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Author's Note- This is my 40th story! Not why I wrote it just a fun fact.

What drives me to you? I may never really know. It isn't your brains since I am smarter then you in more ways than one. It isn't that I can hold a good conversation with you since I always end up calling you an idiot. So what is it then? Could it be your looks? How your eyes are innocent even when angry? Is it your body? Thin but not frail nor ripped with muscles? Why do you hold such power over me? Me, the one that is supposed to always be one step ahead, the one that isn't supposed to let people see inside me. You're the only one I have to ask these questions for. You're the only one that makes me aggravated because I can't answer them. You're the only one I want. A want I should not have. Being this close to you is forbidden yet I can't move away. Is that my drive? The forbidden presence of our relationship? I want you to leave my mind, leave it so I can have it back. But, you won't, you can't. We have wound ourselves so tightly together it will kill us if we separate. What have you done to me? You've infected me with your affection. I could lose it all because of this, if anyone should learn of our new relationship. Are you worth it? Yes. I see now that there is nothing I wouldn't be willing to sacrifice to have our moments together last forever. Damn you for doing this to me. You're completely the opposite of me; I should want nothing to do with you. Is that it? Is that what drives me to you, how opposite we are? Could the phrase opposites attract be true? I believe so; I am drawn to you for all the things I am not. I should want to curse you, kill you but I can't I just want to be with you every waking moment. Thank you for this affection for without I'd be lost. This seems to be something I can no longer be without. You've changed me to where if you left I wouldn't know what to do. My original question was what drives me to you. Now I ask what doesn't. I love you; I just wanted you to know that. I love you Tamaki Suoh. I love you for all the reasons I shouldn't. Promise me you will never change, no matter what.

"Hey Kyouya, can I come over?" Lavender eyes came over the laptop monitor staring at him.
"No, go home. I need a break from you. Isn't all day of school enough?"
"Oh come on, please?"
Closing his laptop the one being pleaded at stood up to leave.
"Wait Kyouya don't leave!"
"Are you coming or not?" As he left the club room he smirked slightly.
"Hey wait up!"
"Idiot" But I still love you for some stupid reason and one day I may tell you that.


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