The Galactic Gate. 1300 hours. Three Days later.

Cade was busy preparing for his ominous incursion into the next deadly world. He built defenses around the gate, dragons teeth, rocket towers, and even placed roaches next to the gate, as a last ditch precaution. If any foreign unit started coming through they were to take it out, no matter what.

The Arm Commander surveyed his first patrol, readying to enter the gate. He had his best veteran units shipped in from other worlds. Six Fido artillery Kbots, Six Maverick Kbots, Twelve Bulldog tanks, and forty Peewee Kbots. His support group consisted of twenty Brawlers, four construction vehicles, one advanced construction aircraft, and three fast repair Kbots. The second group would enter as soon as the commander's team cleared enough space for them, granted they survived.

The commander looked at his Six mavericks, each had served him well in previous battles, having nearly thirty "kills" under each of their respective belts. With a nod to his guard, he stepped first through the gate, bodyguards close behind him.

Actually, Cade thought, This planet would be quite nice. He looked out at rolling hills of red dirt, red tinted water meandering through a tiny stream, and a wall of fog about ninety meters from the gate. The ground around him was scored with blast marks, and even the gate itself had some holes in it.

Sighing, the commander of the Arm's forces got to work building a defense wall.