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Harry stretched his arms above his head, yawning and sighing as he trudged down the basement. Detention with Professor Snape took a toll on him. Two detentions in a row were enough to make him drop on his feet. Rubbing his aching fingers and neck, he wound down the dungeons with one thing on his mind – his warm bed. And Voldemort, but Voldemort was always on his mind. Right now, his sleep took priority.

He walked past a small hollow when an arm grabbed him. Before he could be pulled through, his Seeker training made him twist out of it in a flash and reach for his wand.

"Pansy, you're late!" Draco hissed. "I almost thought you weren't coming." He looked cross, a small frown on his face.

Now Harry froze. Why does Malfoy think I'm Pansy? Draco's expression changed from exasperation, to confusion, and finally to realization – realization that this must not be Pansy. He opened his mouth to make an excuse, but Harry reacted first. "I almost didn't."

Draco's mouth snapped shut. Harry kept going. "I changed my mind at the last minute. Which is why I'm late." Then as an afterthought, he muttered, "Prick."

Draco's lips turned up slightly. Harry's mind was reeling as to why Draco still thought he was Pansy. He certainly didn't look like Pansy. So that must mean Pansy was supposed to look like him. Obviously it's a Polyjuice Potion. What does Malfoy want? When Harry had used the Polyjuice, it was to pose as one of Draco's minions in order to get into the Slytherin common room. But Malfoy isn't making Pansy do anything incriminating. Why would he ask her to meet him here looking like me? He had thought that if Draco had some Polyjuice potion, he would use it to frame Harry for some horrendous crimes for petty revenge. But Draco didn't seem to have that in mind. Harry also noticed that it was the first time Draco actually seemed comfortable around him, not like he was going to the hex the living lights out of him. So maybe I'm safe…

"Well, hurry up and get inside before someone sees you!" Draco said, moving away from the hollow to let Harry through. Harry didn't need prompting twice as his curiosity piqued and he walked into the hidden room. He'd never noticed it before. It was dimly lit and Harry could barely make out what was in it. It didn't matter at the moment anyway because Draco had grabbed his shoulder, turning him back around.

"You didn't look in any mirrors on your way here, did you?"

"No," Harry muttered distractedly. "Should I?"

"No," Draco said curtly. Harry was starting to understand that Pansy had no idea who she was going to turn into. What is he doing? Draco inspected Harry, satisfied that 'Pansy' did indeed match Harry's description to the tee. "Where did you take the potion? Please tell me you didn't do it in the dorm room," Draco groaned the last part.

"No," Harry said. Now he was trying to think of how Pansy would act around Draco. He'd noticed the slight mocking tones and lustful looks she had for her fellow Slytherin. Like hell I'm giving him any looks.

"Just now then? In the hall?"

"Yes. I'm not a dolt," Harry said, folding his arms on his chest. Draco mirrored him, looking more nervous than angry. They stared at each other for a few seconds. Draco seemed unsure of what to do next. Harry was trying to get his best 'Pansy' frustration face on. It wasn't hard to do. All he did was scrunch up his brows and purse his lips. "Stop staring," he said.

"R – right," Draco stuttered. Harry almost laughed. Draco never stuttered. "Want to sit down?" he asked vaguely, motioning for the couch. Harry followed Draco to it, sitting down primly as Pansy would have. Draco heaved a sigh of relief. "Before anything happens, I wanted to thank you for doing this for me. I know how – weird this must be," he said, not daring to look at 'Pansy'. Harry frowned. What? For one thing, Draco was apologizing. Secondly, he was acting strangely – passive. Around Harry, Draco was a combustible boy who would light up at the slightest spark, almost always lit by Harry. The Draco in front of 'Pansy' was unsure of himself. He's – shy? Harry's eyes widened incredulously as he gulped at the thought.

"It's alright," Harry said, watching Draco's actions warily. He was mentally chiding himself for even walking into the alcove with Draco. He must've looked nervous because Draco was looking doubly so.

"Just – um – just sit there. You don't have to do anything," Draco said. Easier said than done. Harry's arm was already reaching for his wand. Next thing he knew, Draco's hand was moving to his face. Harry flinched instinctively and then yelped when he felt Draco's fingers running down his cheek. Harry's heart drummed in his chest when he realized what Draco was doing. He cracked his eyes open at Draco's amused face.


