Chapter 4

(Somewhere near Sunnydale)

The being was frustrated. He wanted to keep an eye on his charge and his friends, but since they had entered that damned town, he couldn't see a thing. Something about this town blocked his view and didn't feel right at all. His only choices now were to try to overpower whatever it was or to keep quiet and trust that Starbuck or Face, as he was now known, would come out of this without any help. Sadly the first option would alert every higher being on this world and it was far too early for that. He'd already stretched the rules placed on him quite far and so he had to swallow his own pride and wait and hope.


(Sunnydale, Warehouse of Rory Harris)

"Because I might need it?" Rory answered sheepishly.

Face looked at him as if he were crazy and asked, "Are you sure you aren't related somehow to Murdock? And where the hell did you get it? It was only introduced to the Army a few weeks ago."

Rory grinned. "Murdock? Your team's pilot? Actually, I think he is a cousin, twice or three times removed, and the tank? It's one of the prototypes and I got it from a contact of mine," he replied.

BA, who was their expert on mechanical stuff and other such things, looked at Rory quite curiously until Rory finally broke and asked, "What?" In his rumbling tone BA replied, "Some of the stuff here, like most of your security system, I never have seen before."

Rory grinned and only started to answer after the glare BA sent him started to get more intense with every moment. "I'm not surprised. Most off the stuff I built myself using some blueprints I bought from a guy called MacPherson. They aren't on the open marked yet. I plan to sell the blueprints I made myself while building and tweaking the stuff to a few companies soon. I just have to be careful with which ones and how I go about that, because some guys in South Dakota could take some offense to that."

After giving that explanation to BA he continued. "In the room behind that door over there," he said, while pointing at a door on the other side of the large hall, "you'll find all you'll need to get some shut eye. Keep low for now and tomorrow we will see what you want and how to get you out of town. I'll hurry back to my house to await the Army goons who will show up for sure to ask about you."

After they all clasped arms, the three went slowly to the room in question while eying all the stuff Rory had stored here. Rory went back upstairs, jumped into the corvette and hurried back to his house.


(Sunnydale, Rory's house, the next morning)

There was a loud knock on the door... and then several minutes later the loud knock was repeated. When still nothing happened, someone banged really hard against the door and finally a few moments later got a result in the door being opened.

The man who had knocked took a step back after he first noted the stink of alcohol and then the barrel of a sawed off shotgun. With a drunken slur in his tone Rory Harris asked the uniformed man before him: "Whhattt?"

Ignoring the odor and the shotgun the man who was dressed in an army uniform said, "Mr. Harris, I'm Colonel Decker and..." before he could say anymore Rory interrupted him with. "I don't care what your fucking name is. If you're here to give me my last paycheck the army still owns me, give it to me or you have until the count of 3 until I shoot you for illegal trespassing."

The colonel gulped a bit and replied, "I don't know anything about a missing paycheck. I'm here to ask you if you have seen Colonel John Smith or any of his men."

"1," Rory said.

"Mr. Harris, it is important that you answer me," the Colonel said.

"2," Rory continued and then added. "I'm a civilian now and the army has no authority over me anymore. So fuck off."

"But I need to know if you have seen them," the Colonel tried again.

"3," Rory finished and with a loud 'bang' he fired the shotgun at the ground in front of the colonel, who was then hit with all the dirt the shot blew up. "The next shot will hit your midsection, so get lost now. And I haven't seen them since 'Nam."

Having gotten his answer the Colonel quickly hurried back to his car. After he and the young Lieutenant he never had the time to introduce sat down in it, both took a deep breath. "Do you think he told us the truth?" the Lieutenant asked his superior. "I'm not sure. We should ask around the town a bit more if someone has seen them and one of our men should keep an eye on Mr. Harris in the mean time."


(Somewhere in Sunnydale)

Quite a few hours later the Colonel sat down in the car again and while his Lt. handed him a cup of hot coffee he shook his head and sighed loudly. After taking a sip of the coffee he looked up and asked, "Lieutenant, it looks like the A-Team manged to not be seen by anyone in this damn town. My guess is they entered the outskirts of town only and then hotwired the first car they saw and drove on to LA. Or did the observation of Mr. Harris give any results in that regard?"

The young officer shook his head and then said, "No sir, Corporal Higgins reported that Mr. Harris spent the whole time in his workshop after we left him and worked on some cars. Around midday he got a pizza delivered and then another man, who the Corporal guessed must be a brother or something from the looks, joined him in the shop. Both continued working on the car."

The Colonel groaned. "Damn, it looks like my guess was right then. Finding them in LA won't be easy if they've gone to ground. It's a big city and Hannibal knows what he's doing." Decker cursed a bit more before picking up his radio set and speaking into it. "To all units, this is Colonel Decker. The operation here is finished and we will move on to LA to continue the search there."


