Sai was fairly convinced she was an alien. Her hair gave it all away. There were no other pink-haired kids in school, as far as Sai was aware of. And what about that forehead? He had seen pictures of aliens before. They did not have pink hair, but their heads were unbelievably larger than their bodies.

And they were ugly.

"I think you're an alien," Sai said truthfully – because he was taught to be honest – as he pushed with his feet, making the swing move.

Sakura continued her back and forth movement on her own swing, and she looked over to him. "What's an alien?"

Sai dug his feet to stop his swing and Sakura did the same thing. Feeling once again superior over her for knowing big words she didn't know, he leaned closer to whisper. Sakura leaned along with him to hear his revelation.

"Aliens," Sai started dramatically. "are big-headed thingies that live in round house-airplane-thingies on Mars and they can suck your brains out."

Sakura's green eyes widened in awe, as if the fact that aliens could suck brains was the most interesting thing in the world. She thought for a moment before the idea hit her.

Aliens could suck brains.

She was an alien.

Therefore, she could suck brains.

A wicked grin spread across her pudgy face at her new-found power. She pushed off the swing, made her way in front of Sai, clamped her hands on his shoulders, and planted her mouth onto his.

Sai's eyes widened in panic, his face reddening. Wiggling away from her, he fell back onto the ground with a yell, his feet tangled still on the seat of the swing.

"What are you doing?" he protested in horror.

Sakura placed her hands on his ankles and grinned as she looked down at him. "I'ma suck your brainies out!"

Sai nearly fainted. "You are an alien!" It was too horrible to be true! He should have known better than to befriend pink-haired, big-headed alien spawns.

That was when Naruto, in his five-year-old magnificence, popped out from behind the bushes and started to sing, "Sai and Sakura sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Sakura with a baby carriage!"

Sakura blinked her huge eyes at Naruto.

Sai, who knew big words like 'aliens' and 'Mars', pretty well knew that K-I-S-S-I-N-G was how you spell 'kissing', immediately wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "Run, Naruto-kun! She's an alien and she's gonna suck your brains out!"

Naruto, who was smart enough to know how to spell 'kissing', looked like he was also smart enough to know what an alien was, because he backed away from Sakura, frightened.

Sakura scuttled closer to Naruto. "K-I-S – hm? What's that? I'm not that good at spelling… yet…"

Naruto's face paled. "Don't come near me, alien!"

Sakura frowned. "If you don't tell me, I'll suck your brains out, too!" She lunged for him.

Naruto fled, screaming.

Sakura ran after him.

Sai watched in amazement as he touched his fingertips to his mouth. He didn't know aliens had such soft lips that tasted like strawberry bubblegum.

He shuddered. With the way he actually thought her to be quite yummy, he was almost certain the pink-haired alien had succeeded in sucking half of his brain.