"I said you don't have to do anything," Draco repeated. Harry noticed how close they were sitting. He nodded, feeling slightly breathless at the proximity. Draco ran soft fingers down to Harry's chin, holding it there. Harry's eyes flicked up to meet Draco's and found them roving around Harry's face. It finally settled on Harry's eyes. It was unnerving to think that Draco was so nervous, and yet his eyes were so sure of what they were doing. Harry talked himself into breathing again.

Harry had been dating Ginny for a few weeks now. They'd kissed, quite often. They were in love, so of course they kissed. Nothing more intimate. But they never did this. Just sit on the couch and watch each other. So simple, but more intimate than Harry could ever imagine it to be. Harry had never thought of simply staring at Ginny, marveling at how beautiful she looked. He made a mental note to do this the next day. As he was thinking about Ginny, he found Draco moving closer to him. Panicking, he pulled back before realizing what he was doing. Pansy would be all over him by now. Harry suppressed a shudder at the thought. Draco tilted his head slightly in confusion at Harry's behavior, moving away again.

"You alright?" Draco asked, letting go of Harry's chin.

"I – um – I wasn't expecting you to – you know…" Harry said lamely.

"Now you're expecting it, aren't you?"

Harry nodded, his stomach churning. Why would Malfoy do this? Draco leaned in again. Harry steeled himself, squeezing his eyes closed. A second later, Draco's lips were on his. Harry tried to control his shock. He was getting dizzy with the lack of oxygen, so he willed himself to breathe yet again. As he did, he breathed in Draco. He gave an involuntary groan as his muddled head turned to mush. I need to think. Fuck, Harry! Think! What would Pansy do? What would Pansy – ugh! Not that! Pansy would kiss back… This was the most awkward kiss Harry had ever had. This one trumped Cho's disastrous slobbering snog as well. Kissing Draco almost caused Harry to gag. He tried to think of Ginny – her hair, her soft cheeks, her innocent lavender smell, and her small hands. Draco pried open Harry's mouth, pushing his tongue into him. Harry half expected that from all the times he'd been kissed, but it still shocked him to no end. Kiss him back, a voice nagged in his head. He firmly refused. Draco started to notice 'Pansy' not being an active member in this make-out session. He pulled his tongue out, gently tangling his fingers into Harry's black hair. "Pansy?" he murmured, into Harry's lips.


"You're supposed to kiss me back."

"Hmm…" Harry shut his mind, letting his lips do the work. He moved them against Draco's mechanically. How would Pansy kiss him? He slid his tongue across Draco's teeth. Draco opened his mouth obligingly, his fingers tugging Harry's hair. Draco brought his hand up blindly to Harry's eyes, pulling off the spectacles. He dropped it on the floor unceremoniously. Harry hesitantly moved his tongue into Draco's mouth, taking a swiping taste. He almost swooned. He grabbed Draco's shirt in an attempt to stay upright. He quickly clamped his mouth shut, not wanting to do that again. Draco parted Harry's mouth with his strong lips, pushing him down to the sofa. Harry opened his mouth to tell Draco to stop, but all that came out was a chilled groan as Draco's tongue invaded his mouth. Draco licked the roof of Harry's mouth, along his tongue, under it. Harry was left a shuddering mess. Before he knew what he was doing, Harry had pushed Draco off of him, trying to catch his breath. Draco supported himself on his arms, placing them on either side of Harry's face and pushing up. He had slight smile on his face and his grey eyes were dilated in the dark room and from the exhilaration.

"That was amazing," Draco said unconsciously, leaning down again. Harry was spent from the exertion as Draco kissed his lips soundly. His mind moved sluggishly as Draco ran his hands down Harry's sides. Harry's tongue wandered into Draco's again, this time staying longer before being overwhelmed. When he kissed Ginny, it was so naïve, so soft. Draco was – different. It felt earthy and raw. Harry shivered again, withdrawing his tongue. He almost chocked when he felt Draco grinding against him. He twisted Draco's shirt in his fingers, sure that he was going to rip them if Draco didn't stop. Draco didn't. Harry moaned in mortification. Draco thought he was moaning in pleasure. He pulled his mouth away from Harry's swollen lips, attacking his neck.

