Chapter One: Mated

It was a common sight after the fall of Voldemort to see Harry Potter more so in the muggle world then anywhere else, it was a rare sight to see the savior in the world of magic. That is unless he needed something, but then only those who could figure out that the cloaked man was he saw him. After the battle Ron had proposed to Hermione and they had pretty much left him out for months until a year after the battle Harry had vanished all together.

However, the liaison between demons and wizards had the pleasure of running into the teen one day while said teen was giggling drunk. The eighteen year old wizarding savior stumbled past a man with long white hair caught at the nape of his neck and two other guys followed him singing off key and slurring the words.

Turning golden eyes followed the teen whose scent and power was suffocating, Lord Sesshomaru watched as the green eyed savior swung around a pole to jump on his friends to join in the singing. Shaking it off he decided to ignore the shiver he got when he felt the teenager's power and continued on to his meeting.

Once he sat down at the meeting he was handed a file from his secretary Makita a girl he had brought with him from Japan, she was a distant relative to his human Rin from so many years ago. Opening the file he saw the wizarding government was asking a big favor from him, to hunt down someone called Harry James Potter. Glancing up his eyes widened for a moment as he saw a picture of the teenager he had just seen not ten minutes ago.

'Damn humans the teen they want is right under their noses and they need me to get him, incompetent fools,' he thought before realizing he was being spoken to, "What was that? I spaced," he admitted which had the Wizards Minister watching him in concern, he very rarely spaced out unless he was listening to long droning speeches.

"I asked if you were willing to find our missing hero for us Lord Sesshomaru," the Minister asked, before quickly adding, "We would like him unharmed," the last time they sent the demon out on a favor the person they were looking for came back in pieces.

"Heh, I won't harm the boy," Sesshomaru said standing up he tilted his head, "I need something he's touched," he could not very well run off on the scent he had now from his earlier encounter, since he did not want them to know the teen was so close.

They handed him a small golden ball, which suddenly grew wings, and he tilted his head watching it float around, when it took off he raised his eyebrows and followed the pesky ball. It darted out a window so that is where he went, landing on his feet five stories below he chased after the ball which seemed determined to go somewhere.

"Amazing," said Minerva McGonagall the Headmistress of Hogwarts she had been at the meeting and the one to hand over the snitch, "That ball refused to fly ever since Harry left Hogwarts."

"Let's just hope Lord Sesshomaru read that file," Makita said as she sat down, "I mean after all Mr. Potter is needed to redo the ritual to seal Voldemort's magic

Meanwhile on the outskirts of London standing on the roof of an abandoned warehouse stood the three drunks from before. Harry Potter was dancing around as they listened to music blare around them, his friends Micah and Drake were both dancing as well they both knew who Harry was as they were also magical but they did not care for his fame. Micah was a pureblood whose family disowned him when he refused to take the Dark Mark, and Drake had been a wizard whose family ignored him when a werewolf bit him.

Harry's eyes widened when a golden snitch flew straight at him, reaching out he caught it and blinked down before he recognized it as the one he played with in school. His initials were magically engraved in the side, the snitch had done that when he won the Quittditch cup his last year, "Well that's odd," he said tilting his head trying to figure out how the ball had gone from Hogwarts to outskirt London.

"Holy Merlin!" shouted Micah jumping away from the ledge and tripping over his feet, Harry and Drake turned to see what had caused Micah to freak out. What they saw had them blinking madly, a man landed in front of them, 'He bloody jumped from the ground!"

"Demon," Drake said suddenly which made Micah freeze; the werewolf had encountered demons before most were not friendly.

"Ry…what do we do?" Micah asked looking at the demon that was walking towards his friends, sitting up he saw in shock, as Harry shrugged, "No plan?"

"I'm drunk Micah it's not my fault I can't think up a grand plan," Harry said before getting turned and lifted by the demon, "Whoa bad demon put me dow-eh!" he squeaked as the demonic man jumped off the building and landed on the ground.

"Mr. Potter I have been asked to find you," Sesshomaru said holding the teen in a rather undignified position, he had simply tossed him over his shoulder, "However, before I hand you over to the Minister I am willing to allow you the chance to explain why you left."

"Put me-" Harry started to say but he was set on his feet, "Thank you."

"We can talk at my hotel," grabbing the teens arm he dragged him towards the middle of London, trying not to breath Sesshomaru finally got the teen up the elevator and in his suite before releasing him and going to the balcony to take a deep breath of air.

Tilting his head Harry growled when he realized that Sesshomaru had held his breath, "Hey I don't smell or anything you-" he started to say.

