from Pride's throat as the images from Envy's killing spree danced across his mind, as well as strange, almost frightening flashes of armor, red stones, and blue military uniforms.

"What is…happening to…me?" Pride wondered as the steady movement of his 'brother's' walk calmed him and lulled him to a dream-like state.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, Envy whispered "I won't make you witness something like that again, not until you're ready."

"Thank you…brother." Pride whispered back.

Envy stiffened; obviously he had thought that Pride was already asleep. "Whatever, shrimp." He said, a little louder.

"Don't…call me…small." The short blonde growled out, too tired to be threatening.

The last thing Pride heard before his eyes closed and sleep took over was Envy's quiet chuckle.

"Huh. Maybe this will turn out more interesting than I had originally thought." Envy murmured as his little brother slept contentedly in his arms.

"Strange, how even those considered by many to be evil and who claim to hate humans, can sometimes show their human side, too." Truth said, as it observed from far away. Mortal beings could be so very amusing. With that, he turned away from the new brothers to collect his fares from another mortal.