"Please don't –" Harry started saying breathlessly.

Draco interrupted. "I won't mark you."

"That's not – oh, god," Harry's mind stopped functioning as blood flowed to his groin. He was getting hard with Draco on top of him. This can't be happening. He hadn't even gotten hard when kissing Ginny. Yet, here he was, under his mortal enemy who could quite possibly be marked, getting aroused. I need to get out of here. But all his body wanted to do was respond. He felt his hips moving against Draco's. His fingers found their way to Draco's hemline, sneaking under it and onto Draco's back. Harry pulled Draco down even further; sure that he was leaving bruises on Draco's back. He whimpered at the feel of their arousals crushing against each other. I'm liking this? I haven't even gone this far with Ginny. Harry dragged Draco's mouth away from his neck and back to his lips. He kissed Draco urgently, plunging his tongue into Draco's with force and assertion. He swallowed as much of Draco as he could, twisting his tongue against Draco's cheeks. Now they were rutting in full force, sending shivers down both their spines. Oh god, if we keep going, I'm going to – Draco let out a low moan, climaxing. Harry couldn't stop himself. The moan itself aroused him to no end. He arched his back against Draco, coming in his pants. Neither boy seemed to mind as their tongues tangled in an effort to control the other. Draco pushed insistent kisses into Harry's lips and Harry pressed confident kisses into Draco's. They lay there for a long while, reveling in the aftermath of their climaxes. Their breathing slowed finally and they could hear each other over their quieting hearts.

"Well…" Draco started saying. He paused.

"Yeah," Harry said.

"Are you okay?"

Harry opened his eyes to look at Draco's face. It took him a little while to focus on Draco's face. "Yeah." Why wouldn't I be? I just came in my pants. Because of fucking Malfoy.

"So…" Draco said uncomfortably, shifting away from Harry's body. Harry had to stop himself from grabbing Draco and fitting him back where he belonged. Both boys sat up gingerly, feeling hot and sticky. Draco flicked his wand in a flash, cleaning them off.

"So?" Harry asked. He was sure Draco had reached some kind of epiphany.

"That pretty much confirms it for me," Draco said, watching 'Pansy'. Harry kept his face as neutral as possible while still shivering slightly from his orgasm. "I fancy wizards."

Harry blinked. That's it? "Right," he muttered. This made sense. Draco asked Pansy to turn into a wizard to – test out his theory. But why me? Why not his Slytherin friends?

"Sorry, Pansy," Draco said sincerely. Once again Harry was caught off guard. His mouth slipped open at the apology. This night was getting weirder by the second.

"It – It's okay," he said before remembering that he was supposed to be Pansy. "Could've just kissed an actual boy, though, instead of making me come with you," he mumbled, embarrassed at what he was saying but knowing that Pansy would probably make a glib comment like that.

"Where would the fun be in that?" Draco said distantly, staring at Harry again.

Harry's breath caught in his throat. "I knew this was a possibility. Why else would I be here?" he said, noticing Draco for the first time and wishing he could have his glasses back.

"Right…" Draco said, wrenching his eyes from Harry's and standing up unsteadily. "Um… Do you – do you want to continue – this?" he asked, staring at his shoes.

"Yes," Harry breathed without consulting his common sense. Pansy would want to continue this, he reasoned. Not that she mattered anymore. But that was the only way to justify Harry's reaction to Draco.

Draco smiled at him. What a beautiful, blurry smile it was… Harry blinked in confusion. "Tomorrow? Same time, same place?" Draco asked.

Harry nodded. Fuck, how long does the potion last for? How long was I here? As awareness struck him, he bolted up from the couch. Draco caught him before he would fall over from being dizzy. "I – I should get going," Harry said. He wrenched out of Draco's reach, fumbling for his glasses. Once he found them and placed them on his face, he ran out the door, not noticing Draco's protest. He knew Pansy wouldn't have left, but he couldn't chance Draco's suspicions. She would probably have stayed the night. Harry groaned. Thinking of staying the night with Draco was causing him to feel aroused again. I'm gay?


