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Chapter 1

An as yet unnamed planet

'Damn,' the man sitting before the fire thought, 'five cursed years I've spent on this dustball, with just a defective Cylon as company. I just hope the fleet is still alive and still on her way to the 13th tribe.'

Suddenly the man looked up. There in the sky a strange light was visible and it looked like something was plunging through the atmosphere at a very high speed.

'Strange. That would be the first comet I've seen since I crashed on this planet,' the man thought while watching the light which was growing faster and faster by the second. 'Damn...Looks like it'll hit the surface not too far from here.'

He quickly hurried to his equipment tent, where he'd put all the usable things he'd been able to salvage from his Viper and the Cylon fighter. He opened one of the boxes and pulled out some protective gear and one of the spare magazines he had for his gun. Quickly he put the clothing on and strapped his weapon belt around his hip. 'Damn, looks like the belt needs a new hole again.'

He left the tent again just in time to see whatever it was come crashing down a few kilometers to the north. Strangely, just a small dust cloud was thrown up into the air by the impact. No explosions, nothing.

Now he was curious and he just had to see what had crashed or landed there. He just hoped that it wasn't anything from the Cylon Empire.

"Hey Cyl, are you coming with me to check that out?" he called into the dark.

A moment later a strange red light lit up. It seemed to constantly wander from left to right and back again. A strange metallic sounding voice replied, "Affirmative."

"Good. Then let's go and see what decided to visit Dustball and us," the man said and started the trek to the crash/landing site to the north.

A long march later the man and the being called Cyl neared the point of the crash/landing. What they found was a strange pyramid type ship that had crashed into one of the tallest mountains. Most of the ship was intact, but a lot seemed badly damaged and there were dead bodies everywhere. He had never seen anything like it in his life and it did not seem to be Cylon in nature.

"Ever seen anything like it before Cyl?" he asked, turning to his Cylon companion.

"Negative. Scans show the ship is constructed from a metal not known to the Cylon Empire," Cyl replied.

The crash may have damaged the Cylon, but a lot of his sensors were still working. It had helped him find food and viable drinking sources in the five years he had been stranded here. He guessed in the end he should be thankful that he at least had someone to talk to, even if it was a Cylon. He was alive and as long as he was alive, he had hope.

He began climbing the mountain so that he could take a closer look at the wreck and see if there was anything he could salvage or use. He also wanted to see if anyone might have survived the crash. Cyl followed him as best as he could. Within the next half hour they found nothing, but dead bodies and smashed pieces of the ship. Eventually they found a way inside the bigger part of the ship, which was still intact.

"Ok, this ship is really strange," he mused to himself. "These markings on the wall look familiar, but why carve them into the ship?" he asked himself.

He continued to move on and checked the various bodies he found. None were alive so far. He guessed the crash had been very bad. He found things that looked like weapons, as well as supplies all over the place. With these he might survive a lot longer now, if he could work out how to use them.

They moved deeper into the wrecked ship and they found more bodies in various states, all clearly showing that their deaths had been painful and at times sudden. He was beginning to get the feeling that this was a warship of some kind, considering the amount of weapons on board. As he turned the corner into what looked like a cargo bay, he came to a complete stop, causing Cyl to almost walk into him.

In front of him was a huge circle like portal made of a very strange material. It looked vastly different to anything he had seen before. In front of the portal stood what looked like a control device for it. He moved over to it and examined it and was even more confused, as he saw more symbols on the panels. They looked as if each was a key to somehow activate the portal. He didn't dare risk using it, as he didn't know how it worked, so he left Cyl to try and decode it and continued his search.

He eventually came to what looked like the bridge. At the far back was what looked like a throne for the captain of the ship. It was decked out with odd symbols and decoration. A cough from the side made him quickly move to the right and look behind a central control panel. There he found someone who was still alive. He was badly wounded, but he was moving.

"Are you alright?" he asked, as he knelt down. He startled the man who tried to pull a strange looking weapon on him, but he easily disarmed him and held his hands up. "I'm not a threat to you. I saw your vessel crash and came to see if anyone survived," he explained his presence. "So far you're the only one I've found," he added. He winced a little, as the wounded man looked ill at this news.

"We were attacked by a ship we have never encountered before. Its weapons tore through our shields easily," the man growled, before he coughed badly. "It was like two giant circle plates joined together. It launched fighters which easily outstripped our gliders," he added.