(Harris workshop)

The phone rang a few times and with a curse Rory put down the cylinder head he was working on in favor of moving over to the phone. He picked up the receiver and grunted a "What?" "Hey Bro, it's me," the voice on the other side said and then added, "The army goons just left the town, looks like they're heeding to LA."

Rory grinned at hearing that and then said into the speaker, "Ok Jimmy, thank you for the help. Pickup your girl and go with her to McNally's. I'll call him and tell him you and your girl are my guests tonight." There was silence for a moment on the other side until Jimmy said, "Thanks Ro, you're the best Bro ever, Mary will squeal with joy if I take her there."

Rory put down the speaker with a grin and looked at his younger brother Tony, who was still fiddling with the engine of the Mustang they were working on. "Hey Tony, that was Jimmy. The army goons are gone. Let's pack up and get going. We have a bit to do at the warehouse."

Tony nodded and put his tools carefully away after he had cleaned them. "Ok Ro, but I can't help out long. I promised Jess to join her for one of those 'Prepare for your Baby' courses later on."

Rory nodded and replied, "No problem Tony. It will only take an hour or two. No more."

"Ok then," Tony said and after both had cleaned themselves they sat down into Rory's corvette and drove off.


(Sunnydale, Rory's warehouse)

After a 20 minute drive, Rory and his brother reached the warehouse and after entering he wasn't surprised to be greeted by the muzzles of three brand new M16's out of his own arsenal. "It's just me and my little bro. The army goons left the town again and are looking for you in LA now."

At an unseen signal from Hannibal the men lowered their rifles and stepped out of the half dark they had been standing in. "Good morning Bullseye, and it is nice to meet you Tony," Hannibal greeted both.

"I hope you don't mind we looked around your stock and made a shopping list. We kinda got bored in here," Face added after he shook Tony's hand in greeting.

"Not at all, should make things go a lot faster. My little bro here hasn't too much time. He has to get to his girl, who's expecting and should be ready soon," Rory replied with a huge smile, certainly being proud to become an uncle soon.

After the three members of the A-Team quickly congratulated Tony, Face gave the list to Rory. Rory quickly looked it over and with a wolf-whistle he said, "Wow, that's quite a selection. Ok, so let's start."

A few hours later they had picked out all of the stuff they wanted and packed quite a lot of it into BA's new van. With a tired smile Rory said, "Ok that would be all we can fit into the van for now. I'll deliver the rest as soon as you have a place for it."

Hannibal nodded and replied, "Thank you again Bullseye. We are really lucky you could help us out with this stuff and we will pay you ASAP."

"Don't sweat it Hannibal, I know you will as soon as you can. Just don't do anything stupid to repay me, it has time. What are your plans now?" Rory said and asked.

Hannibal shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Even if Decker is looking for us in LA, we will head there. It's a big town and we can easily go to ground there. Shouldn't be too hard. As soon have we have a place we'll contact you and if you ever need know who to ask."

After they all clasped their arms in farewell the three fugitives entered the van. BA powered up the engine and drove out of the warehouse and after a while they left the outskirts of Sunnydale and headed to LA.

After the trio had left Tony looked at his brother with a smile and said, "Those three certainly are fun to be around with. Now I can understand your stories about them and it was great to meet them." After looking at his watch he continued, "Let's close up. Jess is waiting for me."

Throwing his brothers his car keys Rory said, "Take these and hurry on. I'll finish up here."

With a big grin Tony jumped into his brother's Corvette and drove off to meet his girl.

Rory watched his brother with a smile. With the thought 'Life is good' he went to work.


(Somewhere else)

Suddenly the being looked up with a smile. He could feel his charge again, which meant they must have finally left that strange town. Granted not all went exactly as he had wished it would, but all in all Starbuck had handled being an Earth human quite well so far. Now he had quite a while to wait until things would heat up and it would become time to meet again with his charge and to restore his memory of being a Colonial Warrior.


(Later that evening, Outside of McNally's)

Jimmy and his girlfriend Lara just left the restaurant they had spent a nice evening in. They had both enjoyed the evening very much, because normally it would take quite a while to get a table in this particular restaurant, which was no surprise. After all, it was one of the best restaurants in Sunnydale and so was always booked full, but luckily the name of his older brother ensured that Jimmy got a table for him and his girl. He had no real clue why, he just knew his brother and the owner were old friends.

Arm in arm they walked in the direction of his apartments and both were so absorbed with each other that they didn't notice the lone shadow following them. After they entered a place which wasn't illuminated very well by the street lights, their world shattered into a thousand pieces as the shadow suddenly jumped them.