Pansy followed Draco into the Great Hall. She pulled him back, forcing him to walk slower than her. They stopped by the window, away from the Slytherin table. After making sure they were alone, Pansy started saying, "About last night…"

Draco cut her off. "We agreed never to discuss it outside of the room." That was true, Pansy had agreed to not discuss it. But she really needed to apologize to Draco for not showing up. Now she was confused as to why he wasn't mad at her. She couldn't drink the potion. Just the thought of being in a male's body was making her cringe. She had needed more time to deal with it. But she hadn't told him that. She couldn't.

"Nothing happened," she said, slightly perplexed at Draco's behavior.

He gave her an equally puzzled look before glazing it over with a small smile. "Right, nothing happened…" he said. "And nothing is going to happen," he added as an afterthought as a reminder for her to never speak of this in front of others. She nodded. Draco didn't trust many people, which was why he had come to her. He had considered talking to one of his male friends, like Blaise or Theo. But knowing them, they'd probably destroy his dignity. Besides, Pansy loves kissing me. She won't mind a few more sessions.


It wasn't until the next night, a few minutes before ten, that Harry finally understood what he was doing. He was meeting Draco to kiss him. He was lying to his friends and cheating on his girlfriend – all because of Draco Malfoy. He knew he shouldn't compare Ginny with Draco, but it was hard not to. He was driven into a mad frenzy with Draco. Ginny always calmed him while Draco drove him wild. I have to go. I promised him. This will be the last time. Draco had enjoyed it, but Harry was confused beyond belief. It's probably weirder for Pansy. If I were her. Being in a boy's body and being kissed like that. Harry stopped in front of the alcove, unsure of what to do. Before he could second-guess his decision, Draco appeared at the entrance and pulled him in by the hand.

"What was it you wanted to talk about today?" Draco asked, guiding Harry back on the couch.

"Huh?" Harry asked. Oh, he's talking to Pansy. Damn! It could have been anything.

"You wanted to tell me something about last night…"

"Oh, right." From the looks of it though, Draco had no idea that she hadn't shown up last night. Harry cringed inwardly to think of how Draco would react when Pansy eventually got around to telling him the truth. "I – er – wanted to apologize…" Right, apologies are good. She was never good at them… Oh, shit, apologize for what? "For running out so quickly last night. It's just – so weird."

"Are you alright now? I mean, we don't have to do this. I could just – find someone else."

"No," Harry all but shouted. He wasn't sure why, but the thought of Draco finding someone else irked him. Draco smiled at Harry's response, squeezing his hand reassuringly. That's when Harry noticed that Draco was still holding him.

"So, does this body feel much different?"

Harry stared at Draco, his mind flickering with questions and confusion. "Well, yeah. I'm a girl," he responded lamely.

"I know that. I meant from the one you used yesterday."

Pansy has no clue. It took Harry a moment to realize that Draco meant for Pansy to never find out who she was turning into. Pansy wasn't supposed to know that she was turning into Harry. Draco continued. "I've only got enough of each person for one transformation…" he said, trying to justify himself.

"I know." Is Pansy really this stupid? Harry decided that she wasn't, since she was a Slytherin. "Why do they both have black hair?" Draco looked shocked. Fuck, maybe Pansy is that stupid…

"So you can't tell them apart," Draco said quickly. His expression was challenging, daring Harry to ask another question.

Harry took him up on the challenge. "Really? Are any of them –" he almost said Harry, but caught himself in the nick of time. "- Potter? He has black hair, you know."

Draco paled considerably, but his breath stayed calm and his expression stayed neutral. "Really, I hadn't noticed," he said evenly.

He's crushing on me! "What about Snape? Could I be him right now?" Harry asked slyly.

