They don't understand

With all of their cruel taunts

& snide sneers

&& whispered insults

Your heart is b r e a k i n g


They snatch pieces of you and hide them


& you can't seem to find little bits of yourself

You are d i s a p p e a r i n g



But you smilesmilesmile brightly

& pretend it doesn't matter

It's all an act because it does hurt that bad

(Even if you deny it)

&&You can't shut out their voices anymore

You are d r o w n i n g


The fa├žade is wearing t h i n

& your smile looks fake

Because you just wish they'd give you one chance

(they judge too quickly)

Maybe you can't prove it all wrong

But maybe he'd learn to love you

(even if you are a bit odd)


Words like f r e a k

W e i r d o

C r a z y

Follow you

&& you can't help but wonder

Does he think that too?

(you hope not)



P r e t e n d i n g

That's all it is

Stuff your ears with little songs

So the words can't worm their way in

(they'll tear you apart)


H i d e away

It's not cowardice

It's survival

Because you can't stand how they look at you

&talk about you

&&laugh at you

&&& you can't stand those traitorous tears

Burnburnburning your cheeks

(they keep coming)


You are n o t h i n g more than a little girl

With some big problems

Like the insecurities

(and boys)

That plague you

&you are starting to feel

(just a little bit)



No matter how many stars you wish on


Nothing is happening

But you'll still look for four leaf clovers

To c h a r m your way out of this mess

&you'll still watch the night sky

Because you can't stop hoping your wishes will come true

(what if they don't?)

&&you can't stop dreaming

Because you don't want to wake up

And realize this is

R e a l i t y