The Colonial sighed as he recognized the description of a Cylon basestar. Clearly the Cylons were either still active in this area or this basestar was tracking Galatica's course. So much had happened since he ended up stuck here. It was hard to know what had happened after he left the ship. It was possible that Galatica had destroyed the basestar which attacked it and so a new one had been dispatched, but then why would it take the Cylons so long to send another ship, he asked himself.

"Can you move?" he asked, once he finally turned his attention back to the man on the ground, who weakly nodded in return.

He helped the man to stand, taking in the amour he wore and the militaristic bearing he had. It was clear to him that this man was a soldier, just like most of the people on this ship had been. That gave him some idea what kind of ship this was and what it said about the people who created and crewed it. He would have to be careful. He helped the man all the way back to where he had left Cyl.

The man he had found seemed relieved to see that the portal was intact and had survived the crash and he himself wondered why. What was this thing?

"Can we use this to escape?" he asked, turning to the man.

The man simply nodded and began to hit certain keys after moving Cyl out of the way. Our 'local' noted the look of doubt and confusion that crossed the man's face, as he looked at the Cylon. Clearly he didn't know the ship that had shot them down was filled with beings just like Cyl. As the man punched buttons he was ravaged by another coughing fit and mistimed a hit without noticing. Weakly, he hit the last button before collapsing to the floor, blood now covering his face as well. The Colonial warrior could only watch in awe as the portal activated in a glowing light. It was a sight unlike any he had seen before and would never forget.

"I am done for. Go through the portal," the man said.

"Is there nothing that can be done?" the warrior asked, not really wanting to leave him here.

"No, my wounds are too great. Go," the man responded. "I have lived a good life, this is my time to die," he added with a small smile, which slowly slipped off his face and he fell to the floor.

He quickly checked the pulse, but found the man was dead. He sighed sadly before he stood up again and ran into the portal, hoping against hope it would take him somewhere safe. Cyl followed as quickly as he could. The experience was not something he could describe, but the end was painful, as he was shot out of the portal at break neck speed and hit an ice wall hard enough to almost knock him out.

He managed to roll away, as Cyl came out only to see him smash against the wall even harder. The body of the Cylon hit the ground and did not move and he groaned as he realized that hitting the wall might have compromised the exposed circuits of the Cylon badly enough to knock him offline. He was on his own now, as he doubted he would be able to repair the thing.

A while later

He had searched most of the base he seemed to be in, and found it abandoned. The whole base looked like it had been put into a kind of stasis eons ago.

He could really have used the help from Cyl now, but sadly, Cyl hadn't survived the crash against the ice wall, just as he had feared, and with no spare parts he couldn't do anything about that.

The strange thing about this base was that the language he found here and there looked exactly like the old script they had found in the temple ruins on the planet Kobol. Sadly, only Commander Adama and his daughter Athena could read those. So he was either in a very old base from even before the exodus from Kobol or in something the 13th tribe had built on their way to their new home.

A few hours later

Now he had searched the whole base and except for a few things, there wasn't really much. He had sat down in a strange chair for a moment and just as he had sat down, it and several screens had activated. Surprised, he had jumped out of the chair again and all screens had gone blank again.

Curious as he was, he had sat down again a few moments later. He studied the displays for a while and even if he couldn't read the language, he deduced that it was some kind of defensive platform. Sadly that didn't really help him at the moment, because slowly he started to become hungry.

This had lead to searching the rest of the base, but he hadn't found anything edible and now he stood in the last room, which looked like it had once been a hangar or something like that. In the last slot he found something he would guess to be a shuttle or similar.

He searched for nearly 10 minutes before he figured out how to open it. Sadly, the rear hatch didn't open up completely and so he had to crawl through the small opening into the shuttle.

Here he was lucky, if you could call it luck. In one of the compartments he found something that looked nearly like their fleet rations. Slowly he tried to eat some and yes...they even tasted like their fleet rations. Looks like those were a universal constant, but they helped him fight off his hunger.

He looked around a bit more and after a few moments he sat down into the pilot seat and like in the other chair before, displays and other things powered up.

"Damn, I wish I could read this," he said loudly to himself.

And suddenly the old script turned into Colonial Basic.

Surprised, he looked at all the displays and because the ship had seemed to hear him before, he said. "Is there a manual on how to operate this shuttle?"

Suddenly a file opened on the main display and he started to read.