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Chapter 1

Facebook. I. Fucking. Hate. It.

Damn that stupid Alice. Damn myself for clicking on that link and logging into the account she had already set up for me. Damn that stupid pixie, Alice, once again for tagging me in all those terrible photos of me looking like a greasy haired, gap toothed, four-eyed nerd from high school.

That was three months ago. Since then I have been a slave to that addictive social networking site. Updating my status… Letting all those nosy people from school who I would rather have nothing more to do with see what I'm doing with my life. I could just see them behind the screens of their MacBook thingies and smirking when they saw my stupid pictures of my stupid life. They would be having a good laugh about how much the same person that Freaky Bella Swan was.

"Oh Bella," My best friend, Alice Whitlock, chided me. "The reunion is coming up… can you believe it? TEN YEARS!... Ohmigosh it's going to be awesome, you know, seeing how everyone turned out!" Her voice was so freaking animated and fast I only just caught what she was saying. Typical Alice; I often think that people meeting her for the first time would need an interpreter. "I wonder what all those freakishly weird people are doing now?"

I merely shrug it off. I don't even want to go, but I just know that I will have no choice in the matter, and Alice and our friend Rosalie would drag me there, kicking and screaming. They were okay, they enjoyed school. But then again; they had been popular. I had not been. Nor had I wanted to be – apart from a select few (namely the people in my circle of friends) they had all been sheep. Following one another, sticking religiously to the latest trends and just being plain irritating!

Alice had married her high school sweetheart: The blond and devilishly handsome Jasper. They'd flirted right from freshman year, and the lucky girl finally snagged him during the first semester of being a senior. Her honey from Texas had even forgone his dream of joining the Army so that they could attend college together. Jasper is now a therapist. He has a certain way with people. He has a very calming influence. It's hard to be mad at him.

Rosalie and Emmett, on the other hand… well, it's a very different story. They were brought up together. Their mothers were best friends and the pair of them had practically been forced upon each other. They were both stunningly attractive, Rose being leggy, blonde with huge blue eyes. Head Cheerleader. She would terrify the living shit out of the other girls at school. Emmett was the captain of the basketball team and also played football. Typical jock… not too bright. From a student's point of view, they were a perfect match; it was pretty much a given that he would ask her to the dances, and of course, she would accept. It was a status thing. Rosalie and Emmett would fight like cats and dogs however and never actually declared their love for one another – or admitted the fact that they WERE actually dating till after they moved away from each other. They are now inseparable. Like literally joined at the hip… or perhaps groin would be a better choice for words? They have three kids: Sam, Seth and Paul. Knowing Rose, she's probably trying to get knocked up again as she is desperate to give Emmett a daughter. They're not married, but they're engaged. I never understood people who would be engaged forever… it's like… just commit already!

Emmett is now an up and coming very popular professional football player. His life is full of training, big games, photo shoots for both teen and sporting magazines. I guess he is also what you would call a heart throb. There are talks of him having an article in Playgirl. Ick. He's like my friend.

So yeah, they should just hurry up, get over it and tie the knot already. Not that I'm one to talk. I've had the total of TWO relationships in my twenty-eight years. The longest being nine months; his name was James and I don't talk about it.

I had managed to shed most of my bad points from school… I liked my hair, and liked to wear it with choppy layers. I got contacts when I was at college. My teeth were good. I could just be Bella. But deep down, I would always be that girl with her nose stuck in a Jane Austin novel. You can take the girl away from the literature… But you can't take the literature away from the girl. I teach high school English now, in Forks. In exactly the same school I went to. See why the reunion isn't such a great idea to me now? See why they will assume that I am still the same weirdo Bella Swan?

I sigh deeply as my finger hovers over the response buttons on the Facebook Event . I hesitate for a moment before clicking on Attending . And there we have it. Bella Swan will be attending the Forks High School Class of 2000: Ten Year Reunion. Great. There it is, official. I will be, once again, seen as a loser. A single, stupid looser.

That annoying little pop interrupts my thoughts for a moment to tell me that I have a new instant message. Alice.

Alice: Oh Bella! I'm so please you have finally seen sense! Good for you! Of course, you will come over and get ready here and you can ride with Jasper and I!

Yeah… Thanks a bunch. I get to be Bella Barbie once again AND feel like third wheel. Can I feel any more like a shit before the night has even started?

Bella: Thanks, that's great… I'm only going for you though, you know that right? You owe me big time

Alice: Well, you know you really need to start going to more social events. It will be fine sweetie. Everyone will love you. I just KNOW IT.

Bella: Right. If you say so… You know I just don't like these things. They make me uncomfortable.

Alice: Well they shouldn't. You are gorgeous B, and successful. Those losers are going to want to be your best friend when they realise that you turned out so good. And the boys… Squee!

I chuckled. Kill me now, did Alice Whitlock SERIOUSLY squee? Online? Jeez… is she like what? Twelve?

Bella: Really Ali? Boys? Don't you think we're a bit past that now?

Alice: Of course not. We need to get you out there B.

I sigh deeply, shaking my head. I swear, Alice is like obsessed with my love life. It's like she is centered with finding me a mate. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I don't WANT a boyfriend. Jeez, I even feel too old to be thinking about calling a man a… a boyfriend.

Bella: Okay, whatever you say Alice. I'll talk to you soon. I have papers to grade.

I quickly click her chat box closed and scroll back up to the top of facecrap to log out. Ohhh.. I have new friend requests.


Holy crow… I have like twelve friend requests. Wow, that has like doubled the amount of friends. Nosy ones too, no doubt.

