Chapter 3: Pups Please

Inuyasha simply blinked at his brother and the most influential wizard he had ever heard of besides perhaps Merlin himself; before letting out a stammer of incoherent words and noises before dropping to the ground in a dead faint. The loud thud he made concerned Harry greatly and made Sesshomaru sigh at his block head of a brother's reaction to something as simple as the name of his mate. It was Harry who managed to rouse the half demon up by flipping him with a simple spell causing him to land on his stomach and give out a whimper of discomfort from the harsh impact with the hardwood floors.

"Ow, that really hurt," Inuyasha muttered before he sat up and glared at Harry his golden eyes swirling in anger, "You did that on purpose!" he accused and snarled lightly

"Of course I did," Harry said crossing his arms and glaring at the half demon man with the white dog ears on his head, "You rudely walked in on something quite private, thank you very much, then you insults me before you even know my name, thinking me weak just because I am a mortal. Well get this through your thick skull right now you twit never underestimate anyone! The frailest creature could be your downfall if you assume you know everything," he turned away and settled on the bed again as if going to sleep, "Sesshomaru I'm going to sleep alright?"

Leaning down Sesshomaru lay a kiss to Harry's shoulder before standing and walking from the room grabbing Inuyasha by the ear he was going to have a nice long chat with his brother. After a long conversation that held quite a few interesting threats he went back into the suite to see his beautiful young mate sleeping, moving to the bed he began stripping himself of his outer clothes and slipped in next to Harry's lithe form. A smirk spread across his face as the young man seemed to seek out his warmth already in his sleep, his chest was turned into a pillow and Harry's soft breaths caressed his throat.

The next day Harry walked with Sesshomaru not sure why they were at the airport already, then he saw his friends waiting at the side of a jet, bags at their sides. Inuyasha was being yelled at by Micah and Drake, Ronnie was doing a handstand before she saw him and dropped down to dart over and hug him squealing the whole way, "We're moving into a palace with you," she said as Harry hugged her close, "And Drake was saying something about buns in the oven are you baking? If so can you make cupcakes as well?"

Twitching slightly in the eye Harry covered Ronnie's ears so she would not hear what he was about to say, "Will you never learn, do not mess with me when you do you end up hurt, how many times do I have to teach you this lesson. Now Micah smack Drake upside the head and kick him in the stomach," and Micah did as he was told, "Thank you, now both of you watch what you say to Ronnie."

As soon as Ronnie ran back to the others Sesshomaru kissed Harry's neck before whispering in his ear, "If you want pups just let me know, I'd be happy to give them to you," and he nipped the green eyed wizards ear as he pulled away, "Let's go home," and he grabbed Harry's hand to lead him to the jet, they took off twenty minutes later without informing the magical Ministry that he was leaving with their savior.

On the jet about an hour later Harry was leaning against Sesshomaru's side the demons arm around his waist, and he was watching Ronnie and Micah play a game of Chinese checkers, sort of neither seemed to know the rules, while Drake and Inuyasha argued about which ramen was better shrimp or beef. Glancing at the pale face of the man he was tied to for the rest of his life Harry got lost in a daydream, he was off in wonderland.

'A small boy with Sesshomaru's eyes and Harry's hair was playing in a garden he appeared to be six, a slightly younger girl, maybe five, with green eyes and silver eyes they were playing tag while Harry watched from a balcony. Standing next to him was Sesshomaru and he held a baby with tufts of black hair and green eyes, the demon bent down and kissed him softly and he dropped his hand to his stomach he was pregnant again, "Someone needs a nap," came the dream Sesshomaru's voice as he kissed Harry again softly, "Let me put our angel down for her nap and we'll have a picnic down by the pond, just you," another kiss, "And me." Harry watched as the silver haired demon wondered off, everything was perfect, their family was perfect,' Harry was broke from his daydream when Sesshomaru touched his cheek softly, blinking he tinted pink and asked, "Yes? Did you need something?"

"You've been staring at me with a cloudy look to your eyes do you feel alright?" Sesshomaru asked touching his mates forehead, he was a bit concerned about why his mate was staring at him in such a dazed way. He did not realize it was the look of someone daydreaming, "You're a bit hot, are you sick?" now he was really concerned as to why his mate was flushed and hot to the touch.

"I'm fine," Harry said smiling lightly at him before kissing his cheek, "I was just daydreaming, I tend to do that a lot," getting a kiss on the head he snuggled slightly closer to the man feeling safe and warm as if the world could not touch him, harm him, "So…what does your home look like?"

"It's a large marble palace my Grandfather had it built as a wedding gift to my parents, five floors above and two below ground, the fifth floor is the family floor where we will be, the library is found on the third floor," Sesshomaru said before brushing his hand across Harry's cheek he wanted the man he held to like their home, he was afraid Harry would hate it since he knew the young man had gone to school in a castle in Scotland for seven years and owned a castle in England as well, "We have our own suite on the fifth floor, a nice large bedroom with a connecting bathroom, a miniature kitchen for private meals, a sitting room, my study is attached so if you need me I'm close…and there is even a nursery attached."

"That's the second time you've mention something involving children today," Harry said looking up at him eyes soft, the others he could see were asleep so he did not mind having this conversation, they must have fallen asleep during his day dream, "Is there something you want to tell me?"

"I know you want a family," Sesshomaru said kissing the young man softly, "And it is very possible for me to give you that family, whether it be with pups or by keeping those you hold dear with us," he gently licked the tip of the others delicate nose, "I will do all I can to fulfill your wishes, all you need do is ask."

He was speechless, the man he was slowly falling in love with knew him quite well and they had only been together for a few days. Holding his hand he relaxed into him and whispered, "I already have everything I wished for and more, a family, someone I can lean on and I could ask for no more."

Sesshomaru held his small mate close, the bond was growing he could feel it already, and he could sense that Harry's body was reacting to the mating mark already allowing him to bare pups if they so desired. He had a feeling that the green eyed wizard he was falling for quickly would look adorable with a pregnant shine about him, if he had anything to say about it he would make sure they had a palace full of pups. Pressing a kiss to the now slumbering head of his mate he glanced at the others and glanced skyward, he could almost hear his Father laughing at him in amusement.

Inuyasha woke with a start at some turbulence and glanced at his brother, Harry's small form was tucked close and he saw the caring way his usually cold brother was gazing down at the little male, "Sesshomaru," he called gently, getting looked at he smiled, "He's good for you."

"Shut up mutt," Sesshomaru said cradling Harry close but his cold mask was in place, he still had to be the leader of his people, he would only allow Harry to see the true him from now on. He had to make it seem he had no weaknesses even more so than before, he had a pack to care for and he did not want any of the other demons, especially the other Lords, thinking that they could take advantage of his position by harming his family.

"It's too late I've seen that look in your eyes," Inuyasha chuckled lightly, "But I'll stay quiet…just…don't be too cold around Harry, I get a feeling he'll resent you and make your life hell."

"Oh I don't doubt it," Sesshomaru murmured he knew Harry would hate him if he was too distant from the others, he would have to figure out a balance to keep everyone safe and his mate happy and hopefully pregnant a lot.