"You smell," Sesshomaru said turning molten golden eyes to the teen, "You reek of those two!" he growled out before pointing towards a door, "Go shower, I'll order you some food to calm your drunkenness," getting blinked at he narrowed his eyes, "Go."

Knowing better then to cross a demon Harry huffed and started for the shower, he really hated being ordered around. Grumbling about insane demons and the insane sense of smell, he had just stepped into the large shower when he finally realized that he had no clean clothes to put on so his friend's scents would be on him no matter what.

While the teenager was in the shower Sesshomaru paced outside the door breathing deep as the sweet scent of the wet teen wafted his way, 'Damn he smells very good, cedar…cinnamon…honey…rain…damn, so warm so fresh,' he thought closing his eyes an leaning toward the door he stood in front of to breath in the smell some more. Hearing the water turn off he heard a small knock and opened the door to see Harry in nothing but a towel, 'Bad idea,' he thought as his eyes skimmed over the teens bare chest and long legs the towel hid little from his view.

"My clothes are bound to sell like my friends and since you find their scent s offending do you happen to have anything I could borrow?" Harry said not noticing the darkening of those golden eyes at his appearance, standing there he watched as Sesshomaru moved t the wardrobe and handed him a shirt that he was sure was going to be too big on him, "Thanks," closing the door in his face he dropped the towel used a bit of wandless magic to clean his boxers and pulled them on before pulling on the shirt.

Stepping out of the bathroom Harry did not realize he was making Sesshomaru's head spin, the shirt fell to his knees and he was drying his hair with a towel, "Now what did you want to know?" he asked as he looked at the demon.

'Okay so that was a bad idea, I should have dealt with the scents on him…he looks way to tasty now,' Sesshomaru thought as he motioned for Harry to sit down on the sofa, 'Damn even the way he sits is cute,' he thought as the teen sat down pulling his legs up under him and off to the side so he could see some more of the creamy colored skin.

"Your Minister has asked a favor of me, which is to track you down to reseal Voldemort's magic," Sesshomaru said picking through the file he had put in his pocket, "Seems only you can do it."

"That can't be right," Harry said moving to sit on the bed with him, scooting closer to take the file from him, "These aren't right at all I eradicated his magic…this is…damn it Ginny!" rubbing his face Harry sighed, "These have been tampered with, Ginny Weasley won't let bloody well enough alone…so sorry but you wasted your time in finding me."

Breathing deep Sesshomaru turned to look at the tempting teen, "Heh, well you'll have to explain the mistake to them, I'm not your messenger."

"Any other questions before I get tossed to hell?" Harry asked sighing and tucking his legs further under himself, it was really late and he was starting to get tired.

"Why did you leave your own kind?" Sesshomaru asked gazing at the teen that sat at his side still looking at the papers as if he was trying to find a loophole to get out of everything that could go wrong.

"I wanted to be able to walk down the street without a camera going off in my face," Harry whispered eyes going over each and every line of the paper.

"You wanted to be normal?" the demon Lord asked he understood the feeling of wanting to be normal.

"Completely," Harry said rolling his eyes before dropping back to rest on the bed, he felt sleepy, "Eh," he had no clue him laying back in such a way was making the shirt ride up showing of an expanse of skin on his soft thighs. His eyes actually began to close as sleep over took him due to the soft bed, "Mind if I…sleep a bit?"

"Not at all," Sesshomaru said eyes on the exposed flesh, he waited until the teens breathing evened out before touching the others leg with his claws. Wondering up with his fingers he stopped at the edge of the shirt and glanced at the young wizards face he looked calm, peaceful and asleep. 'How can some one so battered from a hard life look so…sweet and innocent…while also looking like sin,' he thought gazing at the teen.

Shifting in his sleep Harry's leg shifted and the shirt rode up even more and soft whimper left his mouth as Sesshomaru's claws created a tickling sensation. The demon watched in amusement as Harry slept on, the teen had no idea he slept so cutely, and the too big shirt and damp hair was only adding to the sexy factor. Licking his lips he let a devilish look cross his features as he came up with a plan. First he had to learn who this Ginny was then more about the teen he had.

Waking to the smell of pancakes Harry sighed happily before jerking up as he did not remember what was going on, seeing Sesshomaru the night came back to him and he looked down he was barely dressed luckily a sheet lay over his body. Brushing hair from his face Harry was handed the pancakes by the demon.

"Thank you," Harry said almost drooling, the pancakes smelled like heaven and were blueberry his favorite pancakes of all time. Getting a nod he began to eat not even realizing he almost moaned at the flavor exploding in his mouth.