Draco smiled back devilishly, leaning towards Harry. "Maybe you are him right now," he said. He straddled Harry, pushing him against the sofa and kissing him. Harry wrenched his glasses off his face so he could feel Draco's lashes against his. Harry lifted Draco up slightly, adjusting himself to a more comfortable position. Draco pushed his groin against Harry's, not waiting to warm up. Harry realized that he didn't need to warm up. He was already half erect. He moaned into Draco's slow mouth, running his hands up Draco's back. Their breaths came in at odd intervals as they ground against each other. Harry teased Draco's lips, nipping and flicking as he roamed. Yes, much better than Ginny. Draco responded with soft tugs to Harry's hair and low groans that stirred Harry's stomach. Their arousals were leaking and Harry felt the throbbing growing in his head and his groin. "Oh god, I'm going to come," he muttered, his eyes rolling back. He cried out in frustration when the weight disappeared from his lap. "Malfoy," he snarled, clenching his fists and his eyes.

"Let's take this to bed," Draco whispered tantalizingly into Harry's ear. Harry stilled, his heart thumping erratically.

"To – bed?" he squeaked. "I – um – wh – what?"

Draco laughed. "Come on," he said, pulling Harry up and dragging him to the plain, canopied bed in the corner of the room.

"That wasn't here yesterday," Harry said.

"I know…"


Draco pushed Harry onto the fluffy mattress, crawling over beside him and kissing him senseless. He gently cupped Harry's painful arousal, massaging it. Harry melted in Draco's hands, his body tingling with goosebumps. He pumped into Draco, moving towards completion. Draco's hand moved away. Harry growled with fervor, twisting out of Draco's mouth and shoving him into the mattress. He straddled Draco's hips, grinding against it. "Don't you dare," he said, assaulting Draco's mouth with his harsh lips. In the back of his mind, he was thinking, Pansy would never do this. Then he started thinking, Fuck Pansy. Harry moved his kisses down to Draco's neck, removing the tie with a sharp tug and unbuttoning him. His fingers feasted on Draco's chest and the scars from a few months ago. He moaned in pleasure and guilt, kissing the soft skin. Draco was still under him, not making a sound.

"What're you thinking?" Harry asked, his lips fluttering against Draco's beating heart.


"No, you're thinking something. Tell me," Harry said. Draco remained silent. Harry stopped his exploring, pulling up and gazing into Draco's eyes. "I'm not going to tell anyone. You trust me, don't you?" Draco's eyes fell shut and Harry could tell that he was bursting to say something, but couldn't. "Draco, I promise," Harry said softly, marveling at how well the name fell from his tongue.

"I – I was thinking of everything I'd want to say to him right now."

"Tell me. I'm him. Tell him."

Draco took in a sharp breath, steeling himself. He opened his eyes again to stare up at Harry's disheveled hair and glazed eyes. Draco hesitantly brought his hand up and traced Harry's nose. "You are so beautiful."

Harry stopped breathing.

"I love your eyes… Even when you glare at me, I love them. I guess, especially when you glare at me. That's when I know for sure that you notice me. That I'm someone to you." Draco then dropped his hand to his chest, wrenching his eyes away from Harry's and looking at the ceiling. He laughed. Harry was startled at the sound. Draco was laughing. "You must think I'm crazy," Draco said, looking back at Harry.

They stared at each other for a few minutes, silent and still. Draco leaned up on his elbows, misting his lips on Harry's. "I love your eyes."

"Oh god…" Harry gasped. Draco pulled away, his expression pained. "No," Harry murmured, leaning down to capture Draco's lips in his. "Don't," he said vaguely. How was he supposed to respond to this? Since he didn't know, he just kissed. They kissed to their heart's content. Harry's sexual urges were replaced with unfocused thoughts and lips. They kissed slowly this time, with no frantic bursts of domination. It was so real, so perfect. Harry felt sleep dragging him down and he gently pried out of Draco's grasp. "I – I have to go. The potion," he mumbled.

"Yes, the potion," Draco repeated, apparently reminding himself that Harry was in fact Pansy. Harry straightened his tie and his shirt, struggling out of bed. "Are you coming back?"

Harry froze. He had forgotten that he was supposed to break it off with Draco. But he couldn't now. Draco's crush wasn't just a crush. Is he on my side now? Harry berated himself for not checking for the Dark Mark when he had the chance. Harry didn't know what to say. A simple yes or no would have sufficed, but Harry's life was never that simple. He had forgotten about Voldemort. He never forgot about Voldemort. But being with Draco, his mind stayed on Draco. With Ginny, a morbid thought always hung back in Harry's mind. If Voldemort finds out about Ginny, he will kill her. Now the same thought was tugging at Harry's mind about Draco.