Jessica Stanley-Newton Ohhh she sunk her claws into Mike then… AND hyphenated. Yuck.

Lauren Mallory. Ick… Next…

Eric Yorkie.

Tyler Crowley

Angela Weber Hmmm weird. I didn't know she was a Facebook loser too. If I had I would have added her a while ago. I like Angela.

Michael Newton Like the only guy ever to come onto me at school. Now Mrs. Jessica Stanley. Poor dude. He was nice – a tad on the clingy side, but I guess he meant well.

Edward Cullen. Ohhh… Emmett's adoptive brother. My old biology partner. One of the few actually nice guys. Only he would have been nice had he actually spoken to me. He was sort of quiet and I remember him having a nervous habit of pushing his glasses up his nose and pulling at his hair.

The rest of the names I recognize and they don't do anything for me. But out of politeness I click accept and they are instantly my friends. After all, if I have to spend four hours in a room; I guess I had better be civil at least.

I log off the site and get set up for my paper grading task. It's the only part of my job I hate… Apart from some of the stupid smart assed kids who think that they can get away with murder just because their female teacher is under thirty. Well; think again you little SOB's – Miss Swan isn't as weak as she looks. I chuckle to myself again as I click the top of my trusty red pen.

Another interruption. This time a loud chime followed by a vibrating noise coming from down the corner of the couch: My iPhone. I reach and get it. Facebook notification. I swear this shit is taking over my life… I can't even escape it on my phone for God sake!

Edward Cullen has sent you a message

View Ignore

My brow furrows. Why on earth would he be sending me a message? I quickly tap my finger on the screen. View. It takes a moment to open up the stupid application, but it takes me straight to my inbox; where I can open up said message.

Bella, sorry to send you a message; but I wanted to say hello and to tell you that I am glad that you are going to the reunion. I am dreading it and it will be nice to know that there will be at least one friendly face.

I also wanted to congratulate you on your move back to Forks and your job. I always knew that you would do well for yourself and do something you were passionate about. I don't know if you know (Em mentioned you still see Rose a lot) but after high school I went to London and studied medicine at Cambridge – And I'm working in Seattle right now, but I just got offered a job back in Forks so I can be closer to my family.

Well, Bella; I hope to see you at the reunion.

Be safe

Edward Cullen.

I feel slightly lost for words. It's so sweet of him to send me a message, and say some nice things too. Wasn't expecting that at all. In fact I'd barely thought about Edward Cullen since we left school. The only things we had in common were that we were both quiet and were lab partners. Yet he seemed to know a lot more about me than I knew about him. Had he been asking Emmett and Rosalie about me? Surely not Rose as I am certain that she would have mentioned something to me – Or taken the piss at least.

Also, be safe what the hell is that all about?

I flip open the lid on my laptop again. I am so not replying on that sorry excuse for a phone… the key board is too small for my clumsy fingers. Looking at an email I've written using that thing is like listening to me tongue tied. It comes out gibberish.

Hi Edward,

Thanks so much for the message; it was nice to hear from you. Congrats on becoming a doctor. I had no idea! That's awesome. Your brother is an idiot for not sharing important information.

I don't want to go to the reunion, but Alice and Rose are giving me no choice. I doubt they'd ever forgive me if I let them down… But if I am honest, I am dreading it. They are the only people (apart from your brother, Jasper and Angela Weber) who I've kept in contact with since school. But I'm glad you are going too – as you say; be nice to see a friendly face :o)

Anyhow… I guess I had better let you go – Thanks again for the message.

Take care

Bella :o)

Wow. Bella Swan typed a smiley, two in fact… in an email. Now there is a first.

I lean back against the couch, my papers forgotten for a few moments. It was strange that we'd not seen each other since school… Him being pretty much my best friend's brother-in-law… weird.

I click on his profile quickly to see what more I could learn about the quiet Edward Cullen. Did he like to read? Movies? For all I know he could be a freaking sky diving doctor… one who likes a spot of BDSM on the side. Ewww?

Oh. My. Word. Edward. Got. Hot.

I gasp quickly. His bronze hair is messy on his head; there is not a pair of glasses slipping down his nose. It seems that the once shy, quiet and dorky Edward had grown up into a gorgeous… sexy… wow. That smile. It's panty dropping.

I never paid much attention to him when we were at school – At least not in THAT way. Hell, I pretty much didn't look at boy's full stop till I was in college; but that was because most of them would ignore me totally. I never ignored Edward. He had just been a nice guy who didn't say much. I never disliked him.

And right now, I certainly DO NOT dislike him. In fact: Bella like very much. There is this knot in my stomach… or is it butterflies? I don't know, but it's not the normal sort of feeling.

I feel light headed – And it's like there is this unknown force moving my fingers towards the keys once again. His photo is still on the page. There is a little white box under it where you can write something.

You look great, Edward

I press 'Comment'; and there we have it. I'd made a move. For the first time in my entire life, I had done something which for me would be considered somewhat reckless. I wonder if he would realise that I meant it. Would he realise that I was… flirting? AM I flirting? Bella Swan does not usually flirt; she's a little out of practice.

I instantly regret pressing that stupid button. What if he takes offence to the comment? Could I not have just clicked 'like' instead? Damnit. What if this gorgeous male specimen now thinks that I'm a weirdo? I will be back to square one again. Bella the freak from High school – only this time even the other freaks don't talk to her?

Do I remove the comment? Or would I look even more stupid and desperate by doing so? He would have already got a notification that "Bella Swan commented on your photo" – then he'd click on it and it would have gone. Surely that would be worse… him knowing that I'd deleted something?


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