"I contacted the Ministry," Sesshomaru said sitting at the foot of the bed to watch the teen eat, getting glanced at he continued, "They checked the vessel the Ginny woman said held Voldemort's magic, it is empty…she was arrested for falsifying such a dangerous lie."

"Good she is insane," Harry said quickly before taking another bite, his eyes fell close and is head tilted in pleasure as he got a sweet bite.

"They do insist you comeback though as your fans are worried, and you are the most eligible bachelor…they want to hold a ball to find you a wife," Sesshomaru said which made Harry roll his eyes at he word wife, "Hmm…"

Glancing up Harry set the empty plate aside ad crossed his hand sin his lap, "is it your job to make sure I show up to that event?" getting a nod he raised an eyebrow the magic in the room raising alarmingly, "You've been nice to me but I will not take kindly to being forced to go anywhere, especially to a nut house full of gold digging fame seeking bitches in heat."

The venom in the teens voice made blood start towards the demons nether regions, "I might have a solution for that with out you having to attempt killing me," he said which got a look that mainly said continue, "But first please shower again as you have some syrup on you neck."

"I do not," Harry said not feeling anything at all, yet Sesshomaru poured the syrup on his torso, "What the…hey that's a waste of perfectly good syrup!" standing up Harry started towards the bathroom mumbling about crazy demons while one of his fingers swiped some syrup off his chest to lick it off.

'You shouldn't have done that my sweet little Pup,' Sesshomaru thought as he listened to the water get turned on, stripping down he waited until he was certain the teen was under the spray before moving and going into the bathroom. Harry did not even notice the door open, as he was busy trying to get the thick syrup off his body.

Slipping into the steamy shower Sesshomaru moved silently towards the teen before resting a hand on the teens hip, which made Harry freeze, "You smell too good to resist," he practically purred into the teens ear, using his other arm which had grown back over the years he turned Harry towards him and dropped his head to lick the syrup that was still on Harry off of him.

"What the hell!" trying to scramble backwards Harry was held firmly in place, so he brought his leg up to kick the aroused demon but his foot was caught and lifted until it rested on Sesshomaru's shoulder.

"You're quite flexible," Sesshomaru admired running a hand down the teens leg to his waist and looking at Harry who had wide frightened eyes, "Don't be afraid little one, you'll like this."

"I'll like you raping me? Are you insane!" Harry said before he was pushed against he shower wall and winced as his head hit the tile, yet his eyes snapped open again when Sesshomaru kissed him. The demon sure knew had to kiss, and if he was not fearing for his virginity he might have found he moment enjoyable. When the other coaxed his mouth open he whimpered into the kiss, as he had no idea why he was allowing this to happen.

Plundering the teens mouth Sesshomaru groaned into the kiss as he realized where the teens honey scent came from, pulling back he looked at the dazed teenager and his kiss swollen lips, "Tell me sweetheart are you untouched?" Sesshomaru purred to the teen.

"Yes and I'd like to stay th-oh!" Harry started to snap but it turned into a throaty moan when Sesshomaru grabbed his half erect cock, "Neh…pl-please st-stop…uh…" he was having trouble standing on one leg as the other man pumped him, when a hand lifted him up and he was pinned between the wall and the other man.

"Hold on with your leg," Sesshomaru ordered gently as he lifted the teens free leg to wrap around his waist, his hand still moving, "I won't go any further without your consent," he whispered into the teens ear before nibbling along it and down his jaw.

Twisting his hands into the long white hair Harry gasped out, "Uh…fuck," he was aching now from that devilish hand, which suddenly stopped moving, "Nooo!" he whimpered trying to shift his hips to get the feeling back.

"What do you want sweet one?" Sesshomaru purred licking his cheek sensually, "Want me to continue with my hand or would you rather I make you feel even better?"

"Don't care," Harry whimpered the voice in his head saying 'Virginity, protect virginity' was being smothered by the louder voice screaming, 'More!' getting a pointed look he blushed and looked away, "I…"

"Hmm," Lifting Harry a little higher he held out three fingers to the teens mouth, "Suck on these," getting a blushing look he traced the teens lips and was able to get them in his mouth, the teens tongue suckled on his fingers and he practically came just from the teasing movements. Pulling them away he kissed those sinful lips and began to plunder the teens lips once again.

"W-wait," Harry gasped out as the demon pulled away, "I do-don't even know y-your name…" he managed to stutter out as he realized he had no idea who held him close and so intimately.

"Sesshomaru," the demon whispered nibbling on the teen's ear.

"Killing perfection?" Harry squeaked out in surprise, when the demon pulled away to gaze at him he blushed and said, "What?"

