Cybertronian time references similar but not equal to our own: astrosecond ~ second, klick ~ minute, joor ~ hour, cycle ~ day, deca-cycle ~ week, orn ~ month, vorn ~ year

A/N: Special thanks to prancingtiger86 for the quick read through to calm my muse's worries! Thanks hon!

Day 1: "I met you, the stars sparkled, and I was born."

The night was late. Far beyond late night that it almost could be considered early morning for some. The streets were nearly deserted as most normal mechanisms were in deep recharge. The air was crisp, cool, and refreshing for the mech who'd emerged from the dance club moments ago. The music was muffled but that didn't stop the mech from offlining his visor hidden optics and bobbing his head rhythmically as the base beat thumped.

When the beat changed as a new song began, Jazz on-lined his optics and sighed dreamily, taking in his surroundings. It was the same street as it was before he'd entered the club several joors ago. Yet it seemed…different.

The crystal statues that populated the street appeared more vibrant. The lights that lit up the city of Praxus seemed just a little bit brighter. Even upon lifting his gaze to the heavens, the stars sparkled more livelier than ever almost appearing as if to dance in jubilation.

Jazz's spark soared.

It was as if he was seeing everything for the first time.

His smile widened.

He felt like a new mech, as if he'd been reborn into this brighter and better world.

Again Jazz sighed, smiling dreamily thinking about the events that had transpired over the course of the evening. He couldn't believe the good fortune that Primus bestowed up him and how his life would never be the same.

The music suddenly blared loudly as a door opened capturing his attention.

Jazz turned and his smile grew even brighter and he could swear his spark just twirled excitedly as his gaze was fixed upon the mech who'd emerged. The mech looked one way and then twitched his elegant doorwings to and fro as is searching for something. After a moment they suddenly stiffly stilled and then relaxed into their normal potions. The mech's gaze turned and his warm deep cobalt optics found Jazz.

Again, Jazz's spark fluttered, taking in this handsome, regal mech as he approached.

"I apologize for making you wait, Jazz. Some over-energized femme was insisting I dance with her and wouldn't let me go," the black and white mech smiled sheepishly. "I had to literally pry her hands off me."

"S'ok Prowl. I hope ya let 'er down gently an' tol' 'er that ya already had a betta offa," Jazz teased, briefly trailing a finger down the mech's chest.

Prowl blushed brightly, ducking his head, fluttering his doorwings. The moons' light glinted of the bright red chevron. Once again, like so many times that evening Jazz was mesmerized and found he could not stop himself.

"Awww, yer so adorable when yar embarrassed," Jazz cooed, reaching to caress the mech's heated faceplates while stepping closer, so close he could feel the heat from Prowl's chest against his own, .

Prowl's faceplates turned an even darker shade of red before he gathered his courage to look Jazz in the optics.

"Well, I normally don't go making out with mech's I'd just met on the dance floor," Prowl replied, wrapping his arms around Jazz's waist, holding him close against his chassis.

"Would ya be up for some more makin' out at ma place? It's private an' I promise not to bite…much."

Prowl sighed, nuzzling his nose against Jazz's, gazing affectionately at the smaller black and white mech, "As appealing as that sounds I much regretfully decline. I have to be on duty in two joors and need to get some recharge. I would however, enjoy seeing you again on the dance floor…tomorrow…same time?"

"I'll be th…mmph."

The kiss was brief yet intensely deep and full of passion. They literally gasped when their lip components parted from each other.

"On second thought, I know a little shop down the street where we can get some warm energon. They should be opening up in less than a joor," Prowl panted, optics drinking Jazz in, one finger slowly trailing down his a cheek.

"What'll we do 'til then?" Jazz asked, letting his hands rest on Prowl's wide chest.

"I'm sure we'll think of something," Prowl smirked, lower his lips once again.

Jazz smiled into the sensual kiss. He couldn't help it. Not only was this mech highly intelligent and good looking, but he was one fragging awesome kisser! As the kiss deepened intensely, passionately, the stars sparkled brightly with mirth. And as they continued kissing, the two not caring about the spectators that passed them by, Jazz knew this feeling like he was reborn was truly a wonderful thing.

The End.