"You don't have to. It's okay," Draco said quietly.

"No, I'll be back," Harry responded. He had to come back. He left Draco on the bed, collecting his tie and his glasses before he left. He had to know. Only next time, no more snogging, just questions. That's a good enough reason to cheat, right? Moron. He knew he needed to break things off with sweet Ginny. Maybe I don't love her like that. Hell, I'm not even attracted to her. But Malfoy… I need to find out who he's working for. Maybe I can hide him from Voldemort. Does he even want to be saved? What did he really want from Pansy's arrangement?

The next day, he wandered around the castle with his thoughts. His friends didn't pester him. They knew he needed his space. If they only knew why… Even Ginny left him alone, not wanting to disturb him. He was both happy and upset by this. He needed to be with Ginny to know how he felt about her. But he didn't want to be around her because he didn't want his suspicions to ring true. He really needed someone to talk about it, and everyone thought it was best to leave him alone. That night, he walked into the alcove and sat tiredly beside Draco on the couch.

"How'd you find this room?" Harry asked Draco.

"Potter and I had been fighting and I was pissed off. So I decided to take it out on the wall," Draco said with a small grin.

"And you kicked so hard, a room appeared… Makes a whole lot of sense."

Draco laughed. "Well, I kicked a few times. Nothing happened, just about broke my toe. When I leaned my back against it, it just opened."

"So basically, anyone could walk in on us…"

"Well, yes. But I don't see why they would," Draco said, inching his hand hesitantly towards Harry's. Harry let Draco lightly clutch his hand. Draco sighed softly, running his thumb over Harry's knuckles. Even such touches were causing Harry's stomach to plunge with excitement. No, no, talk first.

"What do you want from this?" Harry asked.

Draco pulled his hand back, looking agitated. "What do you mean?"

"What do you want?"

Draco turned into Malfoy in a split second. A faint mask of indifference was painted on his face as he looked coldly at Harry. Harry knew that he was treading in deep waters. Even for Pansy… He tried again.

"You already know you're gay. You figured that out the first night. Why continue this?"

"Why not?" Draco snapped. He closed his eyes and took a calming breath. "Look, I told you, you don't have to do this. We can stop."

"No, I don't want to stop," Harry said rapidly. Is Malfoy just using me for my body? He needed to know. Is he that desperate?

"Then what do you want to know," Draco asked, shifting away from Harry and stiffening his back.

"Doesn't it – hurt?" Harry asked. Draco's brows twitched questioningly. "Doesn't it hurt doing this and knowing it's not real? Seeing him out there…" Harry didn't know why he was asking his questions like this. It all sounded so personal coming out of his mouth. They sat in silence as the loaded question sunk into their minds.

"Yes," Draco breathed out, his shoulders slumping. "Yes, it hurts more than you can imagine. But… it's always hurt to see him. At least this way, I can touch him."

Harry almost whimpered at Draco's pained expression. A crush isn't supposed to hurt. When Ginny was kissing Dean, it hadn't hurt him. He was just jealous that Dean had her when she was supposed to be Harry's.

"You didn't look in a mirror, did you?" Draco asked, suddenly angry.

Harry snapped back to reality. "No."

"How did you know you were turning into the same person?"

"Same height, same build, same hair. It doesn't take a genius, Malfoy."

Draco colored. "Right, sorry."

Harry tried to delve deeper. "I just think you could get more out of this than – um, sex." Draco nodded at Harry to continue. "Didn't you feel better last night? Do you just want to talk?" That's a good way to begin.

"It wouldn't be real."

"None of this is real. Tell me all the things you want to tell him. Ask him things you want to know."

"You aren't going to know how to answer the questions," Draco said, smiling sadly.

"I'll make stuff up. Just get it off of your chest." Harry heard the words exit his mouth, realizing how nice it was to know that Draco wasn't just using him for sex. This relationship – if you could even call it that – was messed up. But Harry didn't mind. He was used to being clueless of how his life would pan out.