"How do you know that? The translation for my name is in Japanese," Sesshomaru said liking the lithe man even more as he saw the blush vanish and a slight anger appear, it was warming.

"Just because I'm eighteen means nothing! I am rather intelligent and happen to know quite a bit of Japanese! So-" but before Harry's rant could go any further he was being carried from the shower and he squeaked out in surprise as his skin met the cold air, "Geh!" shifting closer to Sesshomaru he yelped when his back hit the bed and he sat up dazed to stare at the demon who was pacing at he end of the bed.

'He is so beautiful…so agile…and flexible, but he's more then a sexual toy for me…he is intelligent and has a temper that might match my own…he is also extremely strong as he is the one who killed that Voldemort fellow,' Sesshomaru thought as he paced, still completely aroused as he sorted through a few things quickly, coming to a decision he turned to see Harry was inching off the bed towards the bathroom, "Not so fast!" capturing him to the bed he got glared at, "We were busy and if memory serves me right you were enjoying yourself."

"I had a lapse in judgment," Harry said quirking an eyebrow at him, "Get off of me!" he cried out as he tried to get away, yet the others hand covered his mouth.

"Ssh," Sesshomaru hushed once certain Harry was not going to scream again he pulled his hand back, "You were having fun and were willing, but I have another offer to make you little one."

Shivering slightly as the demonic man purred out 'little one' Harry had to inquire what he meant, so lowering his chin slightly and looking at him with down cast eyes he asked, "What is this offer?"

"The submissive role fits you well," Sesshomaru chuckled before getting those emerald flames focused on him again, "Just teasing little one calm down," looking up he chuckled and kissed the teens nose, "My offer is to make it so no one dares to even try and coerce you into marriage."

"How?" Harry asked raising an eyebrow.

"I'm going to make you my mate, you'll make a great match for me," Sesshomaru said which made Harry's eyes widen, "Ah so you've heard of demonic mates before have you," he teased before getting glared at, "Now what is wrong?"

"Let's see you want me to be your bloody mate, when I've only been around you for about a day and just learned your name. You've kidnapped me, insulted me and even attempted seducing me," Harry snapped out, "Now why would this offend me hmm? Could it be that I don't bloody like you!"

"But you will over time," Sesshomaru purred licking Harry's throat softly, "If it makes you feel better then I will not complete the mating today…I will just leave my mark on you so people know your taken."

Shifting slightly as some space was allowed he wiggled his way up until he was permitted to sit up, which he was relived for, even if Sesshomaru was only about five inches away from his face, "From my understanding if you mark me that is sort of like an engagement amongst wizards but binding," getting a nod e narrowed his eyes, "If I let you do this will you slow things down?" another nod, "Will I be able to see my friends?"

Pausing Sesshomaru moved to place a small kiss to the teens lips, "As long as they don't touch you I'm fine with it," when Harry went to protest he kissed him again, "Friendly touches are fine, I mean if anything even remotely sexual happens I will kill them."

"Sexual…with Micah and Drake?" Harry asked, getting a nod he began to laugh before shaking his head after a few minutes, "Nothing like that, they are practically my brothers."

"Ah, then yes I am fine with it," Sesshomaru purred nuzzling the teen's neck, "So?"

"I still have questions," Harry said eyes on the other man, "Will I have to deal with the wizarding world?"

"Some more then you do now yes, but only because I am a liaison between wizards and demons," the demon explained as he breathed in the sweet scent, 'Hell he might be my destined mate, won't know until the mating,' he thought. Demons could take mates through out their lives, if the mate began to take on demonic qualities then they were a destined mate and the demon would stop looking for mates, as they would have that one mate forever.

Shifting slightly Harry looked down he was not really certain about this, but he knew once a demon took a mate they would not harm the mate and they would protect the mate. Biting his lip he sighed, 'What to do…he's handsome I'll give him that…and he hasn't forced me like he was attempting earlier…he wouldn't do this just to get me back to the Wizarding World because he would be stuck with me if he left me there as mates can't be apart for long,' he thought before his eyes drifted to the side as he thought, 'Micah and Drake would they understand? Of course, they know I just wanted a place to fit in…' with that final thought he looked at him carefully.

"Alright," Harry said softly getting kissed softly he shivered as the demon traced up his neck, getting his head tilted slightly he closed his eyes and felt soft kisses placed to his neck. He did not eve feel Sesshomaru nip his skin as the demon used his saliva to numb the teen's throat. When he pulled back he opened his eyes and blinked at him, "So?"

"We'll see where the future takes us," Sesshomaru whispered kissing the teen softly knowing that something just felt right about the situation.