But I Think I Love You

Chapter... uh, no. It's a Meet the Characters. xD

A/N – In this story, you'll be able to interact with the characters, ask them questions and all sorts. Do silly things to them. Choose their fate their destiny and everything you desire. You'll probably be able to enter the story yourself. :) Trust me, this will be fun. Anyways, lets meet the characters before we begin the story. First of all I'm Kooshie-Nee. Pronounced Koosh-she-knee aka.. my name (Haha! Fooled yous all, sif i'll tell you my real name. xD)

Meeting The Characters.

Well, our first and main character is Ashlee Stacy Rueben-

Ashlee: Uh, correction K-N, it's Ashlee Stephanie Rueben. *Smiles Proudly*

Author: Shut up, I can name you whatever I want. It's my story to begin with!

Ashlee: So.. without me there wouldn't be a story so ha.

Author: *Sighs*How the hell did I end up with her in the story! =,=

Anyways, Ashlee is one of those girls that thinks about the environment... well.. uh.. sorta. *Cough cough*. She has brunette wavy hair, big brown BORING eyes.

Ashlee: Hey! My eyes aren't boring, they twinkle thank-you very much.

Author: Righteo... stop interrupting me.

Surrounding her boring brown eyes are her dark soot lashes, protecting them from invaders such as fallen eyelashes.. well.. not really. Her nose isn't crooked nor is it well and perfectly straight. She has a tiny little bump on it. Her lips aren't kissably full, and her teeth aren't straight straight and it wasn't blinding white, but luckily it wasn't yellow and decaying. Ashlee is pretty fit, her breast aren't the best or spectacular, but at least shes got some.. boobs. She's adorable and clumsy, she's shy around new people, but after spending a fair time with her she gets feisty, loud, random and a bit strange in the head.. uh, just like right now. She's prancing around with a tutu on, to some Beethoven Symphony. I feel sorry for the characters honestly. =,= but most likely me. Oh and shes five foot four. Bwahaha midget... just like myself.

Our next character is Jesse Wilson, Ashlee's soon to be boyfriend? Doubt it...

Author: Got anything to say to the folks that are reading this?

Jesse: Meh, don't give a flying finger really. But... call me girls? 0412356789. *Winks*

Author: *Smacks her head and sighs* My characters are really strange...

Jesse: What? Oh come on, you never know, I might actually get a call ;D And there might be some hot girls too! Just think about it Koosh. Thousands of hot girls waiting to call me!

Author: We all know the number is fake Jesse.

Jesse: Hey! You're not supposed to say that! It was meant to be a prank! *Curls into a ball and starts crying*

Author: yes yes, very well.

Jesse has jet black shoulder length hair. (He secretly thinks hes some kind of rocker dude..) he's eyes are midnight blue that shimmered, around those eyes of his are he's dark soot lashes. He has a well toned tan that covered his body. His nose is straight and perfect, so are his white teeth. Being born in a rich family meant perfect this and perfect that. Jesse is tall and lanky, he has muscles.. or so he thinks he does. Hmm..

Jesse: I do have muscles! *Cries even more*

*Other characters are now around him comforting the sooky-lala of a baby.*

Jesse is around seven foot tall, he's face is extremely handsome. (Came from great genes his parents had given him.) His cheekbones are well defined, and his chin in a great angular shape. He's quite silly for a rich kid. I wonder how he and Ashlee met.. probably at some weird place. But nevermind that, Jesse is quite emotional and moody when it came to feelings. He's really smart and is now currently taking over his fathers multi-million dollar company. He's well known and has nearly everything that a poor person has always dreamed of, and yet, he's still unsatisfied.

Next in line that is waiting to be introduced is Mandi Hilton.

Mandi: Yay! It's all about me.

Author: *Rolls her eyes*

Mandi, the most blondest person in the story is always high. She's hardly ever serious about anything. Food, food is what she loved most. It's amazing how she can stuff her face with glorious yummy food and never gain weight! Must be some kind of magic thing. Mandi has pale blond straight hair, her eyes are baby blue and she was also rich. She was make-up and non-make-up pretty. Everything went well with her looks. She was model tall and really thin. Her nose was straight and perfect, just like her lips. They were full and was always glossed up with her lip gloss. Mandi is pretty random and just plain out hilarious. Sometimes actually.. . Oh great, she joined Ashlee and is now prancing around.

Mandi: Ooh! Koosh, Koosh look at me! *Twirls around and then trips*

Oh Em Gee.. and thats Mandi. Now our forth character is mysterious. He's known as Jase Michelson.

Author: Jase, stop smoking!

Jase: Why? And why did you say i'm mysterious? I'm not even mysterious. -.-

Author: I know that.. it's your role in the story now put out that cigarette and introduce yourself, or do you want me to do it?

Ashlee: Hey! You didn't let us introduce ourselves!

Author: That's because you suck at introductions just like me. .

Jase: Hello to all them fine chickee-dee's i'm Jase, the most hottest guy in the story. Ha, sorry Jesse. You know it's true. Anyways. Call me instead of the loser himself. 0411223344.

Author: *Collapses and begins writhing in disbelief.*

Jase: Oh give me a break. You know i'm hot Koosh, just admit it. I know you want some of... *Eyes his pants*

Author: *Smacks Jase's head and blushes profusely* Idiot! You know what, i'm not going to introduce you Jase.

Jase: But you already did. ;D

Anyways, Sorry to all the other characters that didn't get introduced. I'm going to save myself from embarrassment and stop it right there.

Characters: Boo!

Author: Shut up you idiots or i'll bring out the walking stick!


So... now that the meeting with the characters is done. You can now enjoy the story.. I hope =,=

Ashlee: Hey Koosh.

Author: What!

Jesse: You're gay.

Author: *Pulls out the walking stick and whacks Jesse*

Jesse: Ow ow ow! Ashlee told me to say it!

Jase: Koosh, do we get paid? I mean, we all worked very hard on the story.

Author: Yeah yeah, with monopoly money, now shut up and let the readers begin the story you twits.

Jesse: Why are you so abusive to us? Dx *Wails*

Author: And why are you so stupid in the head?

Jase: Monopoly money? Can we buy anything with that?

Mandi: Food! You can buy food! Right koosh?

Author: Correct Mandi... Okay that's it. If you guys don't shut up and let the readers read in peace. I will, and I mean I will hurt you's all. *Glares at them*

*Everyone shuts up*

Finally, now enjoy the story for the second time. :D

Mandi: Cake!

*Everyone stares at Mandi bewildered and than gulped*

Jesse: Mandi you idiot!

And they all ran away while I chased after them with the walking stick.

Haha, I love my characters, their so strange and unique but their so annoying! Now go and read chapter one :D Oh! And don't forget to review! And.. ask the characters questions . I'm sure they are all willing to answer them. Right guys?

*They all nod*