Draco struggled with his emotions for a few minutes, unsure of what to do. He had felt better last night, actually being able to sleep for six hours straight. Maybe 'Pansy' was right. He just needed to talk it through. He got up, pulling Harry towards the bed again. They sat down on the edge of it, just watching each other.

"Okay," Draco said, moving closer to Harry. He gently touched Harry's cheek. "Since last year… Every time I look at you, it's been torture." He used his other hand to gently unravel Harry's tie. "I don't know how, I don't know why… Well, I guess I do know why. It's because you're – you…" He kissed Harry's cheek gently. "Want to hear something funny?" he asked, his lips now next to Harry's ear. Harry nodded. Draco chuckled and said, "Every time I made fun of your clothes – I had no idea what they looked like because I was imagining what was under them. I have to stop myself from accidentally asking you to take your shirt off. So I just insult you instead."

Harry quelled his giggles, knowing that he wasn't supposed to laugh because 'she' didn't know who 'he' was. Draco pushed him back against the pillows. He kissed Harry's jaw lightly as his fingers deftly undid Harry's shirt. "You're so beautiful. When I'm in class, I can't hear a word the professor says. When you are in the same room with me, it sends chills down my spine. I'm failing most of my classes because of you. Are you happy about that?" he asked, gently biting Harry's exposed neck.

Harry squirmed with pleasure at the intimate touch. "Yes, I'm very happy about that," he muttered. Harry gasped when Draco's finger trailed further south, down from his stomach to his groin. Draco undid the belt, pulling down Harry's pants and boxers. Harry groaned with pleasure as the cool air touched him.

"In class, I daydream about you. About how it would feel to tangle my fingers in your hair." Draco wound his slender fingers around Harry's full head of hair. "About how it would feel to kiss you breathless." Draco kissed Harry earnestly, enjoying each passing moment. "About how it would feel to make you moan." Draco pumped Harry furiously, causing Harry to chock back his gasps and let out a guttural groan. "About how it would feel to make you shout my name over and over and over again." Draco pushed off of Harry, settling between his legs and licking him from base to tip. Harry's eyes rolled back as he pushed up unconsciously. Draco took Harry in his mouth, rolling his tongue against Harry's shaft as he pulled up and pushed back down.

"Draco," Harry moaned, clutching the bed sheets as he fought the urge to plunge into Draco's fleshy mouth. Draco swallowed as much of Harry as he could without gagging, contracting his muscles. Harry's head fell back at the pleasure running to his groin. Draco tongued him with increasing ferocity, assaulting Harry's senses. "Oh god, Draco," Harry gasped as Draco's tongue errantly brushed at his tip. "Don't – I'll come," Harry whimpered as he pumped into Draco's awaiting mouth. At the comment, Draco started to push into Harry with fervor. Harry felt his cock hitting the back of Draco's throat. He heard the soft moans and gags erupting from the blond boy. He felt his erection throbbing and growing in Draco's mouth. "Draco, pull out," Harry said frantically. Draco shook his head. Harry shuddered as his body started to prepare for the climax. "I'm coming," Harry groaned, arching his back as he pushed deep into Draco's mouth. "Draco," Harry shouted, coming into Draco's mouth. His head exploded with pleasure. His legs shook from the exertion and his hands were pulling the bed sheets free from the mattress. He wrenched Draco's still mouth from his half aroused cock, dragging him up for a loving kiss. He tasted himself in Draco's mouth and he moaned, rolling Draco over and positioning himself on top. He rubbed against Draco's legs. He felt Draco smile under his lips.

"It's okay. I finished," Draco said, wrapping his arms around Harry's back and holding him close.

"You're amazing…" Harry said, his body fitting against Draco's perfectly.

"No, you're amazing." With a quick charm, Draco cleaned them off. "You're perfect."

I could fall in love with him… But so far, it was all so physical. Everything Draco talked about was physical. Ginny… Another piece to the never-ending puzzle that was Harry's life. Compared to kissing Draco – there was no comparison. He might as well have been kissing Hermione. Draco loves me. It explained why Draco wasn't leaving him alone, even after everything he'd done. Harry just needed to know if what he was feeling for Draco was love or just physical attraction. And that meant talking to Ginny. Something he was not looking forward to.